“Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Thrive”

A Story of Dendi Mulyana, Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Graduate from Economics, Universitas Padjadjaran
“In today’s digital age, the ability to bridge the gap between traditional disciplines and technology is a valuable asset.”
A recent study by the World Economic Forum suggests that 9 out of 10 future jobs will require some level of digital literacy. This highlights the story of Dendi Mulyana (24), a young man who didn’t know the importance of the digital world before. Raised in Tasikmalaya by parents with limited formal education, his initial exposure to technology was minimal.

However, Dendi’s unwavering determination brought him to Bangkit and propelled him on a path of self-transformation. Bangkit also equips economics students like Dendi to jumpstart their careers in the digital field. After Bangkit, he transitioned from a tech novice to a tech-savvy.

Once a man with limited tech knowledge and a non-IT background, this is Dendi’s journey to bridge the gap and become a digital native!

Had Limited Access to Technology

Dendi never imagined that his childhood in Tasikmalaya would lead him on an adventure towards digital literacy. He was born into a family of farmers, where both his parents’ education ended after elementary school. However, Dendi’s parents encouraged him to be a lifelong learner for a better future.

Growing up in Tasikmalaya and then moving to Bandung Barat to pursue education in SMA Plus Cisarua, Dendi was no stranger to the challenges of limited access to technology. This lack of exposure left him feeling disadvantaged during his college years at Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad). Instead of feeling down, Dendi saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

His journey towards digital literacy was challenging. As an economics student, he initially held idealistic notions of pursuing a career in banking or government institutions. However, the COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call, forcing him to acknowledge the need for adaptability in the ever-changing world.
“The world was changing, and I knew my skill set had to evolve. IT became the key I needed to unlock new opportunities,”
While the integration of IT in economics was still in its early stages, Dendi was convinced that it would play a significant role in the future. He recalled his lessons on the increasing use of mathematics in economics and saw this as a clear indication of the growing importance of technology in the field.

Pushed Himself Beyond His Comfort Zone in Bangkit

Dendi’s interest in tech led him to discover Bangkit, a Google-led career readiness program designed to produce high-caliber tech talent. Although Unpad was a partner of Bangkit, Dendi initially hesitated to join due to his lack of tech experience. Despite his doubts, his curiosity and desire to learn IT pushed him to apply for Bangkit. Unfortunately, he faced several setbacks.

His first attempt in 2021 was unsuccessful due to administrative issues. The following year, he failed the entrance exam. However, Dendi persevered. He carefully reviewed the requirements and prepared himself thoroughly. Finally, on his third attempt, he was accepted into Bangkit 2023 Batch 1.

When Dendi got his Bangkit acceptance letter, he was also in the middle of thesis work. Balancing time was a challenging task. Dendi had to learn how to allocate his time effectively, a skill he had never mastered. He dedicated most of his time (3-4 days a week) to Bangkit, only working on his thesis (1-2 days) when his advisor demanded weekly updates.
“Bangkit was my chance to bridge the gap, and I wouldn’t waste a minute. From mornings to midnight, I dove headfirst into the program, fueled by the hunger to learn.”
Dendi chose to focus on Machine Learning, a field that required him to learn new concepts from scratch. He quickly realized he had a significant knowledge gap compared to his peers and the instructors. To overcome this challenge, Dendi had to put in twice as much effort as everyone else.
“I read the modules multiple times to ensure everything stuck, never missed a class, and always finished the task. It was intense, but I put in the hard work and aimed to do my best.”
As a social sciences student, he had never been particularly ambitious academically. However, Bangkit challenged him to push himself beyond his comfort zone.
“One day, I have to study for 18-20 hours. It helped me to develop resilience and perseverance. I learned to adapt to challenging situations and persevere through adversity.”

“Don’t Try to be the Best; Be the One Who Stands Out!”

After completing Bangkit, Dendi felt confident applying his newfound machine learning, AI, and data science skills in job interviews. He was no longer afraid to speak up and showcase his expertise. More importantly, Bangkit transformed Dendi’s approach to learning.

Not long after graduating from Unpad, he attended the Dicoding Jobs Fair, where he found a job opening at Bank Mandiri that matched his expertise in economics. During the final interview, his Bangkit experience was a key topic of discussion. The interviewers were impressed by what he had learned and the skills he had acquired.
“Landing that job wouldn’t have been possible without Bangkit. The skills and confidence I gained were game-changers.”
In his current role as a Credit Analyst at Bank Mandiri, Dendi applies the skills he learned at Bangkit daily. While his work does not directly involve programming in Python, the problem-solving and analytical skills he developed during the program have proven invaluable.

Dendi’s journey from an economics student with limited tech experience to becoming a full-timer at Bank Mandiri proves the transformative power of Bangkit. His story inspires all who seek to embrace change and pursue their dreams in the digital age.

When asked about tips for Economics students to excel in today’s industry, Dendi said to embrace uncertainty and take risks.
“Just like me, don’t let limited tech knowledge be a barrier. I stepped outside my comfort zone, embraced the unknown, and unlocked a passion for technology I never knew existed.”
Persevering in the face of failure, Dendi faced numerous setbacks but never gave up. He learned from his mistakes, adapted his approach, and kept pushing forward. His resilience and determination ultimately led him to success.
“I also didn’t try to learn everything at once. I started with the basics, broke down complex tasks into smaller steps, and gradually built my skills and knowledge. This approach allowed me to overcome challenges and make steady progress.”
Lastly, be proactive and take ownership. Dendi didn’t wait for opportunities to come to him. He actively sought out new challenges, took initiative, and took ownership of his learning. This proactive mindset helped him stand out and make the most of his Bangkit experience.
“Don't be afraid to be unique. In a world where everyone is trying to be the best, be the one who stands out!”
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