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3 Notes for a Future Tech Talent

A Story about Imre Nagi, Cloud Platform Engineer at Gojek, Bangkit 2022 Contributor A conversation between Bangkit and Imre Nagi (Google Developer Expert Cloud Computing) was rife with points on how to shape students’ career readiness. Another fascinating insight from him was the demand-side of companies. Industry desires to prove quality among fresh graduates they are going to recruit. What are they? How can we shape our career readiness from now on? Let’s check. A “Tech-influencer” who Wants to Upskill the Next Generation In addition to his role as a Cloud Platform Engineer at Gojek, Imre Nagi also hosts a podcast, “ Ngobrolin Startup dan Teknologi .” A few subjects discussed in Imre’s podcast are people's experience at a startup, tech at a startup, startup funding and finance, and marketing. Released once every two weeks, the podcast invites resource persons from the startup world. In addition to utilizing his podcast, Imre often shares knowledge through YouTube live streaming

Tomi’s Struggle against Life Hardships & Limitations: Anything is Possible

A Story of Tomi Timutius, Bangkit 2022 Student from Arabic Studies, Universitas Indonesia Failing to achieve a dream is certainly painful for everyone, especially if we've wanted it for a long time. Tomi Timutius (21) felt the same way. He once dreamed of studying IT at a vocational school so that he could immediately work to help his parents. However, he failed a test that apparently declared him as a partial color-blind. Feeling devastated, Tomi had to swallow the fact that his limitations have prevented him to achieve IT dream. The First Member of Family who Went to University Born in a very simple family, Tomi is the first one who studies at university. His loving mother didn’t finish primary school while his father is a daily laborer who never gets the chance to go to school. His older sister is a graduate of a vocational school and works as a receptionist at a restaurant. Despite hardship and challenging economic situations, Tomi’s family strongly encourages and supports Tom

Paving Ways for More Women Participation in Machine Learning

A Story of Risala Nabila Imani, Bangkit 2022 Student from Universitas Gadjah Mada AI and Machine Learning are at #2 in the most increasingly-demanded jobs across industries. (Future of Jobs Survey 2020, World Economy Forum) Becoming a Machine Learning (ML) Engineer is an inspiration to many these days, including Risala Nabila Imani (21). Currently majoring in Mathematics at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Risa believes that female students like her can reach their full potential in this field. Through her participation in several communities, she has actively encouraged other females to study IT. “We (women) can excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as well!”  Developing Interest in Machine Learning Risa became interested in learning about ML when her campus held a seminar that explained the benefits of using ML. This technology can be used for self-driving cars, medical diagnosis, online fraud detection, etc. Risa thought that if she studied ML, she could contribu

From Failed Dream to Progress: Learning Android Development in Bangkit

A Story of Ahmad Fathanah M. Adil, Bangkit 2022 Student from Informatics Engineering, Universitas Hasanuddin “As many as 87% of Indonesian students feel they are in the wrong major.” (Irene Guntur, Educational Psychologist at Integrity Development Flexibility, 2021) Kendari-born Ahmad Fathanah M. Adil (21) felt the same way. Behind his current role as a student of Informatics Engineering, Universitas Hasanuddin, he once actually dreamed of being a soldier. Unfortunately, Ahmad failed two times due to age reasons. Due to this failure, Ahmad followed his parents’ recommendation to study IT at the best public university in Sulawesi. Actually becoming a programmer was not something that Ahmad had ever planned before. He had no idea what the future of an IT expert would look like and he was nervous about everything he would learn. Even Ahmad felt that he was in the wrong place. At that time, he never thought that one day, he would learn to be an Android developer. At First Lagging, Finall

Try to be the Winner of Every Battle

A Story of Gilang Martadinata, Bangkit 2022 Student from President University Becoming a bright child might be something Gilang Martadinata (22) was born for. Since he was a kid, Gilang―that’s what he called―has been an active person. When he was still in primary school, Gilang, born and raised in Lampung, carried out his responsibilities as a young reporter for the Lampung Post. He has interviewed many VIPs such as the Governor of South Sumatra and the Director of Bank Lampung. Then when Gilang went to middle school, he became an HIV/AIDS activist. Gilang’s spirit in participating in the organization was still burning until he was accepted as an IT Student at President University. At that time, Gilang was trusted to be the Student Union's Vice President. But who would have thought if the usual going-up-graph in Gilang's life suddenly fell? Rise Up against Himself In 2020, Gilang faced difficulties that demotivated him to study. He suddenly turned into someone he didn't rec

Equitable Distribution of Knowledge and Technology in Indonesia

A Story about Johanes Glenn, Customer Solution Consultant at Google Bangkit 2022 Contributor "Indonesia needs 9 million digital talents at the middle level." (Johny G. Plate, Minister of Communications and Informatics, 2021) Indonesia's enormous need for digital talents with specific qualifications makes Johanes Glenn (37) see Bangkit as an educational program that can meet this demand. Glenn sees this program's high-scale impact with participants from all over Indonesia. It moved him to take part in it. As an expert who understands very well that tech insights were challenging to obtain in the past, he wants to help produce a new generation that is better prepared for this field. Provide Broader Exposure for Students Glenn is a Customer Solution Consultant at Google, assigned to help customers adopt Google Cloud. His experience with cloud systems makes him capable of being Cloud Computing Instructor in Bangkit 2021 and this year. For Glenn, Bangkit is a very fantasti