Adapting in Real Work Situations by Enhancing Self-Competence

Aulia Annisa (22) once dreamed of being a doctor like most other children. She thought this profession could make a meaningful contribution to public well-being. As time went by, she discovered another option for what she would be. How about becoming someone engaged in data since it's a common deal in daily life?

She couldn't go wrong with the decision as data-related things suit her best. Analytical thinking that became essential to this matter also matches her skill. However, she only thought of a tech career after participating in Bangkit.

How was her progress in transferring the knowledge into her internship as a Data Scientist in Manulife? Let's dive in!

Recognizing Machine Learning Tools on Campus

Coming from South Tangerang, Aulia moved to Malang to earn a Bachelor of Statistics (B.Sc) at Universitas Brawijaya. Her courses dragged her into learning pleasure that four years didn't feel like it was coming to an end.

During her studies, she was familiar with related tools, such as SPSS, SAS, R, and Power BI. She said that the learning process she went through could increase her computing skills since she became more aware of the highlights of each for specific purposes.

"If you can't explain something in a language that everyone easily understands, then you don't understand the whole thing," Aulia revealed about the advice from her lecturer, who she always holds fast regarding performance in data processing.

Besides, Aulia admitted that implementing the advice requires further analytical thinking as it takes work. Why so?

Understanding patterns and problem-solving play an essential role in what Aulia strives for. Once she deals with this, delivering technical language for practical use through these skills would be handy.

Moreover, her progress showed her insight that her tools correlated with Machine Learning. In other words, it's a Statistics derivative. From this beginning, her interest grew more robust, leading her to participate in Bangkit.

Clarifying Career Path in Tech through Bangkit

The sixth of seven children became a cohort in the sixth semester, motivated to enhance self-competence. When she learned about this program, she acknowledged that the career path in tech came to mind. Previously, she still didn't know the application of data processing in the real world.

Her spirit was well maintained during Bangkit since she looked forward to every session, let alone meeting friends on fellow paths that she noticed as memorable moments. "Capstone Project created a notable impression too for me as working on our product 'Yourney' could train my soft skills," she added.

Together with team members from other paths, Aulia developed 'Yourney' as a trip advisor service that predicts users' travel destination interests based on their social media. This girl initiated the brand name, then what other role did she have?

"I craved to explore while working on the capstone project, so I assumed several roles, such as Secretary, Business Plans Designer, Public Relations, Machine Learning Division, and Vice President. Thanks to good cooperation, our team got into the top 15!"

In addition to conquering communication problems to create pleasing cooperation, Aulia stated that she needed to struggle with time management while still an active student. Online learning from home involved her doing other activities that she couldn't deny.

On the other hand, the exam certification period became a turning point for Aulia to raise her spirits again. Why so? It's simply related to her motivation to join Bangkit. "Self-competence could be proven through real things. Don't I need to get a TensorFlow Developer certificate?"

While doing the questions test about the time series, she faced a significant obstacle where she spent three-quarters of the total exam. After trying to calm down while praying, she rediscovered her confidence since she had prepared various things, such as tools, a supportive environment, maintaining body condition, and regularly practicing the modules.

Taking Other Responsibilities while Doing Thesis Writing

The girl with a hobby of drawing knew very well that the hustle and bustle of being a final student struggling with thesis writing could take a lot of time. However, after graduating from Bangkit, Aulia grew more eager to continue building on self-competence.

While drowning in thesis writing, Aulia interned as a Data Scientist at Manulife. She disclosed that reducing sleep hours was one of the risks she had to face. She became a mentor in Bangkit with a schedule that tends to be in the afternoon until night.

"I brought my personal laptop to my office. During my lunch break, I opened it to work on my thesis or fulfill obligations in Bangkit," Aulia explained. She added that higher mobility is another challenge in carrying out some of these roles. Why so?

Aulia interned at the Manulife branch office of Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta, while her campus was in a different city. She must go to Malang within a certain period to take care of her thesis. The work-from-home policy helps her to overcome these routines that collide with each other then.

Otherwise, an unforgettable internship experience discouraged Aulia from giving up. She examines that Manulife treated her like a full-time employee as her work could impact the company, especially about working on a project.
"Bangkit's adaptability and communication skills are practical for my role at Manulife. For instance, I'm not used to using tools other than SAS, but I could master Azure in my office without a long time."
The impact of Bangkit that Aulia felt in real work situations brought her back to the experience of that time. She hopes for Bangkit 2023 Cohort to follow in her footsteps, such as expanding connections and learning from all the courses provided.
"Python and professional summary. I feel lucky to obtain these courses from Bangkit! They are the key to me getting an internship opportunity at Manulife!" Aulia concluded.
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