Bangkit Motivates Me to Consistently Achieve My Goals

Being consistent in pursuing goals is somewhat tricky. Christell James Cellose (22) used to believe it once until he met Bangkit and committed to improving himself. How is that? He envisions himself as a reliable tech talent through this program. His journey proves he could progress in any situation, no matter how small.

Joining Bangkit as The First Step to Learn Machine Learning

James (22) is an end-year Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa student majoring in Information Systems, a field he perceives as essential to driving interaction among people, processes, and technology. Entering the 3rd year of his university studies, he chose to learn machine learning since it relates to the implementation side of his major.

Thanks to his supportive circle, who recommended that he join Bangkit. Indeed, he didn't think twice about going forward. The program's Day 1 "Opening Ceremony" already gave him a goosebump about the valuable experience he would gain.

Company-Based Capstone Project is the Chance for Work Simulation

Upon joining Bangkit, he realized it was challenging to master the teaching materials. However, mentors have helped me personally and technically tackle any problematic queries.

Having finished all the ILT sessions in Bangkit, James entered the new phase, the Company-Based Capstone Project. He highlighted that Idea Generation & MVP Planning, and Startup Valuation soft skills have greatly supported his role as a team leader. James led the creative process, distributed the members' tasks, set their pace in doing the job, and tracked their progress.

His team participated in a Company-Based project under Traveloka Singapore's guidance. The group consists of participants from different learning paths, i.e., four people from Machine Learning, three from Cloud Computing, and three from Android Developers.

Together, they conducted a project called "Building Engine for Optimizing Hotel Ranking Based on Business Cases," which aims to utilize Machine Learning to present the most accurate recommendation. Their goal is to create a system that would keep a hotel competitive amidst its competitors. The team employed regression analysis and algorithms to process the output to achieve that purpose. They focused on bringing out customized and dynamic insights for the company.

Among 19 selected teams, they were designated as the top 10 and got the chance to present the idea to stakeholders. It was a valuable chance to prove they were capable and ready to implement their skills in real-world situations.

Commitment and positivity are keys for the team to manage the to-do list.
“I’m grateful to run this project as my fellows have shown their best. We were also able to share constructive feedback to boost our performance. NextHotel was indeed our masterpiece application,” James said.

Bangkit for James: No Pain, No Gain

During Bangkit, he sent a cold email to human resources at Vision+. This multinational entertainment company provides video-on-demand streaming platforms through mobile apps, the web, and large-screen TVs. Fortunately, he was accepted!
“Bangkit provided me with a good environment that has made me a well-prepared person.”
Combining work, Bangkit, and regular study at university, his life at that time was "a real roller coaster ride," according to him. In Bangkit, he felt that the most challenging topic was ILT Tech 4, which discussed "TensorFlow Developer through the Deep Learning model."

Persistence and confidence are required to survive in Bangkit, he said. He alone met competitive fellows who tried their best to complete the tasks. Such a competitive yet collaborative environment has motivated him to stay consistent and make progress one step at a time. After all his struggles, James felt very excited that, as a graduate, he could finish what he had started in Bangkit.

James is Thankful to Pass the Certification and Work in a Multinational Company

James was so happy that he succeeded in the TensorFlow certification examination at the end of the Bangkit period. Initially, he was concerned about seriously taking test preparation for the best result.
"Time section to answer the questions is fatiguing," he said. But yet, he nailed it.
Reflecting on his journey when he was invited for a further interview in Vision+ to upscale his role from an intern to a full-timer, he received a good impression, highlighting his certification.
“The interviewers were impressed with my skills as verified by the Bangkit certifications, a set of credentials that prove myself as a capable talent. Moreover, specifically on competencies, HR also gave additional value to my data processing and deployment as well as my data-driven approach skills."
Although hell, a third-year student yet to graduate from university then, it was a fine company. As a result, James, initially a Data Analyst intern, got promoted to a full-time employee with "Data Scientist" as his job title. He analyzes users' data to grasp the trend, thus drawing conclusions for future business plans.

In addition, as a newbie at work, he also realized how important the professional English class was during Bangkit. It helped him present work-related data, a skill that distinguishes him from his junior colleagues. s. Moreover, English has also been helpful for him in collaborating with any divisions and departments, even during the company-based capstone project period.
“Bangkit boosts my self-development in career, personality, and soft skills,” said James.

James' Notes for the Next Bangkit Cohort

For the next Bangkit Cohort, James has three things to share, namely:

#1 Before Solving Problems, Check the Tool's Feasibility Factor First

Only a few things in daily life require Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning as problem solvers. Before using AI tools or aspects such as ML, check the feasibility. Is it feasible? Is it necessary to use AI? Before the production stage, careful planning is a must.

#2 Stay Active

Staying active could stimulate you to be a reliable tech person. By being active, you'll explore your potential, thus having the confidence to collaborate and innovate.

#3 Consistency is a Must

No matter how complex the process is, consistency is a must. Keep your eyes on your goals to remain consistent at all times. Little progress is better than pursuing perfection.

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