3 Notes for a Future Tech Talent

A Story about Imre Nagi, Cloud Platform Engineer at Gojek, Bangkit 2022 Contributor

A conversation between Bangkit and Imre Nagi (Google Developer Expert Cloud Computing) was rife with points on how to shape students’ career readiness. Another fascinating insight from him was the demand-side of companies. Industry desires to prove quality among fresh graduates they are going to recruit. What are they? How can we shape our career readiness from now on? Let’s check.

A “Tech-influencer” who Wants to Upskill the Next Generation

In addition to his role as a Cloud Platform Engineer at Gojek, Imre Nagi also hosts a podcast, “Ngobrolin Startup dan Teknologi.” A few subjects discussed in Imre’s podcast are people's experience at a startup, tech at a startup, startup funding and finance, and marketing. Released once every two weeks, the podcast invites resource persons from the startup world. In addition to utilizing his podcast, Imre often shares knowledge through YouTube live streaming and Discord.

This tech-influencer does all of this public sharing session to help the next tech generation be better prepared in case they want to kickstart or pursue their career in a tech company. Imre realized that in his college days, only a few platforms were available for students to learn tech. Therefore, when Bangkit came into the picture 3 years ago as an educational program that prepared students' in tech, Imre welcomed it very well.
“Previously, there was no educational program where industry and government could collaborate. Now with Bangkit, tech experts can contribute and share their perspectives with students so that they can better understand their career path right after graduation!” exclaimed Imre.
For Imre, this opportunity to share perspectives toward upskilling students is such a rare opportunity. Previously he could only interact with students during the office internship program at Gojek.
“If more tech experts are willing to get involved in Bangkit, they can share their perspectives to support more tech talents through Bangkit.”

The 3 Notes for a Future Tech Talent

In Bangkit, Imre taught Cloud Computing (CC) sessions in which he frequently got questions from cohorts. Imre felt that the live demo session at Bangkit as a distinguished speaker was the most well-prepared live session he had ever conducted. Interacting with students always excites him because he gets a lot of positive feedback.

Imre has three (3) notes for the cohorts he taught that will help them be future digital talents.

#1 Asking Questions and Conveying Ideas are Part of Understanding

Therefore, students are advised to be more active and ask many questions in class.

#2 Be a Builder and a Teacher

The cohorts are expected to be able to carry out two roles, i.e., a builder and a teacher. Being a builder makes students become problem solvers, and being a teacher encourages students who have already experienced enough to share with the next generation.

#3 Be Generous in Sharing Knowledge

Imre also hopes that the cohorts will not be stingy in sharing their knowledge, no matter in which level of expertise they are or will be. According to Imre, not sharing knowledge because of “insufficient knowledge” is definitely a mistake. In fact, we don't have to wait to be rich to give to charity.

3 Do’s and Don'ts; Planning on Becoming IT Talent

To end our conversation, Imre concluded some do’s and don'ts below. For us learners, please take a note:

Do: Hone English Skills

A future tech talent must hone English communication skills. This can be very helpful in the hiring process. In addition, most of the tech learning material is presented in English. The opportunities offered also will get more expansive if you master English.

Do: Make the Right Learning Strategy

To keep a tech talent up to date, you must develop a good learning strategy because new changes occur every day in the world of technology. Find the proper learning techniques to stay relevant to today's situation.

Don’t: Income over Credibility.

Although the current demand for tech talent is very high, Imre advised tech talent candidates to not be too picky. Instead, focus more on what they want to learn and not get lost in thoughts about income. New tech talent needs to build credibility first before thinking about earnings. Once they become an expert, their profits will definitely follow.

After teaching at Bangkit, Imre received much feedback. He became aware of what learning materials were needed by students and how to teach them. These gave him ideas for his following educational content.
“I highly recommend other tech experts from the industry to contribute here in Bangkit, regardless of their background. The more diverse the contributors’ perspectives are, the richer the student's knowledge will be.”
If you’re interested in being this or next year’s Bangkit contributor, please apply here https://contributors.bangkit.academy/.


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