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Wisnu: Revolutionizing Tourism with Community-Based Apps

A Story of Wisnu, One of the Top 20 Product-Based Capstone Projects in Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Tourism is crucial to the Indonesian economy, significantly contributing to foreign exchange earnings. Both nature and cultural heritage are major components that boast a unique combination of a holiday in a tropical climate experience. A survey by Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) or Statistics Indonesia 2023 recorded that the number of foreign tourist arrivals in Indonesia had reached 11,68 million, increasing 98,30% from 2022. However, this figure is still under the pre-COVID-19, with over 16 million foreign tourists in 2019. So, is it possible to boost that in the coming year? Fortunately, a group of young people from Bangkit made a breakthrough by releasing Wisnu (Wisata Nusantara). This app helps tourists find well-known destinations or hidden gems to be recognized by locals and internationals. So, who are they, and what do they make? Let’s read the whole story! Competed Fiercely in the Incubati

The Journey of a Young Woman Who Dared to Dream Big

A Story of Fitria Widyani, Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 Distinction Graduate from Informatics Engineering, Universitas Teknologi Bandung Tech might be perceived as a male-dominated field. However, it doesn’t mean women can’t thrive in this sector; Fitria Widyani (21) believes in this. Despite her gender and underprivileged background, she was determined to pursue his IT dream. To make her dream come true, she juggled full-time work during the day and attended an evening degree program. Exhausted but had a dream, she searched for a program to focus her skills on Mobile Development (Android). In mid-2023, a seed of hope sprouted. She founded Bangkit, a career readiness program from Google that honed her skills and catalyzed growth. Now, she’s ready for an opportunity to excel in her tech career. From 27% of women in Bangkit to becoming one of the distinction graduates, this is how Fitri achieved success against all odds! Selling Fritters or “Gorengan” to Cover Her Expense Born and raised in Kata

“Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Thrive”

A Story of Dendi Mulyana, Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Graduate from Economics, Universitas Padjadjaran “In today’s digital age, the ability to bridge the gap between traditional disciplines and technology is a valuable asset.” A recent study by the World Economic Forum suggests that 9 out of 10 future jobs will require some level of digital literacy. This highlights the story of Dendi Mulyana (24), a young man who didn’t know the importance of the digital world before. Raised in Tasikmalaya by parents with limited formal education, his initial exposure to technology was minimal. However, Dendi’s unwavering determination brought him to Bangkit and propelled him on a path of self-transformation. Bangkit also equips economics students like Dendi to jumpstart their careers in the digital field. After Bangkit, he transitioned from a tech novice to a tech-savvy. Once a man with limited tech knowledge and a non-IT background, this is Dendi’s journey to bridge the gap and become a digital native! Ha

From an Economist to a Data Intelligence, Bangkit Helped Me Cross the Path

A Story of Putra Andika Pradana, Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 Distinction Graduate from Economics, Universitas Airlangga Putra Andika Pradana (22) is a Bangkit graduate who illustrates a successful career shift into tech. Despite coming from Economics as one of the non-STEM disciplines, he discovered his true passion for data science. This revelation led him to enroll in a data science boot camp, equipping him with foundational knowledge. After that, Putra—that’s what he’s called—solidified his skill by enrolling in Bangkit, a career readiness program from Google supported by GoTo, Tokopedia, and Traveloka. His perseverance and dedication throughout Bangkit led him to kickstart his career at PT Astra International Tbk. How could an Economics graduate like Putra thrive in Bangkit? Let’s get to know more about his journey in Bangkit 2023 Batch 2! An Economics Student Who Wanted to Become a Data Scientist Although Putra was born in Trenggalek, Jawa Timur, he chose Surabaya as his home since he mo