Equitable Distribution of Knowledge and Technology in Indonesia

A Story about Johanes Glenn, Customer Solution Consultant at Google
Bangkit 2022 Contributor
"Indonesia needs 9 million digital talents at the middle level."
(Johny G. Plate, Minister of Communications and Informatics, 2021)

Indonesia's enormous need for digital talents with specific qualifications makes Johanes Glenn (37) see Bangkit as an educational program that can meet this demand. Glenn sees this program's high-scale impact with participants from all over Indonesia. It moved him to take part in it. As an expert who understands very well that tech insights were challenging to obtain in the past, he wants to help produce a new generation that is better prepared for this field.

Provide Broader Exposure for Students

Glenn is a Customer Solution Consultant at Google, assigned to help customers adopt Google Cloud. His experience with cloud systems makes him capable of being Cloud Computing Instructor in Bangkit 2021 and this year.
For Glenn, Bangkit is a very fantastic program. He understands that learning Cloud Computing (CC) is not easy, but this Google educational program has succeeded in providing convenience in learning this path. Glenn also thinks that Bangkit's presence broadens the professional world's exposure to students interested in getting into a tech career. When Glenn was still in college, such a program didn’t exist.
“I contributed again to Bangkit this year because I saw the success of Bangkit and Dicoding in embracing students from various small cities in Indonesia. This program is a tangible manifestation of Indonesia's equitable distribution of knowledge and technology. Therefore, I want to share everything I know and have with all Bangkit cohorts.”
In his opinion, this year’s Bangkit is improving with more interactive cohorts who are very confident in communicating in English. Moreover, the student's awareness of tech careers also attracted Glenn. It’s always exciting for him to answer students' questions about the career path of a CC expert. He believes that in this way, the students will be more ready to kick start their tech careers soon.

Glenn’s 5 Best Hints to Becoming a Technologist

To his students, Glenn advises that they always remember when they want to play an essential role in the world of technology. In addition to being brave and interactive, the students need to keep these five in their mind:

#1 Set Goals First

Glenn wants his students to set goals first. They must be able to determine what kind of future they want. Setting goals can make it easier for them to plan and prepare well.

#2 Make a Strategy

After the students set their goals, they have to make the best strategy to achieve them. Choose the most suitable way of learning and know what skills they need to master.

#3 Gain Much Experience

Glenn really encourages his students to keep learning and exploring new things. He wants them to gain more experience by joining the community, working on various projects, participating in internship programs, and contributing. Having a lot of experience can add to the knowledge they have.

#4 Keep the Curiosity and the Self-Expansion

Curiosity is something that tech experts need to have. It’s because of the rapid technological change. In addition, they also need to expand their knowledge because today’s technology is increasingly complex. This requires experts to master other abilities outside their fields.

#5 Never Leave the Fundamentals

Glenn forbids his students to leave the fundamentals for something popular. He doesn’t advise the students to jump around the material without understanding the basics. Learn the fundamentals first, then move on to frameworks, tools, etc.

Glenn has hope if his students follow the five things he suggested above. He wishes that the cohorts will not only become valuable tech talents.
“I wish their great quality can also advance Indonesia, which is expected to become a tech consumer country and a tech creator country in the future.”
He believes that Bangkit will realize Indonesia's dream to get more prominent in the world of technology.

Directing Students in the Middle of a Sea of Information

Hearing the success of students is something that makes Glenn very happy. Apart from making him joyful, contributing to Bangkit made Glenn learn to convey something relevant to his audience. He also practiced teaching effectively.

Glenn sincerely hopes that educators and technologists in Indonesia are willing to contribute to Bangkit. He has his reason.
“Today, there is a sea of information that might be a medium for student’s learning. But it’s not clear which information is essential for them. This is the purpose of our presence in Bangkit. We must direct them to learn something that really matters for their career.”
This CC instructor also convinced experts that Bangkit is a unique program. This is because this program has a considerable scale that embraces students from all over Indonesia. Bangkit’s success in producing future digital talent can be Indonesia’s triumph in advancing its tech sector.

Like Glenn, are you interested in participating in a program that equitably distributes knowledge and technology in Indonesia?


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