Alex's Journey in Becoming a Noogler

A story of Alexius Adhitya Khrisnatama, Bangkit 2021 Graduate from Computer Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Working at Google has been the dream of Alexius Adhitya Khrisnatama (23). The man born in Madiun paved the way for this ultimate goal. He embarked on his journey by pursuing higher education at Universitas Gadjah Mada, then continued his voyage by joining Bangkit 2021.

His transformative quest in Bangkit brought him into the corridors of innovation and expertise. After over 900 hours of learning Cloud Computing in Bangkit, Alex’s dream finally came true.

How was Alex’s journey before he officially became part of Google? Let’s explore further!

Being Fascinated by the Problem-Solving

Since he was a child, Alexius has been living a nomadic life. He spent his childhood in various cities, such as Samarinda, Banjarmasin, Yogyakarta, and Sidoarjo, before eventually anchoring for work in Jakarta.

His father is retired from a private company, and his mother is a housewife. Alex’s parents expected nothing but hoped their firstborn would always give the best and be responsible for the path he made.

Having the freedom to pursue any passion, Alex decided to delve into technology because he was always fascinated by problem-solving. It excited him because he felt like he was a detective.

Solving complex cases using technology was indeed intriguing for him. Therefore, hoping that someday he could be a tech talent, Alex pursued higher education at Universitas Gadjah Mada, majoring in Computer Science, once he graduated from high school.

When Alex’s Life at Bangkit Began

As his life at college began, Alex dove deeper into many kinds of problem-solving on campus. He not only expanded his horizons by learning on campus but also gained more insights about tech by navigating through various information channels, such as the Google Developer Student Club, Google Developer Group, and Kampus Merdeka. From these three platforms, Alex got acquainted with Bangkit.

Being curious about what kind of program Bangkit was, he researched and found out that it was an exciting program. Alex believed Bangkit could get him closer to his dream; therefore, he signed up for Bangkit 2021 and chose the Cloud Computing path.

After registering to Bangkit, Alex was successfully accepted as a cohort. Joining Bangkit brightened Alex's life because he said his online learning experience was monotonous before he joined this program. However, he encountered challenges as Bangkit was a demanding learning program to produce high-caliber digital talent.

Alex’s Ups and Downs in Learning in Bangkit

The first challenge Alex faced as a cohort was difficulty scheduling his activities. He had to attend lectures on campus and finish courses in Bangkit according to the schedule.
“My learning experience in Bangkit was quite memorable. It was challenging because, besides the pandemic, I experienced obstacles, like my internet being disconnected or my house suddenly having a blackout. However, I gained many things from this program, like intensive tech learnings and modules I didn’t get on campus.”
Finally, Alex’s hard work paid off when he successfully finished all learning modules. He then had more exposure to cloud-related technology. Bangkit grew his awareness and confidence that he was on the right track in becoming a tech expert.

Once an Intern, Now a Noogler

Alex graduated after more than 900 hours of learning Cloud Computing in Bangkit. With Bangkit’s completion certificate, he visited Google's career page, aimed for the Customer Solutions Consultant Intern at Google Cloud, then applied for the position.

In the recruitment process, Alex’s journey wasn’t as smooth as he imagined. From five attempts to apply for a position at Google, he experienced three rejections. Two succeeded when Alex was hired as a Customer Solutions Consultant Intern for the summer of 2022 and a Data Center Technician at Google Cloud Indonesia this year. Alex’s intern experience paved the way for becoming a full-time employee at Google.
“Knowledge I obtained from Bangkit helped me when I applied for a full-time position at Google, particularly the soft skills one. Finally, I became a Full-Time Data Center Technician at Google once I graduated from campus.”
As a Data Center Technician, Alex ensures Google’s infrastructure operates appropriately.

“All Roads Lead to Rome”

Alex secured a full-time position at Google and admitted that his Bangkit learning experience contributed to his success. As a Data Center Technician, knowledge from Bangkit’s classes helped him carry out his responsibilities: IT Automation with Python and Architecting with Google Compute Engine.
“Knowledge from these classes helped me understand the basic concept of infrastructure. Bangkit also taught me how to learn effectively as it assisted me in easily adapting to learning new things at work.”
As an inspiring Bangkit alumnus who successfully launched a career in a multinational tech company, Alexius wants to send a motivational message:
“Just as ‘all roads take to Rome,’ I believe there are numerous paths for us to land our job in our dream company; for me, it’s Google. Embrace multiple paths; don't confine yourself to just one.”
Alex’s story inspires others to relentlessly pursue dreams and forge a future through passion and dedication. He taught us that the true strength lies in understanding and seeking opportunities that resonate with personal potential and interests.

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