Trust the Process Because It’ll Lead You to Success

A Story of Davin Darmalaksana Bhagaspati, Bangkit 2021 Graduate from Electrical Engineering, Universitas Padjadjaran

Do you believe that success starts from small steps? Davin Darmalaksana Bhagaspati strongly believes in this fact. Starting from a curiosity about tech, he paved the way for Machine Learning and became a Data Scientist at Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI).

For Davin, success isn’t just about final achievements but also the process that shapes it. This Bangkit Academy 2021 graduate shared his success story, highlighting that success is an accumulation of numerous steps and hard work.

Seeing Bangkit as an Open Door to Many Opportunities

Born and raised in Jakarta, Davin is the second of three siblings. His family has always held high hopes for him, aiming for a positive contribution to society. Studying Electrical Engineering at Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad), Davin discovered his passion for technology early on.

Shortly after that, he stumbled upon Bangkit through an advertisement on Google. This program immediately caught Davin’s attention. His interest in Machine Learning became a strong reason for enrolling in Bangkit later. Through the program, he acquired certifications to boost his skills.
“To be honest, at that time, I was interested in Bangkit because of its Machine Learning path. Moreover, participation in this program was free, and the opportunity to earn global certification such as TensorFlow Developer motivated me to register.”

When Davin Pushed His Growth

Successfully accepted in Bangkit, Davin experienced something new when his learning journey began, as it was conducted online. Even so, he didn’t encounter any significant obstacles. One reason was that the Instructors were very competent in delivering Machine Learning modules. While studying, Davin and his colleagues were directed to adjust his learning pace. Although challenging, this encouraged him to shape his learning skills more efficiently.

When Davin was asked about the best part of learning in Bangkit, he said the opportunity to dive deep into Machine Learning concepts and how to implement them using TensorFlow. Davin felt that this program gave him a solid understanding of Machine Learning concepts.

Apart from that, Davin also found supportive friends who could share knowledge. For him, Bangkit offers high knowledge, in-depth learning experience, and a valuable network.

Embarking Journey as a Data Scientist at BRI

After over 900 hours of learning in Bangkit and completing his studies at Universitas Padjadjaran, Davin graduated. This moment marked the beginning of Davin’s career journey.

Becoming a Bangkit graduate boosted Davin’s confidence to apply for the Data Analyst Intern position at Bank BRI. Davin was happy when the state-owned bank finally hired him. He built his career there, and his dedication and competence eventually earned him the promotion to Data Scientist - Junior Manager.

At Bank BRI, Davin has quite broad responsibilities. His role led him to collaborate with various divisions at the bank, including Consumer Lending Sales, Retail Payments, and Digital Lending Division. His main task is to identify business challenges by making data-based decisions.

Daily, Davin is involved in creating end-to-end predictive models that help banks project customer behavior. For example, he makes models to estimate the probability of default on a loan or a customer’s propensity to purchase financial products.

The process involves creating a model definition, feature engineering, model building, hyperparameter tuning, and producing the model. He also works closely with software engineers to deploy predictive models into production environments, particularly in applications that interact directly with customers.

In his role as a Data Scientist, Davin brings the in-depth knowledge that he gained from Bangkit. His projects and deep understanding of Machine Learning also helped him choose his future career path.

The Process is the Foundation of Success

Kickstarting a career in a non-tech company requires courage, willingness to learn something new, and a vast professional network. Davin felt he had obtained all of the above while on Bangkit. He admitted that the experience in Bangkit has also helped him carry out his duties at the office.

For Davin, the ILT courses from Bangkit greatly impacted his performance. Note that the knowledge obtained from Machine Learning courses helped him directly in his work.
“In-depth Machine Learning knowledge from Bangkit gave me a solid foundation in creating Machine Learning models, which is necessary for my daily tasks at work.”
Regarding his career, Davin wanted to emphasize that process is one of the conditions needed to be successful in any field, including IT. Davin highlighted the importance of “trusting the process,” even though he encountered obstacles or difficulties along the way.
“Trust the process. Never stop learning something new and improving your skills because when the opportunity comes, these skills will be the foundation of your success.”
In an era where career transitions and upskilling are hot topics, many individuals might resonate with Davin’s story, making it relevant and appealing to a broader audience.


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