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A Story of Yogic Wahyu Rhamadianto, Bangkit 2020 Graduate from Geophysics Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya
“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” - Albert Einstein
Learning is a lifelong journey that allows us to grow as an individual. As someone who aspires to be an ever-evolving tech talent, Yogic Wahyu Rhamadianto shares the same mindset. This Bangkit 2020 Graduate from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) believes that learning should never stop, especially for tech talents.

Curious about machine learning, Yogic started his learning journey in Bangkit in 2020. The voyage finally led him to PT Berau Coal Energy, his current company, where he landed a job as a data engineer. Are you curious about Yogic’s learning journey in Bangkit? Let’s explore further!

A Geophysical Engineer with Curiosity  

Born and raised in Kediri, East Java, Yogic came from a humble family. The eldest of two siblings, Yogic had a sense of responsibility since he was very young. His parents are broiler chicken traders, and they wish nothing but to see their eldest be a successful, kind, and responsible person regarding work, spirituality, and social life.

To make his parents proud, Yogic wanted to be a successful tech talent, realizing that digital transformation was at its peak nowadays. Although Yogic studied Geophysical Engineering on campus, he was familiar with computing with MATLAB tools. From that moment on, he started exploring Python to meet current technological needs.

Learning From the Expert in Bangkit

Yogic’s interest in getting to know more about tech made him surf LinkedIn and Instagram to find some learning opportunities. Then, he stumbled upon Bangkit. Knowing that Bangkit could help him dive deep into tech, he decided to join this program and learn Machine Learning.
“In Bangkit, I met many people from various backgrounds with a wide range of tech skills. Although different, we have the same vision and passion for learning.”
At first, Yogic was a bit anxious because it was the first time he met people outside his field of study. Plus, he was still unfamiliar with tech, especially Machine Learning and Python. As is known, these domains are challenging to learn.

However, Yogic adapted and kept up with the module Bangkit provided. Then, this program gave him new insights from experts in their respective fields. In other words, curiosity drove him to learn more from them.
“Joining this program in 2020, I could learn from the experts to be aware of nowadays’s more advanced technological concepts.”

Be a Career-Ready Talent After Bangkit

After over 900 hours of learning in Bangkit, Yogic graduated. The learning experience he gained from this program regarding theory, networking, and certification helped him thrive.

As his Bangkit’s period was over, Yogic worked in two well-known companies: Pegipegi and Sinarmas Mining. His Bangkit’s learning experience assisted him in pursuing a career in these two industries.

For Yogic, the curriculum in Bangkit was up to date because it was constantly being improved and adjusted to current industry needs. The curriculum also helped Yogic become a Python Developer even though he had no tech educational background or experience in this field.

Yogic continued his career as a Data Engineer at PT Berau Coal Energy. From a Python Developer, he moved into a more data-oriented specialization. He felt that Bangkit’s certificate and curriculum also impacted his current job.
“The project management and practical coding related to Python and Machine Learning helped me in the PT Berau Coal Energy recruitment process. The lessons can also be implemented in data-oriented fields such as Data Engineering.”
If you are curious about the daily work of a Data Engineer, Yogic explains it here. More or less, he creates data pipelines in his daily job. Further, Data Engineers work to build systems that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for Data Scientists and Business Analysts.

As one of the Bangkit Graduates who landed a job at one of the largest coal companies in Indonesia, Yogic has a message for those who want to achieve their dreams:
"Try your best, especially at learning new things, even if they're tricky. You never know; it could unlock your future!"


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