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Mawan's Unwavering Grit in Making His Dream Come True

A Story of Nur Muhammad Himawan, Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Cohort from Information System, Universitas Jember "The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength or knowledge, but rather lack of will." Vince Lombardi, American Football Coach Everyone takes a different way of pursuing their dreams. Some dedicate themselves to practicing as much as possible to be an expert, while others simply do what they love to be the best. Nur Muhammad Himawan (21) has an exceptional endeavor in making his dream come true. Mawan―that's what he's called―needs to go the extra mile to get himself prepared to be a future Data Analyst. Apart from being occupied with attending campus lectures, this Information System student must also allocate his time to tending to his crops. How come? This is Mawan's remarkable journey as a student who finances his higher education by becoming a farmer. A Pitaya Farmer Who Wants to Make His Parents Proud Born and raised in Bany

Believe in Your Turn to Succeed through Patience and Perseverance

Why should there be obstacles when someone is trying to achieve success in what they are striving for? Although it’s difficult, it turns out that there are lessons to be learned, as Jundi Nasrullah Qorib (24), a boy from Bekasi, did. Nothing but patience and perseverance are keys to realizing his dreams. It then enlightens him that everyone has their own turn to succeed. At that time, he applied for an internship but got an offer as a full-time employee instead. What was his background story? Let’s dive in! Taking a Gap Year Before Going to College Jundi was blown away by technology during high school, especially regarding Web and Mobile Development. Moreover, it led him to take an in line course at the university, Computer Engineering. However, it is challenging for the youngest of three siblings. Coming from a middle-class family, tuition fees turned out to be expensive compared to daily living costs. What does he do to cope with that condition? Postponing college for a year to accum

Deep Dive into IT Infrastructure Role through Cloud Computing in Bangkit

What do you think about generalists and specialists? Which one suits you best for the career path ahead? For Elsa Shafira Ramadhani (23), a girl from Bogor, comprehensive understanding starts from common things. For example, her love for technology comes from her favorite school subjects: Mathematics and Physics. Elsa states that the applied sciences of those two could engage her more in passion as she can escalate subject concentration. Not to mention that her major in Electrical Engineering led her to dive deep into IT Infrastructure roles through Cloud Computing in Bangkit. Currently, she is an Associate System Engineer at DELL Technologies. How did her story begin, from electrical engineering to this role? Read on to discover more! Science Concentration in University Introduced Elsa to Cloud Computing Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Banten, provides three concentrations in Electrical Engineering lectures. These options encouraged Elsa to discover her fondness for taking the low

Build Your Own Path to Pursue Career in Industry

Many people think living in a small town will hinder someone's career. At least, that was what Dyota Cantacyacitta Vidyadhari (24) had thought of. This girl was born and grew up in Salatiga. She started her career journey as an intern at Danone Indonesia. Her previous status as a student from a small-medium city made her think that she needed to upgrade herself by participating in international and nationwide student activities, such as Bangkit. Vidya spent her college life at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana by actively participating in various programs that supported her in becoming a reliable tech talent. However, studying in a small town makes contacting her complex for startups and companies. The probability of getting an internship or hands-on projects in the tech industry seems like once in a blue moon. Vidya's passion for the tech industry has made her dream of building a startup a reality. With so many startups getting incubation funds, it's no wonder she thought a

Building Career Readiness from Early On

You may get confused when the university allows you to explore the knowledge out there for GPA conversion. So did Kenrico Valens (22) at that time. Will he spend the entire sixth semester in vain? After contemplating many things, he found an answer. What about preparing for a career by registering for an impactful training program? With the coding skills he has, it led him to select the Mobile Development learning path then. How was the whole story until he was positioned as a Back-End Developer intern at Prudential? Let's dive in! Chasing Dreams That Were Left Behind Ken dreamed of studying Computer Science at Universitas Indonesia for real. However, he wasn't optimistic enough for the competition, where many applicants struggled to pass the high grade. To cope with that, he thinks negotiation is essential to deciding. He lowered his standards by taking Computer Engineering at the same university. What distinguishes between these two? In terms of curriculum, Computer Science

Self-Belief: A Fundamental to Keep Pushing Amidst Obstacles

Coming from Cilegon, Manfred Michael (22) is currently pursuing undergraduate education at Gunadarma University, Depok. He chose Informatics Engineering for a reasonably unique reason. His father's love for technology, or rather playing games to the point of getting "top global" predicate, encouraged him to follow similar things in his own way. Although Michael likes playing games, the Machine Learning path refers to his fundamentals in taking a role in the technology sector. What has he gone through from self-learning through YouTube tutorials to getting a job, even before graduating from college? Deepening Machine Learning Since Freshman "My parents didn't demand that I pursue a career in a particular sector. However, it would seem cool if I could become a lawyer," Michael chirped with a chuckle. After giving a fun fact about a career sector that had the potential for him, Michael shared that he has been fond of Machine Learning since freshman. At that t