The Impossible Is Merely a Step Yet to Be Taken

A Story of Eduardo Imanuel Bastian, Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 Graduate from Aerospace Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung
“Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.”
Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor
Anyone can pursue a career in technology, regardless of their educational qualifications. This fact became the foundation of Eduardo Imanuel Bastian (22) in working towards his future career. Eduardo aspired to be a digital talent.

Studying Aerospace Engineering didn’t hinder him from chasing his IT dream. In fact, Eduardo’s major made him familiar with the technology itself.

In the middle of his journey, he got acquainted with Bangkit, which gave him a transformative experience. How did it go? Let’s unravel the story of Eduardo’s relentless pursuit of his dream!

From Aerospace Engineering to Machine Learning

Born and raised in Purwokerto, Central Java, Eduardo was born to a humble family, where his father worked as a salesman, and his mother was a housewife. As the eldest son of two, Eduardo knew his parents wished him to succeed, and he didn’t want to disappoint them.

Therefore, he strived to make his parents proud by working hard to get into the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). He made it when he was finally accepted as an Aerospace Engineering student at his dream university.

As an Aerospace Engineering student, although Eduardo’s life revolved around aviation, he was already familiar with technology. This familiarity came from the significance of technology in the aircraft industry. Moreover, the importance of technology in many sectors piqued his interest in learning more about this field.

Eduardo was interested in learning more about technology, especially Machine Learning, and seeing its vast impact on human life. He perceived that Machine Learning could revolutionize daily tasks to become visible.

The concept of technology that resonated deeply within him encouraged Eduardo to delve further into Machine Learning. It then led him to find Bangkit.

Eduardo’s Growth in Bangkit

Soon afterward, Eduardo discovered Bangkit through a senior who participated in Bangkit 2022 and chose the Machine Learning path. He saw Bangkit as a remarkable opportunity offering free tech training meticulously tailored to current industry needs and promising a chance to expand his skills. The offerings captivated Eduardo and sparked his passion to enroll and explore the courses.

Finally, the acceptance letter came into Eduardo’s inbox, and his journey in this program began. Eduardo admitted that his Bangkit experience was a rollercoaster. Initially, the course demanded intense effort and adaptability, a challenge in a relatively short time frame. Yet, as time progressed, he became more fluent in mastering the tasks, allowing him to understand and apply the knowledge to solve problems.
“Of all Bangkit learning activities, I would like to highlight the company-based capstone project. The activity was my gateway to immersive industry exposure, engaging directly with Fishku. Collaborating on this project, my team and I developed a predictive feature for fish prices.”
The ups and downs of undergoing 900 hours of learning in Bangkit were enjoyable and fulfilling for Eduardo. He also mentioned that the value of the knowledge gained during Bangkit is immeasurable. To Eduardo, the Bangkit learning experience validated his skills and served as a high-value marker, distinguishing and elevating his professional profile.
“Intensive training in Bangkit prepared me for the TensorFlow Developer certification exam. I finally passed the exam and earned the certification. This global recognition was invaluable when stepping into the job market.”
Eduardo saw Bangkit as more than just a learning program; it was a transformative process that sharpened his skills and fortified his confidence in navigating the industry’s challenges.

When Eduardo Landed His First Full-Time Job

Eduardo proved that someone with a non-IT background can earn TensorFlow Developer certification. It helped him when he applied for a Junior Data Scientist position at Otten Coffee, a marketplace that supplies coffee machinery.

Armed with a robust portfolio and Bangkit certifications, he leaped at the opportunity. The knowledge gained from Bangkit played a pivotal role throughout the recruitment process, empowering him during tests and interviews. Ultimately, his perseverance paid off, landing him in the desired position.
“The learnings from Bangkit were significant for my recruitment process. I applied the data analysis techniques and various skills acquired during the tests.”
In his role, Eduardo’s daily tasks are related to data preparation and analysis, yielding actionable insights important for the company’s business processes. He found the Google Data Analytics course particularly impactful and implemented the frameworks taught in his daily job routines.

Reflecting on his journey, Eduardo expressed gratitude for Bangkit’s role in his professional growth. His transition from an Aerospace graduate to a Data Scientist proved that outstanding achievements result from consistent effort. Nothing is impossible for a person with a non-tech background like Eduardo to have a promising career in tech. For Eduardo, the impossible is merely a step yet to be taken.

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