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TeDi: Disabled’s Most Reliable Buddy

A Story about TeDi, One of the Top 15 Product-Based Capstone Projects in Bangkit 2022 “The number of disabled in Indonesia reaches 22.5 million people.” (Central Bureau of Statistics in Indonesia, 2020) From the data presented above, we can conclude that approximately eight percent of Indonesians have disabilities. There are also findings that some of these persons have multiple impairments. However, having limitations in their daily activities shouldn’t hinder them from living a decent life as most people do. A group of students participating in Bangkit 2022 thought so. Being in a group named “TeDi,” these individuals believe that the disabled deserve a better life. So, equipped with sufficient knowledge after spending 900 hours of study in Bangkit, they created an app with the same name as their group. Who would have thought that this all-in-one accessibility app managed to get into the Top 15 Product-Based Capstone Projects and earn IDR 140 million in incubation funds from Google an

“Your passion needs your 100% energy”

A Story of Sesaka Aji Nursyah Bantani, Bangkit 2022 Graduate from Informatics Engineering, Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang Everyone has their definition of living well. But, for Sesaka Aji Nursyah Bantani (21), his life is more than enough because of his parents’ love. In fact, his life is abundant. Although Saka―that’s what he’s called―had economic difficulties, he never felt deprived, thanks to the outpouring of his parents’ prayers and efforts to support and take care of him. Together with his two siblings, Saka grew up in a small 36 m2 warung (kiosk) in Kabupaten Pandeglang, Banten. The food stalls of Saka’s parents played essential roles in sending Saka to college and helping him achieve a global-scale Android certification. Through the ups and downs in pursuing his dreams, this is the story of Saka’s learning journey in Bangkit. Having Hardworking Parents Saka was born to an exceptional couple who live simply in a small kiosk that sells cigarettes and comfort foods on Jalan