Discovering Multi-Platform Application for Grasping Self-Improvement

Starting to have an interest in early adolescence turns out to be a common fact. However, the challenging part toward lack of excitement would reconstruct someone’s intention in achieving the goals. How about Yulius, a 22-year-old boy from Tangerang?

Psychology says that early adolescence refers to the self-exploration phase, yet they tend to have an unstable mood. Therefore, simple things could switch from positive to negative or vice versa. This issue couldn’t relate to the youngest of three siblings, as he has been interested in technology since junior high school. He even wanted to generate a multi-platform application which led him to grasp self-improvement until today.

Recently, Yulius underwent an internship in PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya (Alfamart) as an IT Business Integration. How was his story to get the chance? Let’s dive in!

How Did the Mobile Development Learning Path in Bangkit Culminate Yulius as a Cohort?

No wonder that numerical or logical subjects became Yulius’ favorite at school. His interest in technology drove him to take Informatics Engineering at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Salatiga. At this education level, he invigorated his self-motivation to fulfill the courses as best as he could. All are rooted in his intention to generate a multi-platform application.

In the sixth semester, his university had a mobile application programming course. Although he had a satisfactory GPA so far, he felt that he ought to boost his knowledge toward this matter as it relates to his intention.

Yulius decided to participate in Bangkit 2022 as a Cohort that took the Mobile Development (Android) path without much consideration. He indeed felt grateful for the chance. However, he later discovered that encountering two roles simultaneously wasn’t as easy as he had imagined. One schedule and another collided, leading to performance degradation.

While participating in Bangkit, Yulius was an active student with many assignments. Moreover, he enrolled for lecturer assistance. How could he balance his priority amidst university life and the learning process in Bangkit?
“My university used Java for the programming language, while Bangkit was Kotlin. I tried to negotiate with my lecturer whether I was allowed to finish my final assignment by utilizing the same framework as the learning program I was in. Fortunately, there was a yes,” Yulius said.

Yulius’ Priceless Experience while Joining Bangkit

Almost a year passed, and Yulius still remembers his favorite ILT session. He states that the communication skills class with Ms. Pauline left a notable impression. Why was that?
“I lack communication skills where I couldn’t speak fluently to the public. Eventually, my confidence rose after joining Bangkit. At that time, Ms. Pauline enjoyably delivered the material. She also encouraged me and other cohorts to be active in the class.”
Gaining headway for communication skills, enthusiasm is entrenched in this boy, who is interested in continuous learning until the capstone project has come. Together with his team, he developed an application called Waras.

Waras refers to a medical application that focuses on Covid-19 maintenance. However, the main feature plays on Covid-19’s variant identification. How to use Waras?

The users are allowed to input their symptoms. Besides what variant they suffered from, the result would display the action recommendations and suggest how long someone should self-quarantine in their home.

Running on the capstone project was a memorable experience that Yulius noticed. He faced a bunch of hard times in collecting the data. On the other hand, he claims it could train him to expand his knowledge of Android, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing.

Learning some topics simultaneously was indeed a burdensome part for Yulius. Let alone he ought to take an exam to gain AAD certification just after the capstone project has ended. No wonder he had a moment to give up. However, how could he pass the exam and even graduate with distinction?
“I’m going to share with you the tips for passing the exam. First, exam preparation really matters. You should take this into serious consideration. Second, the time management class could support you in gaining certification,” Yulius elaborated.

Continue to Boost Self-Value after Graduating from Bangkit

Graduating with distinction pointed out developing Yulius’s self-value. Just after becoming a Bangkit alumnus, he interned at PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya (Alfamart). This one couldn’t happen instantly, as he had a series of preparations before.

Alfamart has a partnership with Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana in the form of a guest lecturer for the Kapita Selekta course. Therefore, it’s also an opportunity to intern there through technical and psycho tests.

Along with ten other students with that chance, Yulius was eligible to pass for only taking the psycho test. How come? Eventually, his final assignment in the Kapita Selekta course impressed the judges from Alfamart. At that point, he created an application using Python.
“As an intern at Alfamart that is responsible for Business Intelligence, I feel a lack of confidence in communication skills. However, I could overcome this issue after joining Bangkit. Other things that I want to highlight are critical thinking and time management. It helps me a lot. Move to hard skills, Bangkit provides me with a clear concept to build logic in learning any coding process,” Yulius explained.

Yulius’ Notes for Bangkit 2023 Cohort

“Hi, congratulations on being accepted as the Bangkit 2023 Cohort! Stay enthusiastic despite facing obstacles since it’s a golden opportunity to grow. You could also benefit from job fairs and extensive relationships for career sustainability,” Yulius closed the interview.


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