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"The more you practice, the better you will be"

A Story of Firman Mardiyanto, Bangkit 2022 Graduate from Information Technology, Politeknik TEDC Bandung “In fact, researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.” ― Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success Resonating the above quote by Gladwell, relentless practices will lead us to true expertise. It is also a belief firmly held by Firman Mardiyanto (25), who aspired to be a reliable tech talent and devoted his time to educating himself with relevant skills. His bustle in attending complete courses on campus and carrying out his duty as a full-time employee didn’t hinder him from thriving in Bangkit. That was because Firman believes that the more he does something he is passionate about, the better he becomes at it. Once a Factory Worker Born and raised in Ngamprah, a part of Bandung Barat Regency, Firman is the second of three children. His father works as a farmer, and his mother is a housewife. Firman’s encouraging p

Limitation is a Myth: A Journey to Achieve the Dream as a Back-End Engineer

How do you see an obstacle to achieving your dreams? Instead of seeing it as a reason to give up, Teddy Latief Miftahur Rizqi (21) from Banyuwangi did the opposite. Despite his limited mobility, he is very motivated to boost his self-competence. Having a hobby of playing games, Teddy reflects it as a way to find interest in technology. He paved the way to tech by studying Informatics Engineering at the Politeknik Negeri Banyuwangi. Gradually, he had a dream of becoming a Back-End Engineer. He will do whatever he can to improve his performance through Bangkit for things he thought impossible. Bangkit Trains Teddy to Be Mindful "Why should I?" is a question Teddy often asks himself about the condition he has experienced since childhood, moreover, when he started using a wheelchair to support daily mobility in middle school. "How nice my friends can move freely," he thought. However, the chronic self-esteem doesn't linger in him for long since he realizes there may

Perseverance is the Key to Pursue My IT Dream

Each of us defines success in different ways. Among many options, the health sector seems promising for Rafi Aditya Seno Aji's (22) family to perceive a decent life. However, the boy with a badminton hobby has his own perspective. Rafi was really into tech, which led him to discover his definition of success. No wonder it stimulated him to take Informatics Engineering at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro. With his skills in this sector, he even hopes to make a meaningful contribution to Indonesia. What was it, and how did he realize it then? Let's dive in! Gained Knowledge from Multi-Sources Born in 2001, Rafi's supportive family drove him to select his path. Undoubtedly, he gets limitless motivation to maintain his passion for the tech sector. These positive affirmations could also remain his enthusiasm when enhancing his competence. Graduating college on time with a GPA of 3.78 turned out to be the initial step Rafi strives for competence development. In the fourth semester, he

Knowledge is the Greatest Investment for Your Future

Indonesia Emas 2045 refers to an attempt at infrastructure and human resources improvement as the initial step to realizing a developed country (Presidency Official Website, 2019). Each of us has a hand in making this happen. Nevertheless, the younger generation carries out the hope by developing skills in the fields they pursue. Achmad Fandi Santoso (25), a boy from Magelang, was eager to participate in Indonesia Emas 2045. Through Bangkit, he strived for a better future for the country, his family, and himself, who had been through difficult times for four years. What's the whole story? Let's dive in! Son of Laborer who Pursue Mathematics to Build a Career The fourth of five children was raised by parents who loved him so much. They never demanded what he was to become. Deep down inside, Achmad cares for their pride by taking a job after graduating from vocational high school. Achmad's father worked as a laborer selling bread from the factory with a daily wage of IDR 50,