Discovering a Whole New World as a Data Analyst

Among ways to discover our career path, learning at school or university is the most common way to kick it off. However, along the way, we often find new experiences that enrich our perspectives about available job opportunities. For Fatiha Agyal Shahwiya (23), Bangkit has broadened her horizon.

From an astronomy student to a data analyst, how did Fatiha make it happen? Let's read her story further.

Astronomy & Technology: Two Fields that Draw Fatiha's Attention

Fatiha Agyal Shahwiya–or she used to be called Fatiha–is a fresh graduate from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Back then astronomy was her favorite study since high school when she participated in the Science Olympiad and was mesmerized by the celestial objects. So, no wonder in university, she took astronomy and delved into the sun, energy, and black holes as her daily topics.

In her sophomore year, Fatiha was mesmerized by how studying celestial objects relates so much to technology. For instance, in the past, visualizing black holes was almost unimaginable. These days it has become possible with the use of big data processing.

Therefore, to better equip herself in the recent study of astronomy, Fatiha realizes that she has to keep up by learning tech. Luckily, she got her basic computation and programming course and Python, two subjects mandatory to all ITB students regardless of the major.

When she learned more about Machine Learning, she learned about Bangkit and its graduates. After browsing a lot of information about Bangkit on social media, she was sure that the Machine Learning path matched her needs. After trying her luck by applying to the program, she was accepted as part of 3,100 cohorts selected from among 64.000+ applicants in 2022.

Bangkit Inspires Fatiha Become Data Analyst

Before joining Bangkit, Fatiha had set the goal of achieving TensorFlow certification. Once she's in, she keeps the goal alive by doing her best each time. When she felt overwhelmed, she would suggest to herself, "There is a failure in between. If I delay what I should do, it also affects the success period."

Although the 900 learning hours seemed difficult, she claims that Bangkit drives her to a new learning atmosphere where she can freely be herself. Her favorite part is every Q&A session and weekly consultations. Not only affirming her understanding of the topics, but those parts of the synchronous learning also allowed her to listen to additional insights from other participants' questions.

Another thing she highlighted is the Company-based Capstone Project from which she gained many insights. At that time, Fatiha and her team worked together to solve a hotel ranking recommendations quest from Traveloka. There she learned how to solve a business problem by implementing data science known as Bangkit. She also learned how to manage people and resources during teamwork. The result? Their NextHotel project reached the "Best Team" position at the end of the program.

The learning-by-doing experience during her Capstone motivates her to develop a personal self-development project on Machine Learning. She is still practicing her skills to utilize image recognition with minimal human error in trash management.

Fatiha’s Life after Bangkit

Upon graduating from Bangkit, Fatiha successfully obtained TensorFlow Certification, a dream she had held before joining this program.
“Being Google-certified helps me in my career. It motivates me to develop my skills and expertise further. In the future, I want to take more certifications in Machine Learning.”
Overall Fatiha's portfolio has soared high after joining Bangkit. She found and built interest in Machine Learning, got certified, and received several job offers.

She decided to join Neurosensum–a multinational start-up in the Neuroscience and AI sector with a critical focus on understanding consumers' subconscious responses using cutting-edge tools like EEG, Virtual Reality, Eye Tracking, Reaction Time based applications, Facial Coding, and so on.

As a Market Researcher, she is responsible for utilizing data analysts in almost all aspects of her work. She must apply her data analysis knowledge to study customers' preferences, per the client's request. She manages the end-to-end process of dealing with clients, starting from attaining the project, collaborating with the team, analyzing the data, and creating the final report. Fatiha is passionate about the job and is determined to deepen her skill in this field.

To close the interview session, Fatiha had some concluding remarks to share with all incoming Cohorts of 2023.
“Bangkit is a catalyst to my learning and working journeys. I feel more confident with my tech and soft skills when applying for jobs. As a result, my career orientation and readiness are much improved!”
Fatiha adds that she felt blessed that her experiences and certificates from Bangkit took her to many job interviews in Data Science. She is so happy that Bangkit helped her to find her career path today as a data analyst. "So, for new students, let's learn and unveil your career path by learning in Bangkit," she said.


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