Bangkit Encourages Me to be a Competitive Data Scientist

Amanda Rozi Kurnia (22) felt grateful for her supportive parents who let her select her career path. Moreover, Mathematics and data analytics absorbed her interest since Senior High School. When she entered university, it motivated her to be major in Informatics Engineering at Institut Sepuluh November to grasp the Data Scientist role.

Although she had some preparations for that, there were unexpected moments that lessened her self-motivation to keep on track. To deal with the issue, Amanda decided herself as a Bangkit Cohort to boost her performance. Let's dive into the whole story until she gains TensorFlow certification!

All About Data Scientist Role for Amanda

Her interest in Mathematics and data analytics drove Amanda to perceive the Data Scientist role. However, there is a further impetus that influences her desire. Amanda thinks that data-related work would be a prospective thing. It also relates to her characteristics, who are detail-oriented in analyzing statistical matter.

Somehow, university life boosted her interest in being a reliable Data Scientist. The progression data she found there invigorated her to master other tools besides Microsoft Excel, which helped her analyze. Furthermore, as more courses she attained, she discovered an enticing fact about the role.

“Data Scientist is a part of three scientific fields. They are Mathematics, Statistics, and Business. For the last, it could energize me to be a creative person. Eventually, it reflects my consideration of majoring in Informatics Engineering,” said Amanda.

However, Amanda's enthusiasm for pursuing the Data Scientist role ever dragged her down. Why was that? In her opinion, fast-paced performance is highly required to be a reliable Data Scientist, but she wasn't then. The competitiveness among her college mates is considered tight, and she felt she couldn't balance it. How did she overcome it?
“I thought I should participate in an extensive learning program like Bangkit. The talented fellows there uplifted my insight through group discussions. In addition, the professional mentor and facilitator communicatively elaborated the course.”

Amanda's Concern for Bangkit that Elevates Her as a Data Scientist

Amanda registered herself in Machine Learning among three learning path choices in Bangkit. She examines that it matched her need to be a Data Scientist. Moreover, there are matters she eagerly played up during her participation there. What are they?

The demo section and the ILT sessions stunned her with her learning experiences. The Bangkit instructor intelligently demonstrated the technical aspects of the courses, especially for generating the coding. On the other hand, the Q & A section completed her satisfaction with this program.

The end of ILT sessions means that the Capstone Project has begun. On this occasion, Amanda recognized the enticing factors regarding application creation. It was a pleasure to collaborate with other learning paths Cohorts. It could train me to upscale communication soft skills, said Amanda. In addition, her team was the only one involved in IoT that handed out sensory instruments for remote control.

Amanda and her team generated an application called HydroMon. This one could assist hydroponic farmers in nurturing their plants remotely regarding acidity and nutrient adequacy. How about her role in managing their work?

Entitled Capstone Project Company Based under Indosat Ooredoo guidance, Amanda was designated a Machine Learning Engineer. She was also trusted as strap master who commanded the member team to attend daily meetings as the forum to portray the project's progress.
“Our mentors are skillful in guiding us about IoT. Bangkit also facilitates the tools needed for the project.”
After studying the 900 hours in Bangkit, Amanda's desire as a Data Scientist rises. She says that the data collection process during the Capstone Project engages her to utilize it for further needs. On the other hand, she gained soft skills related to Data Scientist essence as a part of three scientific fields.

What Amanda Did After Graduating from Bangkit

Before she was designated as a Bangkit 2022 graduate, she ought to answer the questions in the exam for gaining TensorFlow certification. Among five, she said that Multivariate Time Series Analysis, or the last, was challenging. However, the time management skills that she studied during the ILT session assisted her in doing her best. She then obtained this license to be a reliable, talented Data Scientist.
“Graduating from Bangkit encourages me to enroll in an internship for implementing the knowledge I got. Thankfully, I’m offered a Data Scientist role at Telkom Indonesia. In carrying out my responsibility, my TensorFlow certification mapped out a good impression from the mentor there.”
Besides enrolling for the internship, Amanda craves to create an innovation for people that still relies on the Data Scientist path. A predictable model for identifying trends and patterns in data perceives her to fight for. On the other hand, she could also envision her career path systematically and chronologically.

Amanda's Note for Bangkit Cohort

As a woman, Amanda once discovered there are limitations in constructing the career path. She couldn't stand that statement. Don't be afraid to put yourself forward. She said that we are unique and deserve to rapidly evolve as the technology sector.

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