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Life-Transforming Experience from Bangkit Incubation Project

“Sometimes, you make the right decision; sometimes, you make the decision right.” Phil McGraw Rendy Mahaputra (23) is a Mechatronics student from Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) waiting for his graduation ceremony. Coming from Bekasi, Rendy is the eldest of two siblings. He wants to dig his potential as much as possible now that he doesn't have to go after his father's career in a private sector company. Failure is Not the End Rendy once tried to register for Bangkit in 2021 but was unsuccessful. No wonder he is eager to try his luck on the next opportunity, as he firmly believes failure is simply a test of willpower. Learning from his failure, he practiced more in answering trigonometry, integral, and derivative questions before heading to his university. He did this almost every day from 03.00 until 04.00 AM for a few weeks. The result? “I feel grateful to have passed Bangkit 2022 selection after many practices on numerical questions.” Bangkit is a Brilliant Career Path I