Empowering the Next Generation with a Growth Mindset

A Story about Chatrin Pandrya, Localization Lead for Global E-commerce at TikTok, Bangkit Soft Skills Instructor

Albert Einstein once said, “It’s the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” This also resonates with Chatrin Pandrya. At pivotal points in her journeys, Chatrin chose a path connected with her desire to contribute to the educational field.

Her previous job at Google led her to Bangkit, a program dedicated to cultivating Indonesia’s tech talent. Her expertise in soft skills like “Growth Mindset” and “Adaptability & Resilience” wasn’t just valuable; it was transformative. Her engaging nature and ability to connect with students propelled her to become the program’s best-rated instructor in 2023.

Chatrin’s story proves the power of passion and purpose, where she became an agent of change to shape future tech talent in Indonesia.

“Finding a Work-Life Rhythm Can Be Tricky, But It’s Doable!”

Chatrin was the Language Manager for Bahasa Indonesia at Google, but now, she is the Localization Lead for Global E-commerce at TikTok. In her current role, she leads a team responsible for ensuring TikTok Shop, the platform’s e-commerce feature, is tailored to users’ needs and preferences in different regions worldwide.

Despite the demanding nature of her work, Chatrin remains committed to her family. She enjoys spending time with her husband and son and acknowledges the challenges of balancing her professional and personal life. However, she emphasizes the importance of finding a rhythm that works for her and her family.
“My work is exciting, fast-paced, and demands much time, but family comes first. Finding a work-life rhythm can be tricky, but it’s doable!”

Chatrin’s Strategy in Teaching Students

Even before joining Bangkit as an instructor, Chatrin's passion for education and expertise in soft skills, such as a growth mindset, made her a perfect fit. Eager to share her knowledge and experience with future tech stars, she volunteered to teach Bangkit students.

Chatrin’s initial instructor role involved teaching participants various soft skill classes. Her engaging teaching style and ability to connect with students quickly garnered positive feedback, leading her to become a Master Trainer.

She emphasizes creating a supportive and engaging learning environment for Bangkit students. She recognizes that many students may hesitate to participate due to shyness or language barriers. To address these challenges, she employs various strategies:
  • Simplified English: She uses simple and clear English in her explanations, ensuring students grasp the concepts.
  • Dual Language Approach: When necessary, she utilizes dual language (English and Indonesian) to provide additional context and ensure understanding.
  • Interactive Activities: She incorporates interactive activities and encourages students to share their experiences, creating a dynamic learning atmosphere.

“Teaching Bangkit is A Privilege”

Chatrin finds it immensely rewarding to witness the growth and transformation of Bangkit students. She is particularly impressed by their dedication and eagerness to learn despite the demanding nature of the program.
“They put in long hours, sometimes sacrificing sleep to complete their assignments. Their determination and passion are truly inspiring.”
She also believes that the soft skills taught at Bangkit, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management, are essential for success in the tech industry. She has observed that Bangkit students often demonstrate a deeper understanding of these concepts than experienced professionals.
“It’s remarkable to see how quickly these students grasp complex concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios. I believe Indonesian students have immense potential to excel. All they need is an opportunity.”
That’s why Chatrin views teaching in Bangkit as a privilege and an opportunity to make a lasting impact on tech professionals. She encourages fellow instructors to embrace this responsibility and strive to create a transformative learning experience for their students.
“We have the power to instill confidence, ignite passion, and empower these students to pursue their dreams,” Chatrin emphasizes. “It’s a privilege that we should not take lightly.”

Building a Brighter Tech Future Together with Bangkit

Chatrin is a firm believer in the power of community. She dreams of a vibrant Bangkit Alumni Network (BAN) where graduates can access ongoing support, mentorship, and opportunities to share their knowledge. She encourages students to embrace "paying it forward" by sharing what they have learned with others, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Chatrin envisions these future tech leaders as innovators, mentors, and knowledge bearers who will shape a brighter future for Indonesia's tech landscape.
“I also encourage them to embrace their roles as leaders, mentors, and knowledge bearers, empowering the next generation of tech innovators and shaping a brighter future for Indonesia.”

"Owning Your Career Journey with Growth Mindset"

Reflecting on her career path, Chatrin recognizes that many people, including Bangkit students new to the tech industry, might hesitate about self-promotion, proactive engagement, and taking ownership of their careers.

Chatrin believes a “growth mindset” is the key to overcoming these limitations. She encourages students to challenge the idea that hard work alone guarantees recognition. In her guest speaker sessions, she emphasizes the importance of “perceived value”—how individuals are recognized for their contributions by their employers.

Chatrin’s message to Bangkit students is clear: embrace a growth mindset, challenge limiting beliefs, and actively seek opportunities to showcase their value. By cultivating this mindset, they will be well-equipped to navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving tech industry.

Her powerful closing quote sums it up perfectly: “Don't be afraid to step up! Remember, nothing worth fighting for comes easy.”

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