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A Story of Bisma Satria Nugraha, Bangkit 2021 Graduate from Geomatics Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya
“All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision.”
(James Clear, Atomic Habits)
As a reader and fan of Atomic Habits, Bisma Satria Nugraha (21) isn’t just attached to the quote above. He has also manifested these words in his daily life since long ago.

Bisma strived to make good progress, as much as 1% daily. This was because he had to take a detour to reach the finish line of his dream tech career. He had a long way to go because he didn’t come from an IT background. Departing from the geomatics engineering sector, Bisma took steps steadily. Finally, he gained working experience in three tech companies before earning his bachelor's degree.

Made Time to Make Progress

Like people who aspire to kickstart a career in tech, Bisma planned to study informatics engineering or information systems once he graduated from high school. However, he didn’t make it in receiving the letter of acceptance from one of his two dream majors. Fate led him to study in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at ITS Surabaya, as his parents wished.
“Although I had been busy with my college activity, I always made time to make 1% progress in learning tech every day, because my true dream was in the realm of technology. I really wanted to reach it.”
Bisma always spared his time to do self-taught learning about technology. He usually utilized platforms like freeCodeCamp or took advantage of discounts offered by Udemy. No matter how busy his schedule was, he would always be there to connect with the IT realm.

Learned Android From 0 Till Setting Foot in The Top 50 Capstone Project

When Bisma was buckling down to studying IT independently, he got information about Bangkit from one of his lecturers. The learning opportunity that Bangkit offered for free made Bisma excited to sign himself up. Moreover, Bisma wanted to explore the world of Android that he didn’t sound familiar with.

In Bangkit, Bisma learned Android from scratch. However, the curriculum and comprehensive learning allowed Bisma to absorb many insights into Android. Moreover, adequate knowledge obtained from Bangkit encouraged Bisma to be confident in being Android Developer for his capstone project.
“My team was led by one of Bangkit 2021’s resource persons, Dzakiyyah Rosyadi. She made it in taking us to the Top 50 Capstone Project because we successfully developed a transportation app called Kotlite.”
It was unforgettable for Bisma to make such a good achievement in Bangkit. Bisma said that this program didn’t only shape him to become a tech expert but also trained him to be disciplined in managing his schedule. Besides being a time-disciplined person, after Bangkit, Bisma also felt that this program gave him practical knowledge about career readiness. Who would have thought this knowledge would lead him to be accepted as an intern at various well-known tech companies?

Hired as an Intern in Several Well-Known Companies

After graduating from Bangkit, Bisma obtained many internship opportunities. First, he was accepted as a Software Development Engineer in Test at Dana Indonesia. Then he was employed at TaniHub. Finally, Bisma was contacted by a Tokopedia recruiter to apply for Software Engineer Intern - Engineering Productivity, and he managed to be hired.

Tech learnings from Bangkit were beneficial for Bisma in carrying out his task in the office, one of which was knowledge related to automation and instrument testing. However, the takeaway that played the most significant role in Bisma’s career was the soft skills class that let Bisma know about the job interview.
“To be successfully accepted in a well-known tech company, there are some points you need to consider:
  1. Don’t be afraid to grab an opportunity because it won’t come twice.
  2. Complement learnings obtained from campus with pieces of information acquired from outside, such as from Bangkit Academy.
  3. Make 1% progress each day. Later, your progress will exceed 100%.”
Bisma felt that his experience from undergoing various internships at well-known tech companies would help him achieve his goals. One day, he wants to be a technopreneur. Therefore, the 1% progress he practices from the Atomic Habits is a step he takes to get closer to his dream.

To his juniors in Bangkit 2022, Bisma advised them to enjoy the learning process in this program because it is stimulating. Furthermore, he hoped that the cohorts wouldn’t waste the opportunity Bangkit offers because Bangkit can lead them to promising career opportunities.


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