Don’t Limit Yourself, Aim for the Stars!

A Story of Azka Zufar Hanif, Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Graduate from Informatics Engineering, President University

Often, our lack of confidence in ourselves prevents us from moving forward, whereas the first step to achieving our goals is to believe that we can. The belief that one day he will become a tech talent is something that Azka (20) has always had. He is confident that his faith will take him closer to his dream.

Born someone with cerebral palsy didn’t hinder Azka from having an ambition to land a tech job. He feels confident that his endeavor in learning in Bangkit will help him gain technical expertise before breaking into the tech industry. Did he manage to catch the star? Let’s read Azka’s full story!

“I don’t want to limit myself.”

In Desa Ciherang, Kabupaten Cianjur, Azka was born and raised by his parents. Being the first of three children makes Azka want to be a good role model for his younger sisters. Despite being a cerebral palsy sufferer with fine motor skills disorders, Azka has a high enthusiasm for learning to make his parents proud.

Due to his condition, Azka finds activities that only require a little movement more enjoyable. Therefore, Azka loves spending time tinkering with gadgets, especially computers. His familiarity with computers sparked his interest in technology, and he aspired to break into the tech industry one day.
“If they can do it, I can do it too. I don’t want to limit myself. I want to aim for the stars,” exclaimed Azka.
That determination led Azka to enroll in President University, majoring in Informatics Engineering. He hoped that studying technology in a formal institution would help him be a future tech talent.

Interested in Tech and Curious about Business

As Azka’s life in college began, he got acquainted with Bangkit because his seniors participated in that program. He also discovered that one received a Bangkit incubation fund to develop the capstone project. As someone who is not only interested in tech but also curious about business, Azka thinks that Bangkit can be a good opportunity to dive deeper into these two disciplines.
“My Academic Advisor (Dosen Wali) supported me to join Bangkit. Therefore, I signed up for this program and picked Cloud Computing because I wanted to know more about this technology.”
His passion for learning so that he can launch his career in the tech industry also motivated Azka to register with Bangkit. Finally, the letter of acceptance from Bangkit was sent to Azka’s inbox and thrilled him.

The Capstone Project is Azka’s Favorite Part of Bangkit

“Enjoyable” is a word that best describes Azka’s learning experience in Bangkit 2023 Batch 1. He was always excited to meet his new friends and supportive mentor in the weekly meeting.

Although it was challenging for Azka to manage time because of Bangkit’s tight schedule, he admitted that this situation built his discipline. Besides the deadline, the English application in all Bangkit activities was also the thing that was considered difficult for Azka. However, it got him more accustomed to communicating with this language.

When Azka was asked about the part of learning in Bangkit, he said that working on a capstone project was the most memorable one. With his team, Azka created EcoLoops, an app that can monetize trash and convert it into points and e-money to promote a circular economy. This creation took Azka’s team into the Top 68 Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Product-Based Capstone Project Team.

Having an opportunity to work on capstone projects helped Azka gain many. He was very thankful for being able to expand his professional network, familiarize himself with the real tech business environment, and implement his Cloud Computing skills obtained from Bangkit. Learning in Bangkit helped Azka build his first portfolio.

Azka’s Life as an Intern

Undergoing more than 900 hours of learning and finally graduating from Bangkit gets Azka more than just ready to gain professional experience in the industry. Therefore, he applied for the Quality Intern position at PT Mattel Indonesia. He was then hired by this multinational toy manufacturing company based in Cikarang, Kabupaten Bekasi.

As a Quality Intern, Azka is responsible for creating UI/UX in the company’s application and developing the Back-End and Front-End. Being an intern with knowledge about REST API gained from Bangkit makes Azka be relied on by the company planning to go digital. It helps Azka to thrive professionally.
“The Bangkit course that impacts the most on my professional life is Project Management because it helps me arrange my tasks at work. The application of this skill enables me to work more effectively.”
Getting closer to his dream after Bangkit makes Azka want to encourage Indonesian students to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this program. He sees Bangkit as the perfect place for students to expand their professional network and meet new people with the same shared vision.
“I believe that being in a supportive environment can get you closer to your goals. Join Bangkit.”


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