Realizing Dreams Requires Adequate Preparation

A Story of Aditya Davin Pradana, a Software Engineer at Gojek, Bangkit 2021 Graduate

In the bustling tech landscape of Indonesia, where dreams are nurtured by passion and hard work, the story of Aditya Davin Pradana stands out as a testament to the determination and the transformative power of education.

Aditya, born and raised in Muara Enim, Sumatera Selatan, emerged from Bangkit, a career readiness program supported by Google, GoTo, and Traveloka that transformed him into a high-caliber digital talent. His endeavor to study in Bangkit didn’t only equip him with technical skills but also with the confidence to pursue his dreams.

How was Aditya’s journey in Bangkit before becoming the tech talent he’d always dreamed of? Let’s delve into his story!

From Gaming Enthusiast to Software Engineer

Aditya, the first child in a family of two, hails from a background where his father is a dedicated employee of a state-owned enterprise, and his mother manages the household. Their aspirations for Aditya were clear – they hoped he would be a dutiful son while reaching for his ambitions. Little did they know that Aditya's early fascination with technology, which sparked during his school days through online gaming, would set him on a career in software engineering.

Choosing to pursue his interest in technology, Aditya embarked on a journey from Sumatera Selatan to Yogyakarta, where he enrolled at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, majoring in Informatics Engineering. While in college, Aditya became interested in software's workings, finding its complexities fascinating.

Seeking to deepen his programming knowledge, Aditya joined a scholarship program on Dicoding, where he explored the Android development track. This marked the beginning of his exploration and immersion into Software Engineering. Amidst his self-directed learning, Aditya stumbled upon Bangkit through Dicoding’s Instagram. Simultaneously, on campus, his period to take an internship program began.

Capstone Project as the Highlight of Aditya’s Bangkit Journey

Aditya knew that among its many benefits, Bangkit could give him semester credit recommendations of up to 20 credits if he enrolled. With the desire to reap the benefits of Bangkit, Aditya proposed to his university to allow him to participate in the program, converting his involvement into internship credits. Finally, the university permitted him to join Bangkit, which fueled his enthusiasm to excel in the program.

After securing a spot as a participant in Bangkit's Mobile Development (Android) path, his learning journey began, and he encountered various challenges. First, he was required to comprehend the course materials in English. Secondly, Bangkit's demanding schedule prompted him to manage his time well as he juggled responsibilities between campus, Bangkit, and family obligations.

Another formidable challenge for Aditya was the capstone project, where he and his team developed “Buangin.” The app created by Aditya’s team aimed to optimize waste transportation scheduling in an area using IoT. Despite the hurdles, Aditya's team excelled, making it to the Top 15 Product-Based Capstone Project. However, he faced a unique challenge when interacting with local authorities and the community to test the IoT device and conduct trials.
“Despite the challenges, the capstone project was the highlight of my Bangkit experience. It allowed me to directly translate ideas into a tangible application, collaborate with fellow developers, and feel the atmosphere of the tech industry environment – an experience I didn’t have in the university setting.”

When Aditya Successfully Landed His Dream Job

After dedicating over 900 hours to learning Bangkit, Aditya not only acquired technical skills but also honed soft skills and improved his proficiency in English. The cherry on top was earning the Associate Android Developer (AAD) certification. The globally recognized certification added substantial value to his resume.

Empowered by his Bangkit experience, Aditya confidently applied for Software Engineer positions at Gojek. His well-honed problem-solving skills, cultivated during Bangkit's learning process and capstone project, were crucial in navigating coding tests and technical interviews. The capstone project, which mimicked the process of building a startup, became a unique selling point during user interviews. Finally, Aditya secured the position he aimed for.

As a Back-End Engineer, Aditya handles server-side changes, monitors and ensures the absence of issues/bugs in production, and resolves user complaints. Despite his initial focus on Mobile Development (Android) during Bangkit, his strong foundation allowed him to adapt quickly to his current position.
“The soft skills and English proficiency I gained during Bangkit help me professionally, as I collaborate not only with Indonesian teammates but also with international talents at Gojek. I can confidently communicate in English because I polished this skill during my time in Bangkit.”
Aditya emphasizes the importance of preparation and skill development for the tech talents who want to follow in his footsteps. His message is clear.
“Working at Gojek is my dream, and realizing dreams requires adequate preparation and seizing opportunities when they arise,” Aditya closed the interview session.
Aditya Davin Pradana's story inspires those navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology, proving that with the right blend of passion and education, the sky's the limit.


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