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A Timorese Gem Who Wants to Educate His Community

A Story of Adrianus Ragil Indrajaya Korbafo, Bangkit 2022 Student from Universitas Timor “One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.” (Jean Vanier, Canadian Philosopher) When most people study hard for their bright future, Adrianus Ragil Indrajaya Korbafo (23) decided to broaden his knowledge to educate the youths in his hometown in North Central Timor, East Nusa Tenggara. His passion for learning was cultivated solely to build a tech community there so that his fellow Timorese youths could be as excellent as those who study in big cities. Having limited sources of tech learning materials motivated Ragil―that’s what he called―to put more effort into studying IT. He didn’t only ingest insights he gained from campus but also absorbed any IT information milled about on the internet. He became one of the +600k subscribers of Sandhika Galih , a YouTuber who lectures about information and technology. W

Mission to Support Farmers’ Livelihood in Bali with the Use of Technology

A Story of I Putu Arya Patrama Khrisna Putra, Bangkit 2022 Student from Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering, Universitas Udayana In 10 years, the workforce in the agricultural sector has dropped from 42,46 million to 38,77 million. (BPS, 2021 data) Land conversion and farmers' welfare are the reasons behind plummeting interest in becoming farmers in Indonesia. I Putu Arya Patrama Khrisna Putra (21) realized this long ago. As a young Balinese man who grew up on an island with a wealth of rice fields, Arya―that’s what he called―has the vision to protect Bali's agricultural land from further conversions such as malls, villas, and other commercial uses. In bold, he wants to contribute to the welfare of Balinese farmers. The most tangible thing he can do to realize his vision is to implement his knowledge earned on his campus, Universitas Udayana, and outside-campus, Bangkit. For the farmers’ livelihood, Arya wants to combine technology and agriculture for the farmers' good.

With Soft Skills, You Can Stand Out from the Crowd

A Story about William Prabowo, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, Bangkit 2022 Contributor “As much as 77% of employers believe that soft skills are as important as hard skills." (Skill Survey, 2021) When he had just finished his undergraduate studies, William Prabowo (29) personally experienced how soft critical skills are. As a graduate of chemical engineering, William knew that soft skills played an important role in him to kick start a career in the tech industry. Had only William relied on hard skills, a chemical engineer like him would have definitely had difficulty in launching his career at Google. However, William understood that soft skills are as necessary, if not more important, than hard skills in his career. Therefore, by maintaining close relationships with his networks, he got referred, interviewed, and accepted to contribute to Google in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Now that William had started his new position as Strategic Partner Manager at Google Indonesi