Lifelong Learning Fuels Careers at Top Companies

A Story of Timotius Haniel, Bangkit 2021 Distinction Graduate from Electrical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa

Rejection is a part of life, but how we respond to it is what matters. Timotius Haniel (23) saw rejection as an opportunity to learn and grow. He failed to get into Bangkit 2020 but didn’t give up. Instead, he worked harder and improved his skills. The following year, he was accepted into the program.

After being successfully accepted into Bangkit 2021, Timmy―that’s what he’s called―didn’t want to waste the opportunity by giving the best, both in Bangkit and on campus. Although simultaneously taking courses in Bangkit and working on his bachelor thesis was challenging, Timmy believed that giving up was never an option.

Therefore, Timmy's hard work paid off at the end of his participation in Bangkit, and his graduation from campus was already near. What did Timmy get? Let’s delve into his story!

Rejection Was Not the End of the World

Like most undergraduate students who had already been thinking about their future, Timmy did the same as his senior year began. He wanted to kickstart a promising career once he officially held the bachelor's degree. To get there, Timmy believed that he had to equip himself with the relevant skills demanded by the industry. One of the ways to obtain those skills was by joining Bangkit.

At that time, Bangkit was about to begin its pilot program in 2020 with only one learning path: Machine Learning. Timmy was excited to participate, but unfortunately, he wasn’t accepted. It disappointed him, but he decided not to give up. As the Bangkit, under the Kampus Merdeka Program, returned for the 2021 batch, Timmy didn’t want to waste the opportunity.

Also offering the Cloud Computing and Mobile Development (Android) path besides Machine Learning for the first time, Timmy chose to be the Mobile Development (Android) cohort. Finally, his wait was over once the acceptance letter from Bangkit arrived in his inbox. From that moment on, Timmy wanted nothing more than to give the best in this program.

When Learning Zone Pushed Timmy’s Growth

Timmy’s life as a Bangkit 2021 Cohort began, and it instantly got him out of his comfort zone. Undergoing more than 900 hours of learning Mobile Development (Android) while working on the bachelor thesis put Timmy into a learning zone. It was challenging for him, but he refused to give up.

He discussed a lot with fellow cohorts to keep up with Bangkit’s learning pace. It made him believe he wasn’t alone in this phase. Learning in Bangkit prompted him to finish what he had started and go the extra mile so he could succeed.

After a few months of obtaining theories, the time when he could implement his knowledge came. Timmy teamed up with his friends from cross-learning paths to create Bacara, an app that could bridge the gap between people with hearing and people with hearing impairment in terms of communication.

As a Project Manager and Mobile Engineer, Timmy created a feature that could hit the user’s pain points. His journey in the capstone project wasn’t easy, but his team successfully endured the situation until it became one of the Top 15 Capstone Projects in the Bangkit 2021.

Became One of the University Innovation Fellows at Stanford

At the end of his Bangkit journey, Timmy gained many. Besides getting into the Top 15 Capstone Projects that made his team deserve an IDR 140 million incubation fund from Google and Kedaireka, he also graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.88 on a scale of 4.00.

Timmy’s achievements opened the door to international opportunities: the University Innovation Fellows (UIF) at Stanford University. As part of UIF, Timmy was invited to attend the in-person program in Palo Alto, California. He also got an opportunity to visit the Googleplex at Mountain View.
“It was a valuable experience for me, where I was introduced to the spirit of Silicon Valley, emphasizing resource utilization and empathy by implementing the design thinking frameworks and making a real positive impact on society.”
Coming home from the US, Timmy’s journey at the top companies began. It opened his eyes to the significance of lifelong learning that could fuel his career in leading industries.

Embarked on a Journey in Top Companies

After holding his bachelor’s degree, Timmy embarked on his career journey at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). It was the world’s leading management consulting firm based in Jakarta. The acceptance rate of BCG was below 1%. Therefore, it was such an achievement for Timmy to be accepted as the Project Consultant.
“My learning experience in Bangkit helped me to manage multiple parties, shaped me into an adaptive person, and assisted me in working effectively on time to achieve outstanding results. I could also work in an international environment where most of my team members were non-Indonesian.”
After getting rewarding experience at BCG, Timmy moved to Superbank as a Management Associate. At his new office, he led a digital transformation project in the finance directorate.

As one of the Bangkit graduates who successfully developed a career in top companies, Timmy would like to encourage the Bangkit cohorts that the sky is the only limit when pushing ourselves to achieve greater heights.
“I encourage all aspiring students to persevere, never give up in the face of adversity, and continuously seek new ways to succeed. Your journey might be challenging, but with determination, resilience, and the right opportunities, you can overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams.”
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