Massive Android User Led Me to a Promising Career Path

Stock Apps (2021) states that Android users reached up to 73% of other kinds of smartphones around the world. Muhammad Kharirrushofa (22), a boy from Brebes, could relate to the data as he knew the facts in his surroundings. He said that even youngsters have Android smartphones for study purposes or simply for entertainment-related things.

On the other hand, Kharir has been interested in computer-related things since childhood. No wonder Informatics Engineering turned out to be his selected major. He went through college as he should, but in the third semester, he began to think about the career path ahead. For what matters?

In the third semester, a specialization study in software engineering that refers to mobile development attracted his attention. Not only that, he also has the determination to become a reliable digital talent. Let’s continue reading to discover more about his current bustling process to make it happen!

Participated in Bangkit for Taking Serious Attention in Mobile Development

A massive number of Android users means a lot for Kharir. He thought that his competence in this field could benefit many. Once he discovered Bangkit, he pondered deepening mobile development as he considered the courses would be delivered by professional mentors there. Long story short, he also had a meaningful chit-chat with Universitas Dian Nuswantoro mates, discussing their growth through this program.

“Although I’m interested in all mobile development courses, I’m willing to deepen my understanding of Kotlin and lay-outing. They are essential yet enticing for me,” Kharir said.

During his participation in Bangkit, his love for mobile development grew stronger just after he revealed Flutter. This framework could enhance application productivity since it only requires one codebase. As a result, the users would save more time, let alone if they worked in a team.

Leveraging Flutter plays a salient role in his future career plans. Why so? As the benefit the user obtained, it’s apparently in line with the characteristics of a technology sector that has rapid development.

However, it was defined as new knowledge for him, which led to the challenging part. Another one he ought to tackle came from the task submission deadline. How did he overcome it, then?

“Setting the priority for many things to do could help you manage the daily schedule. For instance, before the session had begun, I recalled all the courses and executed the task little by little to spend my leisure time,” Kharir elaborated.

Besides time management, his precious experience in Bangkit refers to communication skills while running the Capstone Project. At that time, he had responsibilities as a mobile developer focused on Front-End.
“In the Capstone Project, I met new acquaintances with their own competencies. We had to link up our principles for making collaboration. I believe that this experience is beneficial to prepare ourselves for professional work later,” Kharir said.

Taking an Internship for Knowledge Transfer

The standard curriculum and the series of soft skills compiled by Bangkit stimulated Kharir to transfer knowledge through an internship. Nothing but the encouragement he had from the well-grounded mentors there could boost his confidence to pursue his dream in the technology sector.

After preparing all the certificates Kharir got from Bangkit, he searched for an internship on a job platform. He failed on the first try but didn’t lessen his tenacity to move forward.

On the second attempt, a boy who liked to travel found his luck at Bank BTPN. The Human Resources department was impressed by his certificates, which allowed him to participate in the recruitment process. In this session, he tried his best to implement professional branding and interview soft skills he learned from Bangkit.
“During the interview session, the interviewer asked me about Bangkit as they found a bunch of LinkedIn users announced their graduation from this program,” Kharir told.
Although Kharir is familiar with mobile development-related things, carrying out the role of IT Planning and Architecture was difficult. Besides lingering on the coding process, he is responsible for releasing the application based on several aspects.

Planning an application through a structured process is defined as his initial responsibility. It then moved to what factors influence the development, such as deciding the stakeholders, database, and level of service agreement.

Hence, his responsibility is even more challenging as Bank BTPN has 350 active applications that should be maintained, including internal and commercial purposes. In this case, he had the to-do to evaluate the benefit for the user.

“Is this application still used in other departments? If not, I have to ask for permission regarding its status, whether it needs improvement or even withdrawal to enhance efficiency,” Kharir explained.

Bangkit and Its Influence on the Career Path

At the end of the interview session, Kharir emphasized the influence of Bangkit on his career path. He could claim his statement as his real-world experience in professional work proves it all. Does he have any doubts about registering for this program?
“I guarantee that communication and time management skills from Bangkit truly matter in supporting your performance while undergoing your work. Meanwhile, the impact of hard skills transformed into holistic competence to manage the flow of application creation and decide any steps I mentioned above regarding my challenge as an IT Planning and Architecture,” Kharir demonstrates his own experiences.

For the Bangkit 2023 Cohort, always be enthusiastic about undertaking this program. You wouldn’t waste six precious months. Moreover, it works if you seek experience and networking to support your career path!” The eldest of the two closed the interview with some notes.

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