“Do What You Love to Make the Most of Your Learning”

A Story of Muhammad Sandy Putra Riyadi, Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Graduate from Informatics, STIKOM El Rahma
“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
Anthony J. D’Angelo - American Author
As D'Angelo said above, exponential growth can happen if we are passionate about learning. Muhammad Sandy Putra Riyadi (21) has had the same obsession since primary school. No wonder taking first place in terms of academic achievement was something Sandy used to obtain.

Sandy's remarkable achievement resulted from an unusual situation that forged him since childhood. Being born and raised in a modest family didn't only humble him but also made him realize that he needed to work twice as hard to excel and turn his dream into reality.

How did Sandy make the most from his learning to survive and graduate from Bangkit? Let's read his whole story!

Has Been Familiar with Working Hard since Childhood

Being the firstborn in the family dawned on Sandy the weight of his responsibility. He needed to be his parents' pride and his younger siblings' paragon to replace his late father, a security guard at a subsidiary of a state-owned company, to be his family's breadwinner.

Sandy turned himself into an overachiever since he was in primary school. He thought that without any privileges, he needed to take first place in academics to gain any life-changing opportunities.

Besides being very passionate about accomplishing academic achievements, Sandy has been interested in tech since he was young. He carried on his dream of becoming a digital talent until graduating high school. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit when his life at college almost began.

Became a Scholarship Recipient

After graduating high school, Sandy dreamt about starting college at a reputable public university. Unfortunately, when the pandemic came, his late father got laid off. Without any family income, Sandy was hesitant to pursue higher education.

Feeling bad about what happened to his late father, Sandy became the family provider. He landed his first job as an IT Support in a private company in Bogor with his fundamental understanding. Luckily, he could give his family a second chance regarding income.

Showing a good performance to his superior allowed Sandy to be awarded a fully funded scholarship to go to college from his office. He enrolled at STIKOM El Rahma, Bogor, majoring in Informatics. Pursuing higher education gave him new hope for a brighter future.

Finally, Sandy's life as an informatics student began. He enjoyed attaining many at college in terms of academic and non-academic achievements. However, having a dream of becoming a reliable tech talent made Sandy realize that learning only on campus was never enough to help him thrive. Therefore, he started to equip himself with relevant technical skills by self-study.

When Sandy "Wore Multiple Hats"

Doing a self-study about software development and engineering opened Sandy's eyes to the difficulty of learning without guidance and a well-structured curriculum. Almost giving up on his endeavor, he suddenly found a YouTube video promoting Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 opening registration.

This program piqued Sandy's interest and drove him to research further. After knowing that Bangkit is a training program supported by leading tech companies, such as Google, GoTo, and Traveloka, also recognized by the Ministry of Education, Research, and Technology, he didn't think twice about signing up for and choosing the Cloud Computing path.

Sandy felt he was headed to a new world once he became Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Cohort in his desired path. Besides being accepted in Bangkit, he also moved to another company. So, as his life at Bangkit began, his responsibilities as a Hosting Manager at PT Cyber Web Indonesia also had just started. It was challenging for Sandy to "wear multiple hats."

As a Cloud Computing cohort, Sandy had to undergo more than 900 hours of training. Then, as a Hosting Manager, maintaining the hosting service operations at the office is his duty. For him, bustling in Bangkit, on campus, and at the office uplifted him; he learned much about sacrifice, discipline, and doing everything passionately.

Bangkit's Positive Outcome from Sandy's Career

Juggling with many responsibilities, Sandy was motivated to perform his best simultaneously in three roles―a student at university, a Bangkit participant, and an employee at work. Even though it was tremendously challenging for him to keep up, he gains strength when he remembers his family. He has a mother and a sibling who rely on him for support. Learning from all his past activities, the key that helps Sandy nail all his responsibilities is time management. In addition to that, he also admitted that perseverance and patience played a significant role.

From Bangkit, he acquired many soft skills and insights, which are very practical for him at work. Besides that, sessions that discussed critical thinking, problem-solving, collaborating, growth mindset, and many more were also Sandy's favorite part of Bangkit. Moreover, the technical knowledge Sandy primarily gained from Bangkit assisted him in expanding his horizon about cloud infrastructure. The hard skills he honed in Bangkit, such as JavaScript programming language and server-side development, helped him build his confidence as a digital talent.

After acquiring comprehensive knowledge, Sandy teamed up with his peers to work on the product-based capstone project. Together, they built a tourism app called Tourista. Sandy perceived the capstone project gave him a pleasant experience cultivating problem-solving expertise.
“Taking part in Bangkit generated positive outcomes in my performance at work. I became someone more confident in completing tasks and facing new daily challenges. Then, the Cloud Computing knowledge taught in Bangkit shed light on maintaining the company’s hosting infrastructure more efficiently and solving technical problems quickly. My well-improved accomplishment has sharply increased my client’s satisfaction rate.”

Sandy's 5 Tips on How to Make the Most from Your Learning

Going through more than 900 hours of learning in Bangkit while studying and working wasn't easy for Sandy until he graduated from this program. Therefore, he wants to share some tips with the Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 about surviving and making the most from learning in Bangkit.

#1 Make Sure You Have Passion in Tech

"Joining Bangkit means you are ready to fully open your heart to dive deeper into technology. Therefore, make sure you have passion for this when you decide to sign yourself up for Bangkit. Your motivation will remain high if you do what you love, and you will be encouraged to learn more."

#2 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

"Doing what you love shouldn't hinder you from growing outside your comfort zone. Be courageous in stepping out of your inconvenient area and trying new things. Hone your skills by facing new challenges then you'll see yourself change."

#3 Focus on Your Initial Goal

"Always remember your initial goal whenever you go the extra mile. Focus on it and ensure that everything you do today will get you closer to whatever you dream about. Don't waste your time on something unrelated to your final destination."

#4 Collaboration is Key to Success in Bangkit

"There are many keys to success in Bangkit, but the primary one is collaboration. Make new friends, expand your network, share your insight, and collaborate to make the most from your learning in Bangkit."

#5 Always Be Yourself

“Lastly, always remember who you are and be yourself. Don't try to be others to achieve your goals. You may imitate the spirit of someone you adore but be yourself in pursuing your dream.”

After giving five tips on how to make the most from learning, Sandy wishes nothing to the Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 Cohorts but a huge success. He believes that they are InIndonesia'sright future of technology.


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