Your Determination Contributes to Your Career Success

Making mistakes is not a sign of our incompetence. Instead, it helps us to take lessons learned and grow better time after time. Althof Rafaella Ramdhan (22) believes in this. He realizes that the resilience in pursuing his dream can be built by going through this process.

Althof has started to learn from his mistakes since he dedicated himself to interning at one place to another in the fourth semester. Other considerations also formed his motivation to have a lot of work experience.
“Besides seeking many experiences I could strive for, I wanted to ease my parents’ responsibilities in financing college,” Althof said.
What about his consideration when participating in Bangkit? He explained that it was because of the rapid tech development. He thought that it must be equivalent to his skills. Read more to discover Althof's career path after graduating from this program!

Don't Easily Give Up

Althof's interest in tech arose as he found that playing games brought him some fun. Hoping that someday he could build such cutting-edge technology, he decided to go to Universitas Indonesia and chose Computer Science as his major. He saw that his decision reflected his plans.

In that "Kampus Perjuangan," Althof studied for four years. Besides regularly attending lectures, he is actively involved in many campus organizations. Bustling in organizational activities didn't hinder him from having internship experience. Before participating in Bangkit, he had already interned in three places, focusing on the Front-End and Web Development roles.
“My parents once told me not to give up easily when experiencing difficulties. The same goes for complacency as I need to keep learning no matter what,” Althof revealed.
Being an intern while studying wasn't easy, let alone when Althof needed to allocate time in such a way. However, he managed to maintain his schedule by reconstructing his motivation. Sometimes, to provide him with a refreshment, he still played games and did sports.

Dived Deep into Mobile Development (Android) at Bangkit after Internship

Having several internship experiences introduced Althof to Front-End and Web Development. Hence, this one of the frameworks, called 'client-side programming,' encouraged him to enhance his abilities.

No wonder when he discovered the Mobile Development (Android) learning path in Bangkit, he followed his bliss and thought of what he could attain. "During my internship, I focused on web development, but this time, I wanted to dive deep into other technology."

Although he often faced barriers on material since Mobile Development (Android) wasn't his cup of tea, he realized that it was kind of normal. Wasn't he familiar with it earlier?
“Could I name one session each of the hard and soft skills that impressed me? ‘Guest Speaker Session,’ where speakers came from industries, transferred me to a broader perspective on Mobile Development (Android). In addition, ‘Elevator Pitching’ motivated me to construct a business in the future. What a comprehensive career preparation!” exclaimed Althof.
On the other hand, Althof had another agenda that he liked during Bangkit. The Capstone Project, where the cohort could implement the knowledge they have learned, has dragged him into an excellent impression. Why so?
“I was keen on working with cohorts from other learning paths to create a thorough application. The discussion session to dig up a solution provided equal excitement. Without realizing it, the bonding between members remained intimate, let alone when we played online games together,” told Althof.

At Traveloka, he and his team developed a 'Hotel Ranking Optimization' feature for the Company-Based Capstone Project. He served as a Mobile Developer who used the Kotlin programming language. Their product was accomplished according to the timeline then.

Still into his motivation for the internship, Althof looks forward to certification at the end of the program. Once he acquired it, he felt closer to his dream of becoming a reliable digital talent.

Kick-Started a Career in a Leading Company

In June 2023, the eldest of the two encountered a B.Sc degree with a four-year study period. Although he knew a fact that might lessen his confidence, he didn't postpone kick-starting his career just after the graduation ceremony.
“My experience in applying for work via career pages didn’t get the attention of human resources. Something different happened this time. At eFishery, my recruitment process went well, despite challenging times where I requestioned my abilities,” disclosed Althof.
It all started after he passed the resume screening at eFishery. Another stage he had to go through was the skill test, where he had to create an application using the Back-End—furthermore, the result was what he would present to determine his position there.

Working for Back-End despite being in the Front-End, how did Althof grab the position? He informed us that it might be due to his qualifications, such as basic concepts, OOP, database, caching, and PubSub.
“My participation in Bangkit boosted my performance when working on a skill test during the recruitment process at eFishery. Professional communication from this program also prepared me to present the project.”
Congratulations to Althof! Getting a job according to his passion was indeed a goal he always wanted to achieve. He confessed the pride was on him, but it only lasted a while. Why so?

Since onboarding at eFishery, he had identified that he would always have the motivation to grow. At that time, he was tasked to familiarize himself with the history and reason for the startup's establishment. He also remarked that his IoT division allowed him to explore and was supportive of the difficulties he faced.
“Collaboration & communication, critical thinking, and time management from Bangkit not only impacted how I behave but also in making decisions related to technical matters at work.”
With the change of programming language from Javascript to Golang, Althof marked it as a technical obstacle he needed to execute. However, just like in Bangkit, he made it a habit to read related articles, study through Youtube, and discuss with colleagues.

Reflecting on Althof's journey of gaining experience before entering the professional world, he told cohorts not to compare other people's success with ourselves as each of us has our own success time.

"Continue to build self-competence with discipline so that our parents are proud!" he concluded with a sentence in one breath.


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