Perseverance is the Key to Pursue My IT Dream

Each of us defines success in different ways. Among many options, the health sector seems promising for Rafi Aditya Seno Aji's (22) family to perceive a decent life. However, the boy with a badminton hobby has his own perspective.

Rafi was really into tech, which led him to discover his definition of success. No wonder it stimulated him to take Informatics Engineering at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro. With his skills in this sector, he even hopes to make a meaningful contribution to Indonesia. What was it, and how did he realize it then? Let's dive in!

Gained Knowledge from Multi-Sources

Born in 2001, Rafi's supportive family drove him to select his path. Undoubtedly, he gets limitless motivation to maintain his passion for the tech sector. These positive affirmations could also remain his enthusiasm when enhancing his competence.

Graduating college on time with a GPA of 3.78 turned out to be the initial step Rafi strives for competence development. In the fourth semester, he sought knowledge outside the university through a program launched by Kampus Merdeka.

He took the program's Android and Multi-Platform learning path for six months. He knew that his spare time would be significantly lessened during participation. Nothing but his parents' belief about his ability to finish the program was too notable not to consider.

"In addition to parental support, another thing that keeps me excited about completing classes is that smartphone users will continue to grow. As a result, becoming a Mobile Developer could be a good career choice. I also wanted to create an application for society's needs," Rafi explained.

Both external and internal motivation are a formidable combination for Rafi. Why so? In the study program, he became the best graduate with an accumulated score of 91.

However, such an achievement didn't just happen. Rafi recalled that his "Belajar Fundamental Aplikasi Flutter" and "Final Project" classes made him study harder by finding additional references through video tutorials and reading-related resources. Not to mention, interacting with the team in developing products requires communication skills that should be continuously honed.

Continued Learning in Bangkit to Keep Up with Career Plan

"My career plan is to deepen my programming knowledge, especially in Mobile Development, by honing new skills. As a result, later, I can give the best performance at my workplace," Rafi explained.

One month after completing the previous study program, Rafi joined Bangkit, which was initiated by Google, supported by Goto and Traveloka, and under the auspices of Kampus Merdeka.

The Mobile Development learning path was certainly Rafi's choice in Bangkit. On this occasion, he still performed as best as possible to grasp his career plan. However, it's undeniable that obstacles will always take place when someone wants to progress.

"There were many modules in Bangkit, so organizing my daily activities would help me. Nothing but balancing all my responsibilities could avoid my negligence," Rafi said.

Through ILT sessions, Rafi showed his tenacity as he took the materials delivered by the mentors. He then was eager to ask questions about the point he didn't understand. His learning process continued through self-learning after class by recalling each new insight he got in a day. The result?

The second of three siblings scored perfectly in two fundamental Mobile Development classes: "Memulai Pemrograman dengan Kotlin" and "Associate Android Developer Preparation." In addition, the accumulation he got was satisfactory, which was 89.95.

Getting a Job as an IT Specialist Before Graduating from College

Rafi's graduation from Bangkit coincided with the sixth-semester break. At this time, he should spend time having fun since joining this program while taking exams from the university must take a lot of effort. However, he didn't relax momentarily like most of his peers.

To start a career, Rafi didn't want to procrastinate on taking a step. He applied for an IT Specialist position at Bank BCA through the Google Career Fair. After taking a series of recruitment tests, he received an offer during the seventh semester, which coincided with the thesis process. Could he go through two things that are equally important to his career?

Apparently, Rafi negotiated with the human resources of Bank BCA. Then, he was allowed to complete his thesis first. Feeling challenged, he dedicated himself entirely to lectures. He never regretted the fatigue of the guidance process and thesis work since he unexpectedly completed it in just one semester.

Rafi felt the euphoria of graduating from college at that time. However, this soon changed with seriousness in preparing for the final recruitment process, namely the Medical Check Up. Although it looks simple when he only needs to come to the hospital, he should maintain his body condition in such a way for the best results.

After being officially accepted as an IT Specialist at Bank BCA, what work challenges must Rafi face? He realizes that his responsibilities are no joke, so he constantly improves his skills through problems he must solve while on duty.
“The essence of the success of my work assignment is to be able to develop products that are useful for all users. So, I also need to follow the rapid development of Mobile Development technology,” Rafi explained.
The work challenges Rafi faced were minor for him now that he felt the impact of his participation in Bangkit.
“Joining Bangkit made me more confident in my hard skills. In addition, the insightful soft skills material developed my character in the world of work. Do you want to get learning materials that have industry standards and be a career-ready talent? Feel free to enroll yourself in Bangkit!”
To close the interview session on the day, Rafi shared tips for the cohort so that they could present the best results for their development in Bangkit. The first thing he alluded to was to study calmly without comparing your pace to others. In addition, focusing on and setting priorities can significantly help him graduate. "Avoid doing assignments in just one night," Rafi joked in a scrunched.

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