Life is Challenging, So Keep on Moving

A Story of Dimas Nazli Bahaduri, Bangkit 2022 Graduate from Computer Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we just get stronger and more resilient.” - Steve Maraboli
Our future isn’t determined by what circumstances we were born or raised. It’s the choices we make today that play an essential role in shaping it. Dimas Nazli Bahaduri (23), a Computer Engineering graduate from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), believed in this.

Since his father’s passing, life has been a relentless storm for Dimas. Yet, with each battering wave, his resolve hardened. He wouldn’t succumb to the dark undertow. Even better, he created his envisioned future; he wanted to be a distinguished tech talent. To get closer to his dream, Dimas joined Bangkit in 2022.

As he graduated from Bangkit, Dimas sailed on a new voyage in the tech industry. How did Dimas pave the way to reach his goal? Let’s read his whole story!

The Fortitude of Dimas’ Mind

Born and raised in Jakarta, Dimas is the youngest of three children. Even though he has a considerable age gap with his siblings, Dimas has received much support and experience from them. This is like an oasis in the desert, considering the adversity in his life since childhood.

His father passed away when he was 5 years old. Like a slow, crushing blow, Dimas didn’t understand what was happening, and it’s just painful now. The absence of a father figure made Dimas’ life quite difficult. Even during school, he was an underprivileged student. However, his mother and siblings’ support kept Dimas going without giving up.

Dimas knew that he couldn’t do anything then; that was fate. The only thing Dimas can do is move on, but that doesn't mean forgetting his past.
“Moving on doesn’t mean to be stuck in the past. The past is part of us, but you don't have to carry it every day. Even though it hurts, never let yourself down and say, ‘My life is a tragedy.’ Because if this continues, when will we live in the present?”

Working Towards His Tech Ambition in Bangkit

Among the different areas of technology that Dimas studied, Cloud Computing piqued his interest the most. Still, a question came to his mind: "Is there a perfect place to hone my skills?” Not long after that, Dimas received information about Bangkit on his campus. Just like love at first sight, Dimas knew that Bangkit was the answer to his question.

Unfortunately, Dimas couldn’t participate in Bangkit 2021 due to some problems. While waiting to join this program, he communicated a lot with his friends who were already in. From them, Dimas knew he could meet fellow tech talent who thought the same way as him and got himself more ready to learn Cloud Computing later.

The fact that Bangkit was initiated by Google and supported by leading tech industries, such as GoTo and Traveloka, strengthened Dimas’ motivation to re-register for Bangkit 2022. After waiting for almost one year, he was finally invited to join the Cloud Computing learning path.
“Bangkit is the best opportunity to expand my knowledge and network. In Bangkit, you can get comprehensive learning material, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in Cloud Computing."
However, of course, every path to success has its obstacles. Dimas himself joined Bangkit when he was a final-year student at ITS. At that time, he had to balance his time between writing his thesis and studying at Bangkit. That was a tough time for him, especially since his thesis had a reasonably particular theme.

Sometimes, Dimas also found the tasks at Bangkit quite challenging too. To overcome this, Dimas asked his friends who already graduated from Bangkit questions like “What are the requirements for this assignment?” or “What are the goals.” Apart from that, Dimas indeed enjoyed discussing with fellow Cloud Computing cohorts from other campuses. For him, studying in Bangkit was an unforgettable experience.

From a Web Developer to an Application Designer at Bank Mandiri

After graduating from Bangkit and ITS, Dimas embarked on a career journey. Once again, he encountered challenges on his way. Three months after he graduated from campus, Dimas had yet to find a job. However, not long after, all the interview calls came in, one from Bank Mandiri.

Following the interviews and tests, Dimas was finally hired at Bank Mandiri. He was initially appointed as a web developer because his specifications were more inclined towards the front end. Fortunately, in Bangkit, Dimas also learned basic programming so that he could adapt quickly.

Six months in, one day, Dimas saw an opportunity to be an Application Designer in his office. He didn’t think twice to give it a go by taking the test. Finally, he passed and became an Application Designer. Dimas said that his current job is quite extensive. However, in a nutshell, he is responsible for making applications run from end to end.
“As an application designer, I design the front and back end, synchronizing everything so the application can be effective and efficient for the user.”
While working at Bank Mandiri, Dimas always went the extra mile. For example, he could finish a task to build a web page in four days, even though the deadline was one week. For him, Bangkit formed this mentality and work ethic in general. He also considered Bangkit’s soft skills beneficial for him to pave his way in the tech industry.
“Bangkit provides insight and guidance for whoever wants a good career in IT. You can find technical aspects and soft skills that make you a favorable person and a survivor in the tech industry.”
Dimas took a few moments to answer when asked what success meant. For him, success is a bond between feeling, craftsmanship, communication, and mindset that fuse into our goals.

To end the interview, Dimas added that he is always curious about everything. That’s his advice for everyone who wants to go far in life. By embedding this mindset, Dimas hoped everyone could learn new things and discover their path to success.
“I always want to know how the whole process works. For example, if I already know A, I want to know whether A + B = AB or BA. For me, curiosity is an open door to opportunities.”
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