Never Give Up on Everything You're Dreaming Of

A Story of Galuh Wira Relungwangi, Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 Cohort from Information System, Universitas Prima Indonesia

No force is greater than the drive within us, which can encourage us to survive better and fight consistently for whatever we want. Galuh Wira Relungwangi (21) firmly believed in this. Initially, Galuh wanted nothing more than just graduating from vocational school so that she could immediately work to help her parents give her family a life.

However, in the middle of her journey, she found her purpose. Galuh realized that she had a desire for more than just launching a career. Besides striving to make her parents proud, she wanted to answer her true calling: developing her passion for tech.

So, to make her dream come true, she joined Bangkit 2023 Batch 2. How was her journey in this program? Let’s delve into her story!

A Journey to Find A Passion

Everyone has their priorities in life. For Galuh, her number one was her family because they were her primary support system. Born to a humble family in Medan, Galuh was the second of three children. Her father was a farmer, and her mother was a housewife. Both of her siblings were vocational school graduates.

Following her elder siblings’ footsteps, Galuh also went to a vocational school, majoring in Chemical Analysis. By going to this institution, she hoped that she could launch her career as soon as she graduated. There was nothing that Galuh wanted more than to help her parents and her elder siblings give the family a life.

However, after completing her studies, she got an opportunity to pursue a degree in a third-year diploma program at Politeknik Teknologi Kimia Industri. She wished attaining higher education could open more doors for her future career. Nevertheless, in the middle of her journey, she discovered she had no passion for her current field of study.

Her focus shifted to technology because this field was seen as highly in-demand in the future and had a wide range of career opportunities. Finally, in her second semester, Galuh decided to withdraw from college. She wasn’t afraid of starting over because she was committed to giving her 100% to her new chosen field of study.

As the registration period for a government scholarship program in Medan began, Galuh submitted her application. She aimed to study at Universitas Prima Indonesia, majoring in Information Systems.

A Commitment to Make Her Family Proud

Officially becoming a tech student, Galuh’s new life began. She struggled for the first two years in college because of having no laptop. Lucky for her to be supported by a kindhearted colleague, she could rely on her friends’s devices to study.

Galuh’s condition prompted her parents and her elder siblings to go the extra mile and save money so that they could buy her a laptop. Finally, their hard work paid off, and they could equip Galuh with decent devices. Seeing her family sacrificed a lot for her educational necessities, Galuh was determined to make them proud.

To bring joy to her family’s hearts, Galuh went the extra mile to transform herself into a reliable tech talent with a promising future career. As if the universe conspired to get Galuh closer to her dream, she got acquainted with Bangkit when she saw one of her colleagues participating in Bangkit 2023 Batch 1. Besides that, Universitas Prima Indonesia was also at the forefront of promoting Kampus Merdeka programs.

Knowing Bangkit could pave the way for her future career, Galuh didn’t think twice about signing up for this program. She believed participating in a career readiness program supported by leading tech industries, such as Google, GoTo, and Traveloka, would add value to her resume. Finally, she submitted her application, picked the Cloud Computing path, and officially became one of Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 cohorts.

Expecting a Promising Career after Graduation

“Pleasant yet challenging” are three words that best describe Bangkit, according to Galuh. She was very grateful for having an opportunity to be accepted into Bangkit. However, Bangkit’s English-speaking environment pushed her to get used to using this language. It was a new experience for her to receive comprehensive tech training in English.
“My favorite parts of Bangkit are learning in the Dicoding platform and sessions conducted by instructors, mentors, and guest speakers. The tech material delivered in Dicoding is easy to understand, and the submission feedback provided by the reviewer also helped me find my mistake in coding. Then, the sessions led by the contributor bridged me to the experts with relevant experience. I'm happy to learn from them.”
Currently, Galuh is still undergoing the learning process of Bangkit. So far, her favorite tech class is “Build Great Solutions with Compute and Network Services in Google Cloud” because this session taught her how to solve cloud-related problems using computing and networking.

For the soft skill class, she most enjoyed the “Adaptability and Resilience” session. From this course, Galuh is now aware of how to adapt to the professional environment and survive in an unpleasant situation. She found materials from the soft skill classes insightful.

She wished the knowledge from the tech and soft skills courses would help her work on the capstone project. Then, after graduating from Bangkit, Galuh hoped for a successful career launch in leading tech companies to make her family proud.
“Never give up on everything you are dreaming of. Always believe that you can make it true. Whenever you want to give up, just look back and see how far you have come.”


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