A Prospective Soldier Who Reconstructs Career Path in Technology

After graduating from high school, Roberto Hutapea (26) wanted a career like his father, who worked as a soldier. He underwent a series of preparations to obtain the best outcome, such as doing Genu Valgum (knock knee) therapy and losing weight by exercising regularly. Nevertheless, he had to face many failures during his three years.

Robert thought that spending three years fighting for something was more than enough. From a career as a soldier that he wanted to achieve, he turned to technology instead. Starting anew after what happened before is challenging for him. How did he find a purpose in life then? Let's dive in!

Starting from a Hobby, Robert Found a Purpose in Life

The second child of three was fond of games since he couldn't remember. The hope to reconstruct his career later starts with a simple yet proud thing. A Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya lecturer once asked him, "Why do you want to study Information Technology?"

Robert answered enthusiastically, "I'm ecstatic with games, especially the Game Developer sector."

His enthusiasm for pursuing the technology sector was enhanced when he found Bangkit's registration information. Free training from Google? He certainly didn't want to miss this opportunity.

The latter consideration is, which one suits him best out of the three learning paths? After discussing with his friend, who was in the Back-End, he got a suggestion to take Machine Learning. Why so?

"My favorite subject in school was Math. In addition, my desire to make games and later robotic things require knowledge in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence," he elaborated.

Study Actively in Bangkit While Selling the "Diamond"

"What's your career plan?" When a boy who enjoys watching anime is asked, he would answer that he wants to be a tech lead. No wonder he diligently studied at Bangkit. His transcript shows his average attendance score is 96.97, while the courses are equally satisfactory, 92.27.

Among the eight courses he got from Bangkit, the two he liked the most were "Mathematics for Machine Learning" and "Soft Skills & Career Development." He examined that they could keep up with his career plan ahead, considering its essential implementation.

Unfortunately, Robert's eagerness to perform as best as possible is constrained by poor time management and inadequate laptop specifications. He tried to strengthen his determination for the first problem by remembering his career plan. As a result, he cherished his free time doing Bangkit-related things. What about the second one?

Just then, the pandemic came. Lectures were also held online, and they encouraged him to be flexible in doing other things, namely selling. What items are promising? He thought.

"After researching, I decided to sell "Diamond" from the Mobile Legend game. It refers to an official payment item we could use for various playing purposes. With perseverance, in two months, I had 60 resellers, and finally, I could buy another laptop with better specifications than the old one," Robert revealed.

The challenges Robert had to tackle in Bangkit still continued. The English courses there encouraged him to study diligently since he discovered that his level of understanding could have been better. Anyhow, he never regrets his hard work at all. Something was surprising waiting for him.

Become Lead Google DSC for Sharing His Knowledge

Google Developer Student Clubs enter a learning and knowledge-sharing program in the technology sector. Meanwhile, its segmentation covered university students around the world. Those selected are referred to as "Leaders" who would introduce various Google products, such as Google Colab and Google Cloud, to cope with the problems in daily life.

Robert's participation in Bangkit brought him new acquaintances from universities around Indonesia. He then got information about Google DSC registration from there. Therefore, what's the reason he registered?

"I want to share my knowledge with my juniors in my university. Even as a freshman, I didn't get much insight." After telling the reason, he said that Bangkit's impact on him could boost his communication skills while joining the interview process.

Besides his communication skills, he wanted to highlight the certificates he gained from Bangkit, which indicate his technology experience. In short, considering his competence, he is eligible to be selected.

After Google DSC, What's Next?

Towards the end of Robert's tenure at Google DSC as a leader, he enrolled in an internship with Kampus Merdeka as a data scientist at DANA, a reliable digital payment method. He must undergo three stages: CV checking, post-screening, and follow-up interviews.

At the post-screening step, he interviewed with Human Resources from DANA. Some of the questions asked him were the same as those asked during the recruitment process. However, he felt Bangkit's impact on him going through this.

"Bangkit trained me in using English, especially in conversation. The key to passing at DANA is expressing the role of a Data Scientist and illustrating future plans fluently."

Robert's gratitude for participating in Bangkit isn't only in the increasing English level mastery but also in the technical aspects he has gained. He never imagined that people desperate to pursue a career could get to this point.
“The SQL, Modelling, and Python courses from Bangkit are handy for my performance at DANA. Moreover, the technology sector does require someone to have the ability to adapt to changes quickly.”
To close the interview session, Robert conveyed a message for Bangkit Cohort 2023. He says it's expected to encounter burnout in the learning process. Anyhow, don't allow it as an excuse for us to give up on something we have started.
“I want to emphasize that the English mastery level is functional to reinforce the career path, especially in the start-up sector. Joining Bangkit? This is your chance to grow!”
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