Limitation is a Myth: A Journey to Achieve the Dream as a Back-End Engineer

How do you see an obstacle to achieving your dreams? Instead of seeing it as a reason to give up, Teddy Latief Miftahur Rizqi (21) from Banyuwangi did the opposite. Despite his limited mobility, he is very motivated to boost his self-competence.

Having a hobby of playing games, Teddy reflects it as a way to find interest in technology. He paved the way to tech by studying Informatics Engineering at the Politeknik Negeri Banyuwangi. Gradually, he had a dream of becoming a Back-End Engineer. He will do whatever he can to improve his performance through Bangkit for things he thought impossible.

Bangkit Trains Teddy to Be Mindful

"Why should I?" is a question Teddy often asks himself about the condition he has experienced since childhood, moreover, when he started using a wheelchair to support daily mobility in middle school.

"How nice my friends can move freely," he thought.

However, the chronic self-esteem doesn't linger in him for long since he realizes there may be people who are not so lucky to have a supportive family.

"To maintain my spirits, I watched sports matches and stand-up comedy," Teddy explained firmly.

In addition to entertaining himself with his favorite shows, the first of two siblings wants to be in the technology sector to prove that everyone has their own path to success.

He went through a routine at his university as an Informatics Engineering student. He is grateful that the place where he studies provides disabled-friendly infrastructure, such as inclined stairs, to make it easier for him to move around with a wheelchair.

Teddy proved his seriousness in the technology sector by undergoing lectures wholeheartedly. No wonder he gained satisfactory grades. He extended his learning hours by attending training and reading related references. In the sixth semester, when the college suggested he join Bangkit, he found a new learning model that was similarly fun.
“Mentors and fellows at Bangkit opened my perspective that there is so much to learn when we have an interest. When I managed to understand the material, there was a certain satisfaction that indicated I could go little by little to realize my dream of becoming a Back-End Engineer,” Teddy said brightly.
Although every session is so much looked forward to by Teddy, he considers soft skills to be material that gives its own impression. The adaptability and time management insights he got from here aren't as simple as he thought. "It's handy for career preparation!" he exclaimed.

Learn Seriously about Cloud Computing to Make Your Dreams Come True

Could someone with mobility limitations have a chance of success? Teddy doubted his abilities long ago when he wanted to explore the Business Management sector. Nevertheless, finally, he found that technology was the right path to choose. Why so? He thought there was an opportunity for him to work remotely in the future.

The role that Teddy wanted to wrestle with was Back-End Engineer. Undoubtedly, he took the cloud computing path at Bangkit, which matched his needs. Although he was so excited, did everything go smoothly?

Teddy revealed that Cloud Computing is something he had just learned. As a result, it takes more time to understand the material. How did he overcome this obstacle to stay caught up with his fellows at Bangkit?

"I can't stand still when I don't understand a material. To cope with that, I invited my Bangkit fellows on Discord to form a study group with a regular discussion agenda," Teddy said.

Teddy's impact was significant as he had an ahead-of-schedule learning status or exceeded the weekly target that had to be completed. Forbye, he never missed every session, so it affected the entirely satisfactory quiz scores.

In addition to self-motivation, Teddy revealed that the support from his parents, who freed him to fight for something, can be transformed into a flame of passion that is difficult to extinguish.

"My parents are chili farmers with uncertain income. Even so, I still had the opportunity to get an education in college. They are trying to give the best for me. Likewise, with me through dreams that I can realize for them," Teddy shouted.

Optimism in Stepping into a Career as a Back-End Engineer

According to Teddy, Back-End engineering is a promising profession now that it's needed in many technology sectors. It then fostered his optimism in pursuing a career despite his limitations. Not surprisingly, he also figured out the performance through the Capstone Project as a simulation in the professional world later.

Apart from being a Cloud Engineer related to the back end, he plays a role in helping the team coordinate to avoid miscommunication. What products did he and his team create?

Teddy and his team are creating a product called Greenix, which serves to determine the carbon levels produced by vehicles every kilometer. They are concerned about the green environment and continuously work focused on their respective tasks.
“Thank you, Bangkit! One word I want to say is “Magnificent!” Why so? This learning program encouraged me to be more confident in my technology skills, which stimulated me to dare to accept onsite job offers later. Everyone has the same right to grow, doesn’t it?”
Teddy left a message for the Bangkit 2023 Cohort in the last interview session. He advised them to keep pushing even though their leisure time is lessened. Furthermore, you're on the right track when fighting for something impossible; there is always a way from a struggle.

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