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Your Today’s Choices Determine Your Path

A Story of Gugi Asgaruning, Bangkit 2021 Graduate from Computer Science, Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang Our future isn’t determined by where we are from or under what circumstances we were born. The choices we make today play significant roles in shaping it. Gugi Asgaruning (24), a Computer Science graduate from Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang, believed in it. Despite coming from a small village in Kabupaten Kuningan, Jawa Barat, and being born into a humble family, Gugi knew he possessed the power to create the future he envisioned; he wanted to be a tech talent. Therefore, to get closer to his dream, Gugi pursued computer science at university and joined Bangkit in 2021. As he graduated from this program, Gugi embarked on a journey he had always dreamed of. What was it, and how did Gugi pave the way to reach his goal? Let’s read his whole story! From His Parents’ Small Kiosk, Gugi Worked On His Dream If Gugi were asked about what made him and his elder sister manage to pursu

Lifelong Learning Fuels Careers at Top Companies

A Story of Timotius Haniel, Bangkit 2021 Distinction Graduate from Electrical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa Rejection is a part of life, but how we respond to it is what matters. Timotius Haniel (23) saw rejection as an opportunity to learn and grow. He failed to get into Bangkit 2020 but didn’t give up. Instead, he worked harder and improved his skills. The following year, he was accepted into the program. After being successfully accepted into Bangkit 2021, Timmy―that’s what he’s called―didn’t want to waste the opportunity by giving the best, both in Bangkit and on campus. Although simultaneously taking courses in Bangkit and working on his bachelor thesis was challenging, Timmy believed that giving up was never an option. Therefore, Timmy's hard work paid off at the end of his participation in Bangkit, and his graduation from campus was already near. What did Timmy get? Let’s delve into his story! Rejection Was Not the End of the World Like most undergraduate st

"A Bold Move Leads to a Great Opportunity"

A Story of Indra Muliadi, Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Graduate from Statistics, Universitas Riau Incredible opportunities often come from our willingness to take bold steps. Indra Muliadi (20) believed in this as he pursued his dream. This young man from Riau was a courageous person, always looking for ways to achieve his goal of becoming a tech talent. Indra grew up in a palm oil plantation village called Sialang Sakti. He wanted nothing but to be a digital talent whose skills could impact the advancement of Indonesian technology. Furthermore, becoming the source of pride for his family was also something that Indra pursued. Working hard to make his dream come true, this is Indra’s journey in Bangkit 2023 Batch 1! A High-Performing Student Who Made His Parents Proud Indra was the first of three children whose father was a palm oil grower, and his mother was a teacher. Having supportive parents made Indra feel lucky, and he was encouraged to pursue higher education. It was a great joy for In

Never Give Up on Everything You're Dreaming Of

A Story of Galuh Wira Relungwangi, Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 Cohort from Information System, Universitas Prima Indonesia No force is greater than the drive within us, which can encourage us to survive better and fight consistently for whatever we want. Galuh Wira Relungwangi (21) firmly believed in this. Initially, Galuh wanted nothing more than just graduating from vocational school so that she could immediately work to help her parents give her family a life. However, in the middle of her journey, she found her purpose. Galuh realized that she had a desire for more than just launching a career. Besides striving to make her parents proud, she wanted to answer her true calling: developing her passion for tech. So, to make her dream come true, she joined Bangkit 2023 Batch 2. How was her journey in this program? Let’s delve into her story! A Journey to Find A Passion Everyone has their priorities in life. For Galuh, her number one was her family because they were her primary support system.