Career in Tech Sector for Anyone: An Endeavour Movement from Central Sulawesi

For someone who lives in a small town such as Poso, Central Sulawesi, studying and establishing a tech career is not a promising thing to strive for. Mohammad Arafat Maku (23) once thought of this matter. After graduating from high school, he wanted to work anywhere around his hometown. However, a conversation with a friend suddenly changed his plans.

At Universitas Tadulako, he studied Information Technology then. It was not the regret Arafat felt when he completed each course. "Why am I just chasing grades and not studying hard to prepare for a career?" he thought. As a result, he attended training sessions outside the campus.

Arafat enhanced his self-worth through training sessions. Another thing that was being considered was how he would have a tech career while still staying in his hometown. Was there any opportunity? Bangkit represents hope to him.

Deepening Mobile Development to Kick-Start His Career

Arafat concluded that taking specialization is handy for competing in real work situations. It then stimulated him to deepen Mobile Development. While involved in college activities, he earnestly accomplished additional courses through other learning models.

The learning process went smoothly since he was highly motivated. Nevertheless, the hurdle came when he worked on the final project to gain certification. He could not earn it due to inadequate laptop specifications.

"I was disappointed, for sure, at that time. Imagine being excited about something but can't make it happen."

Reluctantly, Arafat left the training while hoping for another chance. The other free one still ignited his spirit to catch up with what he identified as a restart moment.

Striving for Mobile Development in Bangkit

You can imagine Arafat's keenness when he discovered Bangkit. A program led by giant tech companies convinced him to present a good performance. Still on the same path, he registered for the Mobile Development (Android).

Arafat's desire was again constrained by laptop specifications that needed to meet the criteria. For some people, buying gadgets is not a serious thing. However, Arafat had difficulty seeing his mother struggle to raise him alone.

As the youngest child, he didn't want to burden his siblings, let alone his mother. Besides, the tough woman could see the sincerity in her son. Without hesitation, she used her savings to buy her son a laptop. What happened next?

Arafat committed to giving the best performance in the program to make his mother proud. The challenging factors regarding time management and Kuliah Kerja Nyata had overwhelmed him, but he could adapt to these conditions.

Another thing Arafat needed to adapt to was learning English, which was both demanding and fun. He admitted it was tricky but can get around this by enabling video subtitles. Gradually, he got used to it and could understand without using these features. "My hobby of playing games pretty much contributed to my vocabulary level," Arafat explained.

Having conquered it, he encouraged Arafat to move further by preparing himself for the Capstone Project. He completed his Mobile Development (Android) course to immediately focus on a single task.

The Capstone Project that Arafat and his team worked on was Coral ID. It is an application that can detect corals and how to cultivate them. Moreover, this invention was created to educate people about this water plant since it is similar to trees on land that produce oxygen.

After completing this project, Arafat discovered the urgency of putting the knowledge he gained from Bangkit into practice in real work situations. Through the Kampus Merdeka internship program, he decided to go to Yogyakarta to carry out these activities.

"With my mother's and siblings' blessings, I left my hometown to achieve my dream as a reliable digital talent. At Lumintu Logic, I'm responsible as a Front-End Developer," Arafat said.

Before completing a six-month internship at Lumintu Logic, Arafat also assumed the responsibility as a teaching assistant for the Mobile Programming course at his campus online. "I'm ready to work under pressure," he said emphatically on why he busied himself in such a way.

How Arafat Kick-Start the Career as a Mobile Engineer

Through the hands-on experiences, Arafat prepared to start a career before graduating from college. In addition, he found a career plan in the sector he wanted to pursue. "For this entire year, I want to explore Mobile Development. Deep dive into Flutter is the next thing to do," Arafat informed.

He didn't deny that MVP and Idea Generation insights from Bangkit inspired him the most. This material can stimulate his "why" and train his critical thinking in starting an appropriate step for every self-development. As a Bangkit Advisor, he told his cohort the same thing due to his astonishment.

The career plan worked as it must be. Arafat is a Mobile Engineer at DOKU, Indonesia's first electronic payment and risk management service provider. Frankly, he revealed that Bangkit had a very significant impact on his milestone.
“Hard and soft skills material from Bangkit helped me get internship opportunities at Lumintu Logic and Telkom. Furthermore, the process of being accepted at Doku relates to this program as it meets industry standards!” Arafat declared firmly.
As a mobile engineer, Arafat develops DOKU products using a project-based system. He disclosed that this position is quite challenging as it requires understanding code at a fast pace. Anyhow, after recalling Bangkit material, the vigorous part was overcome.
“The technical aspect of Bangkit that helped my work is the “Android Expert” which consists of Modularization and Clean Architecture. Can I flashback? The live coding test during my recruitment process went seamlessly, thanks to this program. Soft skills? Of course, it is practical! I love professional communication class where I learned more about establishing teamwork.”
Good teamwork is indeed essential in a project. Arafat strongly agreed with this, especially with his domicile from outside the island; he can work remotely and occasionally goes to the office if there is any particular urgency. "Achieving the dream of becoming a digital talent without leaving your mother at home? How grateful I am!"

After expressing his emotion that day, Arafat closed the interview session with a message he addressed for the Bangkit 2023 Cohort. He concluded, "Self-confidence takes salient output for fresh graduates in their careers. When you don't have one, join Bangkit to prove for yourself about this impactful program!"

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