Fighting to be a Competitive Data Scientist Talent by Joining Bangkit

Amanda Rozi Kurnia (22) felt grateful for her supportive parents that allowed her to select her career path. Since Senior High School, she has been fond of Mathematics and Statistics, so she took the courage to study Informatics Engineering at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). She really wanted to be a Data Scientist.

However, entering her sophomore year in university, she began questioning her dream career. The academic competition among her peers was so intense that she felt overwhelmed and unable to keep up. It was a background story until she met Bangkit. Through the program, she boosted her performance and obtained her TensorFlow certification, which would later help her kickstart her first career!

All About Data Scientist Role for Amanda

Her love for Mathematics and Statistics prepared Amanda to be a Data Scientist. The detail-oriented character suits that dream and encourages her to research data-related work. University life even boosted her interest in being a reliable Data Scientist.

"Data Scientist is a part of three scientific fields: Mathematics, Statistics, and Business. The last feature especially drives me to be a creative person. Moreover, this aligns with my interest in taking Informatics Engineering major where business and informatics come together."

However, Amanda's enthusiasm for pursuing the Data Scientist role once faded away. Why so? On campus, she had a handful of highly performing friends. Amanda's so amazed they could throw critical questions and thoughts during the lecture. They also seem capable of submitting challenging assignments without any significant difficulties. No wonder Amanda's friends managed to achieve a satisfactory GPA.

The competitiveness among her college mates is considered tight; thus, she often felt she couldn't raise her bar to keep up. So, how did she overcome it?
“I thought I should participate in an extensive learning program like Bangkit. I believe that fellows there would uplift my insights through group discussions. Besides, I knew the fact that the mentor and facilitator were industry professionals with years of experience who could elaborate more on the learning materials.”

Amanda’s Hope for Bangkit

Among three learning path options in Bangkit, Amanda registered herself in Machine Learning, closer to her dream as a Data Scientist.

Upon joining her Bangkit classes, the demo section was utterly captivating as the instructors showed students some particular technical aspects of ML, especially in generating the coding.

After the end of classes or ILT sessions, the Capstone Project took place. She really enjoyed working alongside team members from different learning paths. "Among many, this final project really trained me in communication skills," said Amanda.

Indeed, her team was the only one involved in IoT that handed out sensory instruments for remote control. Their produced app was called "HydroMon," which aims to assist hydroponic farmers in remotely nurturing their plants, especially in terms of acidity and nutrient adequacy.

In this Company-based Capstone Project under Indosat Ooredoo's guidance, Amanda was entrusted to be a Machine Learning Engineer. In addition, she was also given responsibility as a scrum master who commanded other member teams to attend daily meetings to report project progress.
“Our mentors are skillful in guiding us about IoT. Bangkit also facilitates the tools needed for the project. So helpful!”
With all this experience, Amanda's desire to be a Data Scientist grew stronger daily. She said that during the Capstone Project, some skills she learned surrounding the data collection process could be helpful, for example, for her upcoming thesis or any other data-processing projects.

After Bangkit, What's Next?

Before she graduated from Bangkit in 2022, she took an exam to gain TensorFlow Developer certification. Among the 5 (five) exam questions, she said that Multivariate Time Series Analysis was very challenging. The time management skills learned during soft skill sessions were beneficial in that situation. Not only did it save her from trouble, but she could also nail the exam well and get a TensorFlow certification.
“Graduating from Bangkit and getting TFD certification strongly encouraged me to apply to an internship in the relevant field. Getting closer to my dream, I feel blessed to have been offered a Data Scientist role in Telkom Indonesia.”
Besides enrolling in the internship, Amanda is up for creating a predictable model for identifying data trends and patterns, such as in e-commerce, finance, or other business-related fields. As a result, the user could cope with problems, make decisions, and realize a better strategy to compete with the competitors.

To conclude her interview, Amanda reflects on her experience as a woman pursuing her way in the IT path. She believes that there's no limitation to constructing that dream forward to the Bangkit female cohort, she stresses.

"Don't be afraid to put yourself forward. We deserve to thrive in the tech sector as well."

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