Stay Persistent in Pursuing Dreams

A Story of Raihan Nugroho Jauhari, Bangkit 2021 Graduate from Computer Science, Universitas Mercu Buana

Not everyone starts at the same starting line in the race toward their dreams. Some have a running head start, equipped with abundant resources and support. In contrast, others must dig deep and forge their path, often facing uphill battles like Raihan Nugroho Jauhari (24), a man from Ngrayun, Ponorogo, East Java.

From his parents, who ran a grocery store, Raihan inherited nothing but perseverance and grit. His father and mother’s spirit of “try hard” instilled in him and made him understand that chasing dreams requires relentless effort. Therefore, once Raihan discovered that thriving in tech was his true calling, he channeled his tenacious effort into learning.

Raihan’s learning journey unfolded when he became a Bangkit 2021 cohort, diving deep into Machine Learning. Following his participation in Bangkit, various doors began to creak open, revealing exciting career prospects.

Here’s the story of Raihan’s determination to pursue his dream!

A Determined Young Man Pursuing His Tech Dream

Although Raihan was born in Jakarta, he and his two siblings spent their childhood in Ngrayun Village, Ponorogo, East Java, with his grandmother and grandfather. As previously mentioned, Raihan’s parents ran a grocery store in South Jakarta.

Raihan’s parents’ earnestness in running their small business mirrored his enthusiasm for pursuing his dream. Becoming a tech talent has been Raihan’s dream since childhood. His father purchased a computer then, and Raihan began tending with it.
“I vividly remember how my father gave me a computer when I was young. That’s where my tech journey began.”
Passionate about tech, Raihan decided to go to vocational school and study Computer and Network Engineering (TKJ). After graduation, he pursued higher education at Universitas Mercu Buana, majoring in Computer Science. However, his fascination with Machine Learning didn’t bloom until his second year.
“Circa, in the third or fourth semester, I became interested in machine learning because I love problem-solving. And since then, I've been learning more about this field.”
Throughout his studies, he actively participated in various Machine Learning competitions and contests, broadening his insights and practical experience in this field. Not only interested in Machine Learning, Raihan also enjoyed learning Cloud Computing and Web Development.
“Since my freshman year, I’ve been involved in web development projects, which expanded my knowledge into this field.”
In his fifth semester, Raihan got the opportunity to become a full-time worker at Telkom Indonesia through an IT business partner called There, he began his professional career as a Data Visualization specialist. His tasks included creating dashboards and data visualizations for better understanding and decision-making.

However, his desire to delve deeper into data development and analysis models prompted him to seek comprehensive learning programs. That’s when he discovered Bangkit.

When Bangkit Knocked on Raihan’s Door

As Raihan’s search for intensive tech training began, Bangkit knocked on his door. He discovered this program through the Dicoding platform, where he took several free courses.

Bangkit captured his interest because it offered learning opportunities in Machine Learning. Additionally, he knew that Bangkit was initiated by Google and supported by leading tech industries such as GoTo, Tokopedia, and Traveloka.

During his time in Bangkit, Raihan gained invaluable experiences. Yes, he faced various challenging tasks. Sometimes, he felt that his knowledge was limited, too. However, the presence of participants from other universities opened up new perspectives for him.

Raihan was inspired by the spirit and ambition of his fellow Bangkit cohorts to always take steps forward. He perceived that the healthy competition among cohorts motivated him to keep striving. Together, they built cross-campus capstone teams, giving Raihan a clear picture of team dynamics in complex projects.
“In Bangkit, I gained ‘micro-industries’ experiences. I learned a lot about collaboration in completing the projects we faced.”
Furthermore, the materials taught in Bangkit were exceptional, including the Instructor-led Training (ILT) sessions, which were applicable on a daily basis. It’s safe to say that Bangkit allowed Raihan to deepen his knowledge in various aspects, especially in Machine Learning.
“Besides the tech ILT session, soft skills ILT session, like time management, was also practical. Moreover, the public speaking session, where the speakers truly walked the talk, helped me communicate well.”

Landing Job(s) at Well-Known Companies

The career preparation training that Raihan received from Bangkit solidified his steps to expand his career and knowledge in the tech industry. After more than 900 hours of learning in Bangkit and graduating from his university, he was ready to compete more confidently.

Following his two-year full-time contract with a at Telkom, Raihan decided to join Bank BRI, where he was involved in developing Machine Learning solutions to support auditing needs.

However, Raihan’s career journey didn’t stop there. In early 2024, he began a new career by joining Astra International as a Lead Data Scientist. This position gave him significant responsibilities to develop and implement various data models and analyses to support the company’s needs.
“With extensive knowledge in Data Science, I can analyze large amounts of information (data) to make better business plans or find new opportunities to grow.”
Although Raihan’s career has rapidly ascended, his success was not easily attained. His story showed that Raihan constantly sought new knowledge and relentlessly pursued challenges.

“Stop Scrolling Social Media, Start Branding on LinkedIn”

Although he has a busy schedule, Raihan continues his studies at Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) to pursue a master’s degree. This decision was driven by his strong interest in delving deeper into the technology he loves. He chose the Computer Science program at IPB because of its alignment with his passion.

To balance his work and studies, Raihan usually allocates time to complete his academic tasks after office hours. Despite the significant challenge of juggling career and education, Raihan has managed it well, thanks to the time management skills he acquired from Bangkit.

Everybody may agree that Raihan’s story is a successful and inspiring tale. However, when asked about success, Raihan believes its definition is quite complex. For him, success is not merely about wealth or high social status but also about achieving dreams and positively impacting others.
“I believe that determination and perseverance in pursuing dreams are crucial. In Islam, this concept is called ‘Azzam.’ I believe having strong determination and unwavering belief is the key to success.”
He also provides motivation and tips for Bangkit participants who want to follow in his footsteps in tech. Raihan suggests they be more proactive on LinkedIn, frequently interacting with fellow tech enthusiasts and joining tech communities.

Raihan encourages Bangkit participants to pay attention to and learn from the experiences of those who have succeeded in similar fields. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of enhancing one's LinkedIn profile to have positive branding in the eyes of recruiters and headhunters.
“Reduce doomscrolling on Instagram and focus on building a professional brand on LinkedIn.”
With the experiences and tips he shared, Raihan hopes that Bangkit participants can take the right steps to develop their careers in technology and achieve the success they dreamed of. To end this interview, he leaves a message to persist in pursuing dreams.


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