No Matter How Small, Every Step Counts

A Story of Rizky Mahardika Hariyanto, Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Graduate from Informatics Engineering, Universitas Padjadjaran

It takes more than just a passion to pursue our dream. We must roll up our sleeves and put our hard work and determination forward to achieve our goal. Rizky Mahardika Hariyanto (20) agrees with this statement. He knew he needed to grind hard to become a reliable tech talent.

Only relying upon understanding developed in formal education wasn’t enough for Rizky. For this reason, he pinned his hopes on Bangkit. Wishing to be able to kickstart his tech career shortly, Rizky gave the best when he became Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Cohort.

How was Rizky’s learning journey in Bangkit? Let’s read his whole story!

Rizky’s Little Step Started from His School’s Library

Everyone is raised with different values by their parents. For Rizky’s parents, it’s essential for them to see their son grow into a decisive and disciplined person. Moreover, this young man, who was born and raised in Tangerang, is expected by his parents to be a successful individual.

As the firstborn in the family, Rizky perceives his parents’ hope as motivation that keeps him going. He is committed to being a person who always strives for his dream with dedication, significantly when, one day, his interest in the world of technology grew.

His passion for tech started when he was a student at a boarding school in Sukabumi. The school policy didn’t allow Rizky to bring his gadget to school. Therefore, all he could do to spend his lunch break was stay at the library.

As he explored many books in the library, Rizky found a book about Pascal programming language and was captivated by it. After perusing the book, his curiosity for tech grew. He desired to dive deeper into tech and aspired to, one day, create an app that could impact many people.

For that reason, after Rizky graduated from high school, he went to Universitas Padjadjaran, majoring in Informatics Engineering. Determined to be a future tech talent, he studied hard and even became a Teaching Assistant in lectures such as Object-Oriented Programming and Software Engineering.

Already Familiar with Bangkit

As an Informatics Engineering student at one of Bangkit's partner universities, this career readiness program is something that Rizky is already familiar with. Many of his seniors took part in this program, and Rizky planned to participate one day.

Things that motivated him to sign up for this program was he knew that a future tech talent needs more than just knowledge obtained from formal education. In Rizky’s opinion, a digital talent needs to equip himself with more relevant skills acquired from training programs outside campus. Therefore, he was determined to join Bangkit because he hoped this program could be his stepping stone to his professional career.

Finally, Rizky became one of Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 cohorts in the Mobile Development (Android) path. When asked about his learning experience in Bangkit, he admitted that overall, what he went through was quite pleasant. However, he had to encounter difficulty in managing his time. Without semester credit conversion, it was challenging for Rizky to balance his time in Bangkit and on campus.

Nevertheless, as his parents wished, he perceived the challenge in Bangkit as an opportunity to grow as a more disciplined person. Getting used to Bangkit’s learning environment transformed Rizky into a firm and well-adapted person.

When Rizky Transformed from Zero to Hero

Already becoming a well-adapted person made Rizky enjoy his process in Bangkit when he had to team up with his peers from a cross-learning path to work on the final project called the capstone project. In this activity, he could make new friends, collaborate with people from different backgrounds, implement his tech skills, and get a holistic view of tech experts' working environment.
“Before Bangkit, I had zero exposure to insights into Mobile Development (Android). Then, this program broadened my horizons and familiarized me with this operating system. Finally, knowledge about Android acquired from Bangkit helped me work on an Android-based project on campus. Bangkit transformed me from zero to hero.”
It was an achievement for Rizky to successfully graduate from Bangkit after going through more than 900 hours of learning. A learning experience in Bangkit boosted his confidence to update his resume and apply for an internship through the Magang Merdeka program. A vacancy that Rizky aimed for was System Analyst Intern at PT GITS Indonesia, a software development company based in Bandung.

His confidence and good resume helped him to finally be hired by PT GITS Indonesia for his desired position. Rizky admitted that the course completion certificates from Bangkit played a significant role in his recruitment success.

“Only the Resilient Survive”

Successfully hired as a System Analyst Intern, Rizky is responsible for creating system analysis and providing documentation for software specifications requirements before executing the development process. He has to ensure the documentation is completed so the system development process can be well-planned.

When Rizky was asked about which courses or ILT sessions impacted the most on his professional development, he mentioned that almost all of them were essential for him.
“My favorite one is an ILT session about adaptability and communication. The learning material taught in this meeting helped me adapt and professionally communicate with my colleagues. It is practical for someone with no prior working experience like me.”
Rizky wishes nothing but to see the Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 cohorts manage to graduate soon. He hopes for his peers’ success in kickstarting their careers as he did.
“No matter how long your journey to the destination you want to reach, always remember that each step counts, no matter how small. Your endeavor will get you closer to your goals. Keep in mind that only the resilient survive.”


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