GoDentist: Your Gateway to Healthier Teeth and Sweeter Smiles

A Story of GoDentist, One of the Top 20 Product-Based Capstone Projects in Bangkit 2023 Batch 1
“While good brushing habits are key to healthy teeth, most Indonesians aren’t brushing right. Only 2,8 % of the population brushed their teeth correctly.” – Ratu Mirah Afifah, Head of Professional Marketing Personal Care at Unilever Indonesia
Indonesia faces a silent epidemic—a staggering 88% of the population suffers from dental cavities, with a mere 2,8% brushing their teeth correctly. As Ratu Mirah Afifah revealed in 2023, this alarming lack of awareness translates into infrequent dental visits, with 95,5% of Indonesians admitting to not seeing a dentist in a year.

Compounding this issue is the nation’s rising sugar consumption, projected to increase by 9% by the end of 2023 compared to 2019 (Kompas, 2023). These statistics paint a worrying picture of dental neglect in Indonesia. With this double threat to oral health, GoDentist emerges as a solution to bridge this gap.

By leveraging technology and fostering collaboration as Bangkit students, GoDentist empowers Indonesians to take control of their oral health, paving the way for a brighter, healthier smile for all. How was GoDentist’s journey in developing the application? Let’s read the story!

Developing Innovation for Indonesia’s Dental Health

The idea of GoDentist comes from six visionary Bangkit students. They are Abdul Malik Shodiqin from Universitas Hasanuddin; Annisaseptriyana from Universitas Terbuka; Rifaz Muhammad Sukma from Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani; Rahadian Fajar Nugroho from Universitas Diponegoro; Kholil Haq Alim Hakim from Universitas Negeri Makassar; and Farhan Rahman from Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang.

GoDentist’s journey began as a Capstone Project and was sparked by a simple observation: many people in Indonesia lack access to quality dental care. This often leads to neglected oral health, resulting in pain, discomfort, and even long-term health issues. Determined to make a difference, GoDentist created a platform that could revolutionize the way people seek and receive dental care.

Initially named “Peri Gigi,” the project reflected the founders’ playful approach to a serious issue. However, as they delved deeper into intellectual property (HAKI), they realized the need for a more distinctive name. After careful consideration and a collaborative voting process, GoDentist was born.

The name GoDentist encapsulates the team’s vision. The “Go” signifies the forward-thinking nature of the app, while “Dentist” highlights its core purpose to empower dentists and connect them with patients. GoDentist’s mission is twofold: Improve oral health awareness and increase access to dental care. The app provides a range of features, including:
  • TeleDentistry Consultations: Patients can connect with qualified dentists for virtual consultations, eliminating the need for in-person visits for minor issues.
  • AI-Powered Diagnosis: Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, GoDentist assists in the early diagnosis of dental problems, enabling timely treatment and prevention.
  • Convenient Appointment Booking: Patients can seamlessly book appointments at nearby dental clinics, reducing the hassle of scheduling and streamlining the treatment process.
“GoDentist’s tagline, ‘Healthier Teeth, Sweeter Smile,’ perfectly captures the essence of the app’s impact by promoting oral health and facilitating access to dental care,” said Abdul Malik Shodiqin, CEO of GoDentist.

Standing Out From the Crowd as a Teledentistry App

As GoDentist grows, Abdul remains committed to transforming Indonesia’s dental landscape. With an innovative approach and unwavering dedication, GoDentist is poised to become a household name, synonymous with healthier teeth for all.

In the bustling world of telemedicine, GoDentist offers a unique value proposition that sets it apart from its competitors. While other apps focus on general healthcare, GoDentist has carved a niche in dentistry, recognizing the specific needs and challenges patients and dentists face.
“GoDentist’s differentiation lies in its comprehensive approach to dental care, seamlessly integrating AI-powered diagnosis, teleconsultation, and appointment booking into a user-friendly platform,” Abdul emphasized.
This holistic approach addresses the core issues that often hinder timely and effective dental care, including diagnosis features. This empowers patients to take control of their oral health. The app can identify potential dental problems early on by utilizing advanced algorithms, providing users with valuable insights, and encouraging proactive treatment.

