Dream Big and Never Give Up on Them

A Story of Okta Surya Arif, Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 Cohort from Informatics Engineering, Universitas Lampung

Have you ever dreamed big but decided to give up because you knew your wish seemed too impossible to come true? Recall that moment and ask yourself. Is it the dream that was too big for you, or is it just you who are too easy to back down?

If the answer is the second one, please make Okta Surya Arif (22) your paragon of perseverance. This young man from Lampung was born with a short stature. However, it didn’t stop him from dreaming big; he aspired to launch a career in leading tech companies.

Although Okta’s journey was still long, he was determined to work towards his dream by joining Bangkit 2023 Batch 2. Inside his small stature that is only 120 cm tall, there is a big heart, a positive attitude, and even bigger dreams. Let’s read Okta’s whole story!

A Spirit Shines Through from a Small Stature

Okta was born different from his other siblings. As mentioned above, the fourth of five children has a small statue that is only 120 cm tall. His physical condition gave him difficulty walking, going up and down stairs, and many more. Nevertheless, he doesn’t consider himself inferior.

Okta’s exceptional spirit shines through from his physical appearance, which is different from most people's. When asked about his dream, he firmly said he wanted to launch a career in a leading tech company. His passion for tech grew as a child, and he loved tinkering with his father’s computers.

Seeing Okta seemed really interested in computers, his father introduced him to this device’s parts. It broadened his horizons, and his fascination with technology got bigger. Realizing that tech was the field where he belonged, Okta wanted to pursue higher education in Informatics Engineering major.

As Okta was a tenth-grader, he expected to start his first year on campus in the next two years. However, his father retired. It made Okta’s family have to live frugally so Okta and his younger brother could go to college.

Joined Bangkit to be a Career-Ready Talent

After Okta’s parents saved money for their children’s higher education, Okta enrolled in Universitas Lampung, majoring in Informatics Engineering. To get closer to his dream and make his parents proud, Okta gave his best in studying.

While Okta was gritting his way to the top, he heard about Bangkit from his seniors, lecturers, and colleagues. Being interested in learning more about this program, Okta researched it on social media and discovered that Bangkit was an excellent opportunity to obtain more relevant tech knowledge from industry experts.

Knowing that his biggest dream was launching a career in the tech industry, Okta was enthusiastic about signing up for Bangkit. He believed immersive learning experiences in this program would transform him into a career-ready talent. Without further consideration, he registered in Bangkit 2023 Batch 2.

Improved His English Skills in Bangkit

Okta is a person who is always looking for new ways to push himself to grow. So, when one of his seniors told him that undergoing more than 900 hours of learning in Bangkit was challenging, Okta was up for it. Diving deep into a learning process that could enable his self-development was thrilling for him.
“I picked the Mobile Development (Android) path because I love learning language programming and building apps. I wish I could one day create my own Android-based game,” Okta said.
At first, it was difficult for Okta to adjust himself to Bangkit’s learning environment due to the use of English. However, as a thrill-seeker, Okta saw this challenge as an opportunity to hone his foreign language skills. Then, he acknowledged that his English skills have improved significantly over time. Finally, English became his favorite part of Bangkit.

“Keep Dreaming Big”

Of all the courses in Bangkit, Okta’s favorite is the Android Fundamentals. He was excited whenever he had to broaden his mind about Android-related topics, such as Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, and many more. He wished that the knowledge obtained from Bangkit could prepare him to start his tech career someday.
“To my fellow Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 cohorts, especially those with the same condition as mine, just remember that nothing can hinder us from growing and pursuing our dream. My journey to reach my dream might still be long. However, I believe I can achieve it someday with constant effort. Keep dreaming big and never give up on them!”
Now, Okta is still undergoing the learning process in Bangkit 2023 Batch 2. Let’s hope for the best for Okta. We are excited to hear good news from him about his Bangkit’s graduation. Good luck, Okta!

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