“Take the plunge!”

A Story of Arifah Afdila Atmaja, Bangkit 2022 Graduate from Statistics, Institut Pertanian Bogor
“If you don’t make bold moves, the world doesn’t move forward.”
(Richard Branson, British Entrepreneur)
Before her horizon was broadened, Arifah Afdila Atmaja (22) was a Statistic Student at Institut Pertanian Bogor. She thought education from a formal institution was more than enough to prepare her to kickstart her career. Yet, as time passed, Arifah realized that the job market demanded something else.

The current highest-sought talent comes from the IT realm. Therefore, as a non-IT student, Arifah perceived that she needed to adjust to this industry demand. So, when Bangkit came into her life and offered the opportunity for thousands of Indonesian students from various majors to study tech for free, there was only one call that crossed Arifah’s mind, “Take the plunge!”

A Prospective Fresh Graduate who Thought About Her Future

Before Bangkit, Arifah was a senior-year student who thought about her future. She expected a promising career after graduation and was aware that the field with such a wide range of opportunities is technology. Therefore, Arifah wanted to learn about tech, so she could adapt to today’s technologically-paced world and immediately start her career.

When her desire to learn arose, Arifah discovered that one of her friends was a Bangkit 2021 Graduate. From her friend, she heard that the knowledge from Bangkit was constructive for career development.
"There are three things that prompted me to register for Bangkit 2022: First, Google as the program initiator, then the tech materials that were believed to be beneficial for my prospective career, and last but not least, the global certification that would be very helpful for me applying for jobs.”
Knowing that Bangkit would equip her with tech learning, soft skills, and English, Arifah was more excited to register for this program. She believed these two additional insights could prepare her to be a globally competitive talent.

When Bangkit Boosted Arifah’s Confidence

After signing up for Bangkit 2022, Arifah was accepted into the Machine Learning path. However, this program encouraged her to study independently, and she had to adjust her pace of learning to the predetermined deadline.
“Bangkit taught me to be consistent because its courses and assignments had their respective deadlines. In addition, this program also equipped me with soft skills and English, so I became more confident to communicate professionally using foreign language.”
Studying in Bangkiit also gave Arifah an exciting experience when she had to work on the capstone project. This project trained her collaboration skills because she had to create a product through long-distance teamwork. It wasn’t a big deal for Arifah as long as her team maximized the technology to communicate routinely and keep the work on track.

Moreover, after graduating from Bangkit, Arifah got something more fascinating than just the experience of implementing knowledge on capstone projects. It turned out to affect Arifah’s career.

Arifah, as a Future Data Scientist or Analyst

As mentioned above, Arifah got something more after graduating from Bangkit. She, who decided to test her Machine Learning knowledge through the TensorFlow Developer (TFD) certification exam, apparently passed.
"Approximately 80% of the insights from Bangkit contributed to my success in the TFD certification exam," Arifah said.
Then, Arifah took the TFD certificate to the Grow with Google (GwG) Career Fair. Her participation in this event brought her together with SG-EDTS, a technology and data science consulting firm based in Jakarta. At that time, she applied to become a Data Management Trainee in the field of Data Science & Analytics.
“The soft skills I got from Bangkit helped me in the recruitment process. Finally, I was successfully accepted at SG-EDTS. As a Data Management Trainee in this company, I’m responsible for preparing myself as a future Data Scientist or Analyst.”
Arifah felt very grateful to achieve her goal of kickstarting a career in tech after graduation, even though she didn’t have an IT background. Therefore, she strongly encouraged her female friends to dare to learn new things, especially in tech, as she did. There was only one thing that Arifah wanted to imprint on the minds of her female peers about trying new things, “Take the plunge!”


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