Coping with Career Uncertainty by Joining Bangkit

Ardiyanto Halim (22) has liked robotic things since his childhood. Therefore, it motivates him to take Electronic Engineering at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. Microcontroller and IoT he studied in university were his favorite courses then. However, as the semesters he enjoyed reflected his passion, he realized that it couldn't be considered for his prospective future.

There are a bunch of Electronic Engineering graduates out there. Ardi thinks, "How could I compete if my competence is only to this extent?" After contemplating, he discovered he needed to expand his Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge. Once he knew the Machine Learning path in Bangkit related to his upgrading skill, he took little consideration to participating there. Let's dive into his story until he gains TensorFlow certification!

Ardi's Family Background Gave Him a New Perspective

Coming from Pontianak, Ardi moved to Surabaya to pursue his passion for something he relies on for his future. Being accepted at his selected university made him eager to study Electronic Engineering courses there.

Electronic Engineering courses were indeed his priority to focus on. However, at some points, he felt that there should be more valuable things in what he did. What would he do after graduating? What kind of contribution could he give to society? Moreover, he revealed the answer, leading to further consideration.

Eventually, the semester holiday released the breaking point phase for Ardi. Relaxed for a while from his hustle agenda in university, he helped his father work as a vegetable farmer. The manual processes invigorated him to lessen the burden. However, how could he execute it?

As an Electronic Engineering student, its course is a part of the Artificial Intelligence creation process, leaning toward object realization. To operate the product, Machine Learning plays an essential role in the form of language programming.

Therefore, Ardi distinguishes that language programming is something new for him. Through Bangkit, he found that this program could facilitate him to realize an Artificial Intelligence product for his father and others. Later, it also supports his career path by combining Electronic Engineering courses and Machine Learning.

The Challenging Part while Joining Bangkit

Spending 900 hours studying Machine Learning materials was not a cup of tea for Ardi. Accelerating ILT sessions amidst his activity as an active student indeed takes much effort, both time management and self-motivation. In this phase, he states that it's okay for us to feel down and give ourselves a rest. "It's impossible if we don't have a problem in our life," he adds.

After he dealt with that issue, he faced the other challenging part. Deepened IT materials for his career expansion required more effort to plan and manage the project from academic and technical aspects. Otherwise, he felt grateful to trust Bangkit for his self-development through struggling moments.
“Let me list the benefits I gained from Bangkit: connections, a bunch of knowledge, and help me to discover the career path I would fight for that is Machine Learning Engineer or Data Engineer.”

The Capstone Project Encouraged Ardi to Moving Forward

The end of ILT sessions means the Capstone Project has begun. Ardi was thrilled about this one as he could train himself to encounter real work situations later. Furthermore, his father's work as a vegetable farmer allowed him to submit a product proposal to Bangkit.

In running the Capstone Project, Ardi was pointed as a team leader to guide the members in doing their tasks. "Frood: Fresh and Less-Waste Ingredients Detection" was their work. This application is used to classify the freshness of fruits and vegetables to lessen leftovers.

Together with five other Cohorts who came from the Mobile Development and Cloud Computing learning path, Ardi gained a bunch of experiences regarding professional work life. It also boosted his confidence as his role proved he could tackle career expansion through the cases included.

TensorFlow Certification and Ardi's Career Journey

He said the Capstone Project could significantly uplift Ardis's soft skills in communication and critical thinking. Hence, certification would prove his entire value as a capable talent. To achieve it, he ought to pass the exam first. He then recalled all the materials he absorbed during Bangkit. The result?

Although Ardi experienced a hard time in fulfilling one of the answers to five questions, he obtained TensorFlow certification. However, Ardi claims it's a small step for him to dive into extensive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning matter. He then enrolled in an internship.

The first Ardi's internship experience is dedicated to Research and Development in PT. Bambang Djaja, Surabaya's leading manufacturer, distribution, and instrument transformers. This role is responsible for achieving companies' growth toward investigation, testing, and maintaining market relevance toward product development.
“Data processing and Python programming I studied during Bangkit helped me carry out the role. As a result, I got the chance to execute individual projects to build the application for the company's needs.”
Ardi wants to keep his focus on the internship and do his thesis. On the other hand, Idea Generation and MVP planning soft skills from Bangkit motivated him to consider his career-wise as a start-up employee. He claims that these two could support him in tackling challenging work there.
“If you seek a learning program that encourages you to be more confident for moving forward no matter what, I highly recommend you join Bangkit.” Ardi closed the interview.
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