Unexpected Career Path in Balancing Hustle and Bustle

Iqbal Shafiq Rozaan (22) has been interested in technology since childhood as the desktop his parents provided. Together with his siblings, they discovered something interesting there. At that time, game creation caught his attention for further consideration.

"I could have mine," he said.

Eventually, Iqbal defined his goal like the proverb "All roads lead to Rome." Instead of majoring in technology-based courses, he enrolled in Mathematics at Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya. However, the decision dragged him to better career perspectives. Now that Android Developer came into mind after, it stimulated him to pursue the field as best as possible.

Amid the hustle and bustle, the youngest of three never imagined he would meet the unexpected career path. How could it be? Let's dive into his full story!

Mastering Mathematics for Logical Thinking

Iqbal was fond of games influenced by his siblings, especially his second brother, an Informatics Engineering student. Besides, since he revealed basic language programming from the same source in his final year of Junior High School, his passion evolved to a broader scope.

Entering university life, Iqbal decided to take Mathematics. He thinks that the syllabus could still maintain his logical thinking. For instance, formula proofing in Algebra turned out to be the chance to train it.

While accomplishing his status as a Mathematics student, he studied Android application development by self-taught through a video tutorial. His curiosity increased; no doubt he was so excited to participate in Bangkit when he entered the sixth semester.

While joining Bangkit, he discovered that his competence in Mobile Development remains involved. He hoped that it could reach the standard performance out there. For the long-term goal, the Tech Lead position would be his ideal to grasp.

Served the Best Performance in Bangkit

Among all the sessions in Bangkit, weekly consultation caught Iqbal's attention for some reasons.

"I could interact better with my mates. Moreover, the facilitators were mesmerizing at leading the meet," Iqbal said.

On the other hand, he elaborated that the best performance in Bangkit wasn't a cup of tea. For what matters? The timeline for carrying out the assignment is defined as that tight. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean it could be unreasonable to be done on time.

"Every cohort should have a disciplined mindset in fulfilling all the tasks from Bangkit. Once they dealt with that, I guaranteed they could accomplish their responsibilities." Iqbal remembered his experiences.

Having been conquering time management during Bangkit, he moved to the further consideration of looking for work as an Android Developer. At that time, he found a position at PT Digital Asia Solusindo as an IT Consultant based in Surabaya.

Iqbal was willing to take a full-time position, believing he could balance his hustle and bustle in Bangkit. Anyhow, an offer he got was about an internship.

"Although it's quite disappointing for me, I accept it for a better work experience later," he said.

From February until July 2022, he had to work hard for two agendas at a time. However, it couldn't stop him from performing well, although he should lose the rest he deserved.
“I tried to implement the knowledge I obtained in Bangkit while carrying out my responsibility for improving one of our largest clients. The result? At the end of the internship period, I grabbed the full-time position as an Android Developer,” Iqbal said.

Life as an Android Developer

Iqbal continued his studies while working after graduating from Bangkit with AAD Certification. He noted that the key to getting that written recognition must be to learn all the material and join the simulation.

How about his challenge as an Android Developer in PT Digital Asia Solusindo? This sector has arguably quick development. As a result, he should boost his competence in generating an application in a hybrid manner.
“By joining Bangkit, I’m reliable in researching the latest Android application development technology. I feel grateful when I deal with that issue; I can compete with the other developers out there.”
On the other hand, Iqbal recalled the support from the mentor he got. It was desirable and essential for his graduation in Bangkit. No wonder he was stimulated to enroll for the Bangkit 2023 Mentor in the same learning path he had taken. For him, helping others with his knowledge burst him into a blessed feeling.

"Every Cohort should have a conscious mindset to develop themselves for hard and soft skills in Bangkit. Moreover, it should also be noted that each of you has a different starting point. So, don't be inferior if you see others who have completed a submission quickly. It will be much better if it becomes a motivation to be more active in completing the submission." Iqbal closed the interview.

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