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Discovering a Whole New World as a Data Analyst

Among ways to discover our career path, learning at school or university is the most common way to kick it off. However, along the way, we often find new experiences that enrich our perspectives about available job opportunities. For Fatiha Agyal Shahwiya (23), Bangkit has broadened her horizon. From an astronomy student to a data analyst, how did Fatiha make it happen? Let's read her story further. Astronomy & Technology: Two Fields that Draw Fatiha's Attention Fatiha Agyal Shahwiya–or she used to be called Fatiha–is a fresh graduate from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Back then astronomy was her favorite study since high school when she participated in the Science Olympiad and was mesmerized by the celestial objects. So, no wonder in university, she took astronomy and delved into the sun, energy, and black holes as her daily topics. In her sophomore year, Fatiha was mesmerized by how studying celestial objects relates so much to technology. For instance, in the past, v

Time Management is the Key to Self-Improvement

"The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you." B.B. King Dimas Rafi Ramaharmuzi (28) is a tax service civil servant (PNS) with an office in South Jakarta. People said that being a "PNS" equals living in a comfort zone and away from being tech-savvy. However, he wants to prove it wrong by continuing to upgrade his skills, especially in Mobile Development. In fact, parallel to his 9-5 work duty, he is also taking an online undergraduate (S1) course at Binus University, majoring in Computer Science. Why Bangkit? Initially, Dimas was drawn to learn tech after binge-watching educational videos of a tech influencer. He also closely follows Onno Widodo Purbo, a renowned IT enthusiast and tech lecturer. Both his role models triggered Dimas to learn more about this matter. “They taught basic Computer Science through Youtube. That’s so helpful to me,” he said. The IT learning is unique for Dimas, who initially took Taxation as his Diploma 1 and