Remaining in the Learning Zone Helps You Grow

A Story of Faiqotul Fitriyah, Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Graduate from Information System, President University
"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship."
Louisa May Alcott, an American Novelist
Faiqotul Fitriyah (20) believed that she could sail her ship farther. She wanted to reach her destination, which was becoming a high-caliber tech talent. Her vessel was her abundant Cloud Computing skills acquired from Bangkit. For more than 900 hours of learning, she did her best to keep her progress ahead of schedule.

Did Fiqa―that’s what she’s called―manage to complete her journey by transforming into a reliable digital talent? Let’s read her whole journey below!

Seeing Technology’s Tremendous Influence

Fiqa is a young woman passionate about tech since high school. Born in Sidoarjo and raised in Jakarta, she has supportive parents who always encourage her to pursue her dream and become someone helpful to others.

Talking about dreams, working in the tech sector was something Fiqa dreamt of. She found this area appealing because technology’s development significantly impacts various life aspects. In her opinion, utilizing technology to its fullest potential can bring comfort and efficiency to people’s lives.

Therefore, after graduating high school, Fiqa went to President University, majoring in Information Systems. She wanted to take part in this influential industry and participate in Indonesia’s future technological advancement.

Being Intrigued by the Kampus Merdeka Program

As Fiqa’s college life began, she became a persevering student who loved to learn more about anything. She always remains in her learning zone because she believes that future tech talents should never stop upgrading their skills.

In her journey of upskilling her competence, Fiqa was curious about the Kampus Merdeka program. She knew that taking Magang Merdeka could boost her skills as a future digital talent. Unfortunately, she found that she didn’t meet the requirements from her campus to participate because she wasn’t yet in her 7th semester.

Therefore, once her time had come, Fiqa didn’t think twice about signing up for the Kampus Merdeka program and chose Bangkit. Bangkit’s founding partners―Google, GoTo, and Traveloka, the opportunity to learn directly from the experts and the 20-semester credits conversion drew Fiqa to participate.

The Cloud Computing path became Fiqa’s choice. As a Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Cohort, she encountered many challenges balancing her learning schedule in Bangkit and on campus. Unfortunately, a difficult situation got in her way when she was preoccupied with Bangkit’s activity.

Steadfastly Pursuing a Bright Career Path

Fiqa had no choice but to be tough when she had to care for her mother at the hospital and keep progressing in Bangkit. That might have been her lowest point in life, but her parents’ unconditional love and support rose her up. Her parents’ encouragement reinforced her willingness to give her best in Bangkit.

Upon her journey in Bangkit, Fiqa found that this program’s supportive learning environment shaped her into someone who endured remaining in the learning zone. It means Fiqa saw that being outside her comfort zone could allow her to grow. Thanks to her encouraging friends who played significant roles in her sustaining fortitude.
“Bangkit’s partnership with leading companies was one of many reasons that motivated me to survive. I wished that someday I could take the opportunity to launch my career in one of these companies,” Fiqa said.
Her wish came true when Vidio, a company that provides streaming services in Indonesia, became one of Bangkit’s hiring partners and offered internship opportunities for Bangkit cohorts.

Being a Tech Talent Means Being a Lifelong Learner

As the internship program at Vidio opened, Fiqa submitted her application without any further consideration. She knew it was an excellent opportunity to kickstart her career in a leading company. Fiqa aimed for the position of Front-End Engineer Intern because it was relevant to her comprehensive knowledge.
“Soft skills and career development insights from Bangkit helped me through the Vidio recruitment process. Finally, I was officially on board as a Front-End Engineer Intern in this company.”
As a Front-End Engineer Intern, Fiqa is responsible for building interactive user interfaces (UI) using React.js, TypeScript, GitLab, and Jenkins. Tech material from Bangkit, such as JavaScript Basic, Web Programming Basic, and many more, assisted her in her work tasks.

Regarding personal development, after Bangkit, Fiqa became more capable of taking on professional challenges and contributing to teamwork. She practiced a lot in solving complex problems while studying in Bangkit.
“Technology evolves exponentially, and it requires us, as its talents, to be lifelong learners. We must always be open to something new and remain in our learning zone. Joy in learning is key to growth and greater achievement,” she closed the interview.


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