Opportunities Exist for Those Willing to Strive

A Story of Bagus Angkasawan Sumantri Putra, Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 Cohort from Informatics Engineering, Universitas Pramita Indonesia

To ignite the transformation process, we must take on difficult challenges that require steadfast determination. The obstacles we face during the journey can be our catalyst for profound change.

Bagus Angkasawan Sumantri Putra (21) fully understands this. Aspiring to be successful, Bagus realized that he had to transform himself and work twice as hard to reach his dream because of his underprivileged background―he is a motorcycle ride-hailing driver or an ojek online.

The path he had to take wasn’t an easy one, but he chose not to give up. He believes that a beautiful destination awaits at the end.

Bagus’ Determination to Succeed

Born into a modest family, Bagus understands the meaning of hard work. His parent’s small grocery store at home gave life to his family and paid for his school and other necessities. His parents' economic constraints fueled his determination to succeed. He wanted to launch a promising career to make his parents proud.

Therefore, to reach this dream, following his high school graduation, Bagus seized the opportunity presented by the Kartu Indonesia Pintar (KIP) Kuliah. This scholarship allowed him to pursue a degree at Universitas Pramitra Indonesia, majoring in Informatics Engineering. Then, Bagus’ life as an IT student began, and so did the challenges of being a motorcycle ride-hailing driver to support his family financially.

Juggling between studying at university and his demanding job, Bagus navigated through all his challenges. From taking passengers in the early morning to late-night shifts to meet income targets, Bagus displayed unwavering resilience in his studies and work.

Beyond his daily responsibilities, Bagus harbored dreams of becoming a digital talent capable of having a promising career. His strong will to give his family a better life motivated him to explore the field further. It then led him to discover Bangkit.

Embarking on an Exciting Journey in Bangkit

Bagus' journey took an exciting turn when he discovered Bangkit. Having found an announcement about Bangkit on Dicoding's Instagram, he delved into the details and saw an opportunity to study technology. Motivated by the prospect of learning directly from industry practitioners, Bagus applied for Bangkit 2023 Batch 2, focusing on Cloud Computing.

Accepted into Bangkit, Bagus was excited to embark on a challenging journey. Often, he grappled with the constraint of limited time to balance between university lectures, Bangkit's coursework, and his job as a motorcycle ride-hailing driver. Bagus knew he had to swiftly absorb and practice Bangkit’s dense material in assignments and other coursework.

From Monday to Sunday, Bagus dedicated his mornings and afternoons to going to campus or focusing on Bangkit. When evening arrived, he would wear his ride-hailing driver uniform and start his part-time job. If there were ILT sessions in the evening, he began to ride his bike and look for passengers after attending the sessions.

Despite the challenges, Bagus felt fortunate to be part of Bangkit 2023 Batch 2. He considered it a golden opportunity to learn new things and connect with industry professionals. The relevance of Bangkit's curriculum to the current technology landscape, coupled with the guidance of professional and experienced mentors and instructors, made Bangkit an invaluable experience for him.

Currently navigating his learning journey within Bangkit, Bagus has already reaped numerous benefits. The comprehensive technological knowledge, expanding professional network, and enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills stand out among the gains he attributes to Bangkit.

Never Surrender to Difficult Circumstances

One of Bagus's favorite Bangkit classes is Time Management. The insights he gained proved precious in overcoming the challenges of bustling in the university, at work, and in Bangkit. The course underscored the importance of efficient time management and equipped Bagus to meet all of Bangkit's responsibilities promptly.

As Bagus continues his Bangkit journey, he hopes to graduate soon and emerge as a technology expert with a promising career capable of positively impacting society. He offers encouragement to fellow aspiring digital talents facing similar challenges.
“Never surrender to difficult circumstances and believe opportunities exist for those willing to strive. The key to success lies in hard work and a relentless passion for learning.”
In a special message to those facing situations akin to his humble beginnings, Bagus emphasizes that they are not alone. Many individuals from humble backgrounds have successfully achieved great success. He implores them not to fear pursuing their dreams, urging them to persist in their efforts and learn to achieve success.

From driving a motorcycle ride-hailing to aspiring to be a digital talent with the potential to change the world, Bagus exemplifies the spirit of resilience and the belief that every challenge is an opportunity for growth. As he maneuvers the dynamic landscape of Bangkit, Bagus's journey inspires all those striving for success against the odds.


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