"Achieving goals starts with committing to yourself"

A Story of I Putu Cahya Adi Ganesha, Bangkit 2022 Graduate from Informatics Engineering, Universitas Gunadarma

Most of the time, we are determined to achieve something big to make people around us proud and get their recognition. Unfortunately, that kind of external motivation often lasts only temporarily—why? Simply because of the absence of self-driven factors. I, Putu Cahya Adi Ganesha (22), believe in this and think “the commitment to ourselves” lights up the spirit better than anything else.

So, when Cahya found virtue in learning tech and knew that this field would be where his future belongs, he pledged to pursue all his dreams. Here is Cahya’s story about his independence in achieving his purposes.

Heading to the World Where Educational Background & Institution are Not Mattered

Born and raised in Karawang, Cahya has been intrigued by technology since childhood. Tinkering with a laptop piqued his interest. Later, while in high school, Cahya started to think that the IT world was where his future belonged. He firmly decided on this after comparing different college majors.
“Of all the college majors I've compared, I chose to study Informatics Engineering because a tech-related role is one of the most-desired jobs. Moreover, in tech, factors such as educational background & institution don't matter as long as you have proven skills and capabilities relevant to the industry demand.”
Finally, after graduating from high school, Cahya went to Universitas Gunadarma, majoring in Informatics Engineering.

Developing His Curriculum

When Cahya began his life as an informatics student, he studied a lot about tech. Unfortunately, most of the time, Cahya only acquired theoretical knowledge and lacked opportunities to practice. He knew that theory alone wouldn’t make him a reliable tech talent. Therefore, he was encouraged to develop his curriculum to guide him in getting additional insights from many online courses.

After his own curriculum set, Cahya learned from various platforms. In the middle of his learning process, he met Bangkit. Seeing that Bangkit was initiated by Google and supported by big tech companies like GoTo and Traveloka, Cahya decided to learn more about this program. Then, he saw that Bangkit could equip him with comprehensive skills to be career-ready.

Cahya’s commitment to pursuing his dream career motivated him to register. From three available paths, he chose Cloud Computing because of his attentiveness to the system implementation related to software infrastructure and architecture. Moreover, Cahya thought learning Cloud Computing could help him understand all aspects of technology. So, when Cahya was accepted into Bangkit 2022, he was excited to give his best.

Creating an App to Ensure Safety on the Road

Overall, Cahya’s learning experience in Bangkit was fun because he finally got what he had already expected all this time. The presence of Instructor-Led Training, tech class, soft skills course, and English session added colors to his life for 900 hours of learning.

Regarding the most enjoyable part of Bangkit, Cahya said that his favorite one is the capstone project. At that time, Cahya chose to do a Product-Based Capstone Project. He developed an app with his team to ensure users’ safety on the road. This app could recommend the user take a route with the lowest crime rate.

After successfully finishing his progress in Bangkit, Cahya’s time to prove himself came. He grabbed the opportunity to take the Associate Cloud Engineer certification. His perseverance in learning finally helped him to pass the test. This qualification could help Cahya land his first job in the IT field.

When the Capstone Project Played a Significant Role in His Career

Learning in Bangkit and obtaining global certifications has significantly transformed Cahya. It wasn’t only the tech class that contributed to Cahya’s better change. The soft skills classes and English sessions also played a significant role. Cahya admitted that after Bangkit, he knew how to communicate professionally with others, do a one-minute pitch, and prepare himself for company recruitment.

Utilizing the knowledge from soft skills classes, Cahya confidently applied for an internship at one of the Big Four accounting firms. He aimed at PricewaterhouseCoopers Indonesia. After several recruitment processes, Cahya was hired as an IT Infrastructure VE Intern. He was responsible for implementing and maintaining the IT system.
“When the interview was conducted, my capstone project in Bangkit piqued the interest of my recruiter. He asked many questions about the details of my product and how to build the system. Who would have thought that that project helped me to be accepted into this company.”
Cahya’s accomplishments in graduating from Bangkit, earning ACE certification, and working in one of the big four accounting firms prove that achieving goals starts with committing to ourselves. Again, Cahya emphasized that everything we do is solely for ourselves. So, find the motivation inside and let the appreciation from the outside come after the result is generated.


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