Moreover, there’s teleconsultation that bridges the gap between patients and dentists, eliminating the need for unnecessary in-person visits. Patients can connect with qualified dentists for virtual consultations, seeking expert advice and guidance from the comfort of their homes.

Lastly, GoDentist streamlines the appointment booking process, making it easy for patients to schedule dental visits at nearby clinics. This eliminates the hassle of phone calls or website searches, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

It is packed with features and user flow, and GoDentist is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, guiding patients through each step seamlessly. By empowering patients to take charge of their oral health and providing dentists with a platform to reach a wider audience, GoDentist is revolutionizing how dental care is delivered in Indonesia.

Enhancing Dentists and Patients’ Experience with AI

In healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing how medical services are delivered and experienced. GoDentist has embraced AI’s capabilities to enhance the experience for patients and dentists.

GoDentist's initial focus was empowering patients with AI-powered diagnosis, enabling them to gain early insights into their oral health and encouraging proactive treatment. This patient-centric approach has proven invaluable in raising awareness and promoting timely interventions.

As GoDentist’s reach expanded, the team recognized the potential of AI to further enhance the PWA (Progressive Web App) for dentists. Integrating AI into the dentist’s workflow, GoDentist has streamlined processes and provided valuable tools to support their practice.
“GoDentist implemented Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for verifying dentist credentials. This feature swiftly scans and validates Surat Tanda Registrasi (STR) documents, ensuring that only licensed dentists are part of the GoDentist ecosystem,” said Abdul.
The OCR technology streamlines the verification process and reduces the need for manual document review, freeing up valuable human resources. This resource optimization allows GoDentist to focus on its core mission of improving oral healthcare delivery.

GoDentist's commitment to collaboration extends beyond its internal team. The platform has established partnerships with key stakeholders in the dental field, including hospitals, universities, and subject matter experts.

One notable partnership is with RSGM Unjani in Bandung. This collaboration has facilitated access to crucial data sets, enabling GoDentist to refine its AI algorithms and enhance its diagnostic capabilities. Furthermore, GoDentist has engaged with dentists from FKG Universitas Hasanudin in Makassar to gain insights into the ethical considerations in the dental field.

This engagement has ensured that GoDentist's digital solutions adhere to the profession's highest ethical standards. By empowering both patients and dentists, GoDentist is shaping the future of oral healthcare in Indonesia, making it more accessible, efficient, and ethical.

Navigating Challenges with a Growth Mindset

The journey of GoDentist, a pioneering teledentistry platform, has been marked not only by innovation but also by the resilience of its founders in the face of challenges. As they navigated the complexities of building a startup, their growth mindset and unwavering determination have been instrumental in shaping GoDentist’s success.

One of the early challenges GoDentist faced was the need for more specific entrepreneurial training within the Bangkit program. While their engineering backgrounds provided a solid foundation, the founders recognized the need for management, business, and legal expertise in running a startup.

Undeterred, they embraced a growth mindset, seeking knowledge and experiences beyond their immediate field. They leveraged the soft skill training provided by Bangkit, viewing it as an opportunity to acquire essential skills for navigating the startup landscape.

Another significant challenge was the founders’ dual roles as undergraduate students and startup executives. The demands of academia and the responsibilities of leading a growing business require careful time management and unwavering commitment. They recognized that their education and the growth of GoDentist were crucial for long-term success.

With a vision to become a leading healthcare platform, GoDentist recognized the potential to expand beyond its initial focus on dentistry. They aimed to develop an electronic health record aligned with Permenkes No. 24 Tahun 2022 for a broader range of medical providers, including hospitals and clinics.

As GoDentist continues to expand its reach, it is poised to become the go-to platform for dental care, transforming the lives of individuals and shaping the future of dentistry in Indonesia.


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