Achieving Success Against All Odds

A Story of Muhammad Rizal Muhaimin, Bangkit 2022 Graduate from Informatics Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung
"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
Abraham Lincoln, Former U.S. President
Being born into an underprivileged family doesn’t mean we’ll have difficulty having a bright future. It is what Muhammad Rizal Muhaimin (22) believes in. He doesn’t doubt that everyone has the power to create their own destiny, regardless of their background.

His family's economic condition is what makes Rizal in complete agreement with Abraham Lincoln’s statement above. As his father passed away when he was an eleventh grader, his mother is responsible as the family’s breadwinner. Financial hardship in his family encouraged him to make his future brighter.

Giving his family a better life is something that Rizal aims for. Did he manage to do it? Let’s read his whole story!

The Value of Forbearance Held by Rizal’s Family

Since Rizal was a child, life has taught him the value of forbearance. He was born in a humble family of five, resided in Banyuwangi, East Java, and is the second of three children.

If Rizal were asked about who is an exceptional figure that contributed the most to his life, it would be his mother. As a farmer earning only IDR 300,000-500,000 (USD 19-32) monthly, Rizal’s mother raised three children alone. His mother’s toughness inspires him and his brother to foster the same resilience.

After his mother, Rizal’s older brother is someone he looks up to. Working as a stocker in a supermarket, nothing matters to him other than his younger brother’s education. Therefore, Rizal’s older brother helps his mother to make the family’s ends meet.

His mother and his older brother are the two persons from whom Rizal learned about tenacity a lot. He wants to give back to his family and help them fund his younger brother’s education. For this reason, he put tremendous effort into studying to prepare for his future career.

Rizal’s Dream of Becoming Tech Talent

Having a high passion for learning was something that Rizal did to give his family a better life in the future. Since he was very young, he has already put his heart into technology. Therefore, Rizal studied hard to get accepted to Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). His effort bore fruit when he finally became an Informatics Engineering student there.

Once he managed to study at his dream university, Rizal aspired to be a tech talent. He realized he needed more than just an educational degree to launch a career in the tech industry. Equipping himself with additional learning earned outside of campus is something that he has to do. Therefore, Rizal enrolled in one of the Dicoding scholarship programs to dive deeper into tech.

His earnestness led him to graduate from the scholarship program, and this success encouraged him to apply for more scholarships. Rizal’s involvement in Dicoding’s ecosystem got him acquainted with Bangkit. Planning to learn more about Mobile Development (Android) got Rizal into this program. He didn’t think twice about signing up for Bangkit.

After waiting some time, the good news was sent to Rizal’s mailbox. He was accepted as a Bangkit 2022 Cohort in the Mobile Development (Android) path.

How Bangkit Helped Rizal Grow

Successfully becoming one of the +3,000 accepted cohorts made Rizal strive to give his best in Bangkit 2022. This program’s learning ecosystem primarily used English as its lingua franca.
“Speaking English in Bangkit got me accustomed to communicating in this language, and I felt that learning by doing is the best way to learn.”
Although Rizal had a pleasant learning experience in Bangkit, he did encounter some challenges. One of them was working on his capstone project. The activity pushed him to learn more about teamwork and understand that we might work with people from different backgrounds.

However, Rizal asserted that learning in Bangkit is the best decision he has ever made because this program exposed him to career preparation insights. No wonder a grown professional network and well-developed self-confidence are the two best things he got from Bangkit. When the time for Rizal to intern came, he was more than ready.

Rizal’s Journey to Success

After undergoing more than 900 hours of learning Mobile Development (Android), Rizal managed to graduate. Although things related to Android development were new for him, it didn’t hinder him from comprehending the material and reaping its benefits, especially when he had to work on his final project on campus.

Rizal teamed up with his three colleagues for his final project on campus. They are developing an application that can detect the motif of woven fabric to create a catalog that shows the diversity of Indonesian woven fabric. Leveraging insights from Bangkit, Rizal plays a significant role in developing the UI, UX, and Front-End.

His hands-on experience in maintaining Front-End while working on a final project and his abundant knowledge in tech as a Bangkit 2022 Graduate helped him to launch his career as a Front-End Developer Intern at PT Dans Multi Pro. In this IT solutions firm based in Jakarta Selatan, Rizal is responsible for improving the company’s existing application in terms of code and appearance.
“One of many things from Bangkit contributing to my career’s success is its soft skills training. Acquiring professional communication skills from this program helped me solve the problem at the office efficiently. My ability to think critically made me a valuable asset to the team. Therefore, I was given the responsibility of handling ad hoc issues at work.”
After a year of working as an intern, Rizal was finally promoted to full-time. That made his family proud of him. No longer only his mother and older brother provide for the family. Rizal is side by side with them to give them a better life.
“When life gets tough, remember you are always bigger than your problem. Be resilient and bounce back from your setbacks.”


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