When Geoscience Meets Machine Learning

A Story of Alin Sharina Dwi Yampy, Bangkit 2022 Student from Universitas Cendrawasih
“Over the last decade, there has been considerable progress in developing ML-based methodologies for many Earth Science applications.”
(David J. Lary, Physics Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, 2010)

Applying ML to one of earth sciences―Geoscience―is the dream of Papua-born Alin Sharina Dwi Yampy (22). This Geophysics Student at Universitas Cendrawasih hopes that one day, her ML skill can advance the sustainable natural resources management of her homeland, Papua.

Maintain Connection with Fellow Female Geoscience Student and Learn Machine Learning

Alin―that’s what she’s called―is taking part in Society of Exploration Geophysicist (SEG), a global non-profit organization with a mission of connecting the world of applied geophysics based in Houston, USA. She plays an important role in SEG’s female student community in Indonesia, namely SEG Women’s Network Indonesia (SEGWN Indonesia). In SEGWN Indonesia, Alin is in charge of social media.
“I’m interested in joining SEGWN Indonesia, because I know that there are only a few women in geoscience. Therefore, by taking part in this organization, we can connect and support each other.”
Apart from maintaining connections with fellow female geoscience students, Alin also has a desire to find out more about ML for her future. She knew that in the world of geophysics, ML can be used for many things, one of which is to estimate earth faults or other rock properties. So, once Alin graduates from college one day, she wants to acquire not only the knowledge about geophysics and seismic, but also ML skills that‘s highly regarded as additional value.

Learning ML in Bangkit for the Future of Papua’s Natural Resources

Born and raised in Papua, Alin sees that her homeland has a wealth of potential for its natural resources. Unfortunately, Alin feels that these natural resources have not been explored very well. So, in her opinion, the use of ML can help scientists in exploring natural resources there.
“One day, I want to contribute to natural resource management in Papua, where I can apply my ML skills. That’s why I’m interested in learning in Bangkit and getting deeper into ML.”
Alin feels that the process of deepening ML materials for six months in Bangkit is very promising. For Alin, Bangkit looks different from other bootcamp programs which last for short days, where the material doesn't really parse well. Presented by Google, Alin sees that Bangkit has a well-structured learning material about her desired learning path.

By joining Bangkit, Alin hopes that she can achieve sufficient ability in ML to help her reach all the goals in the future. She also expects that her capstone project will help her gain more knowledge about the application of ML. More practice and getting out into the field are two more important things for Alin than just understanding theories. Alin hopes Bangkit can give her those opportunities.
“Keep your spirits up until the end of Bangkit and let's graduate together for a better future of Indonesian technology!”

Alin wants to go through the learning process in Bangkit with her fellow cohorts. Besides graduating together with her peers, Alin wishes for a good skill in ML, so that she can apply her knowledge to the seismic field. Moreover, becoming a female geoscientist with ML expertise is something that Alin wants to achieve to advance her homeland's natural resources.

How about you? What dreams keep you making positive progress in Bangkit?

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