"Bangkit has empowered me to help high school students unleash their potential."

A Story of Aviel Singkop Naftali, Bangkit 2022 Student from Computer Science, Universitas Bina Nusantara

In their twenties, most people are busy making their dreams come true. However, Aviel Singkop Naftali (21) chose his path. He went ahead and has been busy realizing the dreams of many high school students in continuing education at a reputable university.

Through an online learning platform he built with his high school friends, Aviel helps many students who want to join tutoring programs but are underfunded. To provide the best learning experiences for students, Aviel decided to learn Cloud Computing (CC) in Bangkit. He wants to make the students’ dreams of studying at their dream university come true.

Embarked On His Journey with Gaining Many Achievements

Aviel’s participation in innovation and computer science competitions with two friends marked his high school years. He and his team often won these competitions, at the city, national, to international levels. In every match, Aviel was in charge of coding. This made him interested in deepening this field.

One of the international achievements that Aviel’s team has achieved is International Research Competition OKSEEF in Mathematics and Computer Science in Turkey, June 2019. At that time, Aviel and his friends were at the end of their senior year in high school.

After achieving that prominent achievement, Aviel and his friends realized that senior year was the busiest time in high school. As a result, many of their peers started to occupy themselves finding the best tutoring program to help them be accepted at reputed universities. However, Aviel, who comes from a mid-level family, was aware that the cost of joining a tutoring program is quite expensive.

Aviel’s unease became the forerunner of the birth of an online learning platform for high school students who want to continue their studies. Together with his two friends, Aviel agreed to build Akademis.id.

Building Akademis.id with Earnings from Competition

Online learning platforms are many in Indonesia. Nevertheless, Aviel and his team knew that the media focusing on college selection exam preparation was not very prominent. Therefore, they created Akademis.id. They spend their earnings from various competitions to build this platform around 20 to 30 million rupiahs as initial capital.

When Akademis.id was formed, Aviel registered this platform to Advance Innovation Global Competition for innovation in education at NTU Singapore in November 2019. Again, Aviel’s team won the gold medal.

Currently, Akademis.id has approximately 30 employees. To make Akademis.id a platform that also can produce future leaders, Aviel launched the Academic Future Leader program. This initiative is an internship and training program for early-semester students to improve their skills. In Akademis.id, Aviel serves as Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

As time passed, Akademis. id’s users grew bigger; meanwhile, this platform used servers that were shared with others. When the user’s number was still at 100 to 200, it was still manageable by Aviel. But, when Akademis.id reached 200,000 active users, this platform faced trouble. The app of Akademis.id didn’t run smoothly. Aviel thought he had to solve this problem to still give the best learning experience for his users. This led Aviel to meet Bangkit on his journey.

Joining Bangkit to Help Akademis.id Grow Bigger

Akademis.id was hit by problems when it started to have 200,000 active users because the server was still shared with others. At that time, Aviel began looking for a solution to increase resources without fiddling with the server. It made Aviel find the term CC. Getting to know CC led Aviel to meet a Cloud Platform Engineer named Imre Nagi on YouTube.

At that time, Aviel watched Imre Nagi do a live CC demo at a GDSC event using the deck for Bangkit. It made Aviel curious about Bangkit, and he conducted in-depth research.

When Aviel discovered that Bangkit is an educational program with CC as the learning path, he was instantly interested in signing up. He wanted to absorb lots of knowledge about CC to improve the resources of Akademis.id for user convenience. Another exciting part of Bangkit in Aviel’s eyes was its free ACE certification offer.

After successfully being accepted at Bangkit, Aviel experienced the well-structured curriculum of this program. He also felt lucky because he could gain more understanding of leading, even though he had already been exposed to this thing at Akademis.id.
“In Bangkit, I carried out my duty as a leader for a team working on the Company-Based Capstone Project for Traveloka. There, we were directly involved in the company building good architecture and reliable applications so users could get the best hotel recommendations.”
Gaining sufficient knowledge about CC from Bangkit made Aviel move the server of Akademis.id to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) gradually. He did this to provide users of Akademis.id with a maximum learning experience.

To Get High School Students Closer to the University of Their Dream

Since Aviel’s background in joining Bangkit was to enhance the resource of Akademis.id, he has a plan to grow this platform bigger once he graduates from Bangkit.
“I aspire to help more Indonesian students get closer to their dream university by providing an affordable online tutoring program. I hope it can support underfunded students' training before the university selection exam.”
Besides that, Aviel wants to advance his company, El&co Cloud Consulting. He built this consulting firm to help clients create their software in CC. Under the legal name of PT Elnco Teknologi Horizon, Aviel wished this company could also expand.

Although Aviel already achieved many things at a very young age, he holds the value of “rice” firmly.
“I want to be like a rice plant; The fuller, the more bent. On the other hand, I don’t want to be arrogant because I believe there is always someone more competent than us. Therefore, we must stay humble.”
To his Bangkit 2022 peers, Aviel hoped that his friends could gain as much knowledge as possible. Moreover, he wanted to encourage them to implement their learning for impactful outcomes, just as Aviel did with Akademis.id.


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